by flazm

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Apr 24 2010 6:50PM
its ****ing stupid who would play this game anyway
Jan 20 2010 7:57PM
this game has a good strategy game i beat it but it is boring and u cant say its boring or it sucks till u beat the game otherwise ur just stuck on a part and u gave up so u call it stupid cuz u cant beat it
Dec 29 2009 12:43PM
whats the point about this game it sucks
Dec 28 2009 5:49AM
wtf my apples gone
Dec 27 2009 7:03PM
Wow! On level 4, they spelled force wrong! They spelled it , forse. Woooooow!
Dec 27 2009 12:55PM
its sposted to be on NUTON'S head
Dec 26 2009 6:36PM
not bad, but it gets boring after a whileee
Dec 26 2009 1:52AM
I call first mother ****ers
Dec 25 2009 12:11PM
I agree