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Jun 17 2013 6:41AM
this game is gay
Oct 7 2011 9:32PM
this game is gay
Nov 10 2010 10:35PM
this games alright but ive played better
Mar 25 2010 7:13PM
huh what i cant hear u comment callers take that cock outta ur fricken mouth will ya awsome game one for the favorites
Jan 16 2010 3:15AM
you guys are all gay except for dexter
arguing on the computer on a game comment box lol...
anyways u ****s are gay so fuk up cause u guys are probaly *****s in real life
so from now theres no point in arguing here!!!
Jan 15 2010 11:45PM
wooow yuh guys are some fxkin bxtches bro.!!
omgg this y i hate fxkin to talk shxt on the internet
cause after its done i cant punch ya in the fxkin face.!!
yo ur a dumm ass how am i blacc but yet mt pics is white.!!
fxkin dummass.!
Jan 14 2010 5:32PM
Sounds like Dexter sucks on the black cock. Queer
Jan 14 2010 10:07AM
xxdexterxx u might not b balck but u do soud black u sure ur not black if not ur a ****in wigger wanna b
Jan 13 2010 8:43PM
yo your fhukin rasist bro
blcc ppl the shxt.!!im not
even blacc but i no they will
wope yo ass.!!and how yuh no he blacc
his pic is lil wayne.!!fxkin dumm ass
redneck.! ite game 3/5
Jan 13 2010 12:01PM
Hypateckno why don't you go home from the library computer and smoke your crack and **** your sister you dumb nigger, don't forget to rob the liquor store on your way home.
Jan 12 2010 11:10PM
this game is f****** boring
Jan 12 2010 6:58PM
bro why do you care if someone says first comment if they wanna do it then thay can its just some one words you fagot why dont you grow up gay cockmaster
Jan 12 2010 5:54PM
4th comment 2/5 for the good graphics
Jan 12 2010 4:55PM
Stop with first comment bull ****! That's the dumbest thing I ever heard of. Grow up. And Tony, you didn't get the first comment so go suck your own balls. And what do you mean "thanks everybody" You think your famous now? Shut the **** up.
Jan 12 2010 3:02PM
first comment thanks everybody i love having the first comment .. game is lame
Jan 12 2010 9:59AM
first comment ever 3/5