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Dec 28 2013 1:24PM
whoa disgusting game but fun :P
Aug 2 2013 9:52AM
For all the powers the code is MEGAHOBO
Jan 1 2012 11:13PM
- Just Type In Prison Break For A Pass Word To Get To The Fun Diffuclut Part .
Dec 12 2011 9:04PM
Nov 7 2011 7:53PM
Aug 21 2011 12:11PM
its ok
Aug 17 2011 5:38PM
no, then u suck
Jul 13 2011 5:15PM
Jul 11 2011 1:07PM
i love the regular HOBO game but this ones okay ; )
May 26 2011 9:51PM
May 26 2011 9:50PM
this game is awesome i added it to my favorites n everyone who sees this comment ADD ME AS A FRIEND.
Mar 11 2011 7:38PM
eatin all of these pinchies
turning into a HOBO!
Dec 29 2010 8:12PM
i play this everyday x3
Nov 17 2010 11:55AM
anyone have msn who is 11-12
Aug 27 2010 9:08PM
this game is epicly funny lol. for anyone who wants to start off with all the combos the pass word is: megahobo for those who think im a spoiler, just ingnore this message.
Aug 24 2010 5:50PM
it wont load on this game it will probaly be good
Jul 14 2010 1:04PM
hahaha sweet theme for a game!
Jun 24 2010 1:19PM
Jun 24 2010 9:55AM
this game is so nasty his poop shoots out of his but like a comahoma ha
Jun 14 2010 8:28PM
i think the hobo should stay and jail and be gay ADD ME IM SIRIOS IMA NEW :D
May 1 2010 9:22AM
Man this game freakin PWNS
Mar 28 2010 10:52PM
i hate it its stupid
Mar 27 2010 9:32PM
the cheat is megahobo
Mar 3 2010 8:46AM
super funny and epic 5/5
but why is a special to pee on someone.
add me as a friend to everybody
Feb 22 2010 9:50PM
LOL, when you see the blackboard it says todays special crap best game!!
Feb 16 2010 7:52PM
this game is so funny but i still dont no why he did that
Feb 12 2010 8:29PM
this game is so funny hahahahaha(:
Jan 31 2010 7:30PM
he is a hobo
Jan 31 2010 7:29PM
why will he do that to the toilet because other people use it but i like it
Jan 31 2010 4:50PM
this game is so epic
Jan 30 2010 4:31PM
****ing awsome
Jan 25 2010 8:55PM
True this game is sooo freakin epic!! it soo of daa chain!!! yo check out my profile!
Jan 16 2010 10:14AM
Jan 15 2010 2:41PM
this game is epic 5/5
Jan 15 2010 5:44AM
yo every one:]
Jan 13 2010 4:58PM
this game iiz rere...****ing rere...lmao just kiding its alright...
Jan 12 2010 5:18PM
Jan 12 2010 5:16PM
I got a gun in this game
Jan 11 2010 8:58PM
The gun part is hard
Jan 8 2010 1:06PM
this game is sick!!!!!!!!!!i love it!!!!!!!!!
Jan 5 2010 2:00PM
eww this is so SICK but I LOVE IT!!!
Dec 29 2009 3:50PM
this game is awesome hehe hobos
Dec 21 2009 9:13PM
my name is malacia and here that i love this game so much
Dec 20 2009 4:52PM
LOLZ too guud ta bee trueee! hehe I give it 4 outta 5

ADD MEEE I NEED FRIENDS! I have no friends.... :[
Dec 17 2009 7:53PM
Dec 17 2009 7:39PM
TO GOOD!!:):):)
Dec 17 2009 7:34PM
hollywood undead
Dec 17 2009 5:51PM
i was gone so long i did not know there was a second one i loved the 1st one and this one is well um awsome!!!!!!
Dec 17 2009 4:18PM
Everywhere I go B****** always know That Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show Everywhere I go Bi**** always know That Charlie scene has got a weenie that he loves to show
Dec 17 2009 3:28PM
Fun but very short
the morale is homeless people hav lots of fun
Dec 17 2009 1:12AM
this game is so cool but when my mom saw the hobo crap she all like who the hell is that guy and i said its a hobo
Dec 16 2009 8:09PM
DJRJ3 your full of **** dumbass
Dec 16 2009 3:58PM
go suck s***, DJRJ3. anyway, its sickly awsome. 5/5. add me or i KILL U!
Dec 16 2009 2:40PM
you can thank me for Hobo (the original) and Ninja
theyre both my games that i made for the companies and studios and such

they paid me to make them
Dec 16 2009 12:20PM
man all these hobo games are really really FUN!!!! 5/5 although i can't get past the SWAT part
Dec 16 2009 10:18AM
i have played the game before
Dec 16 2009 7:50AM
this game is so good i love this game 5/5

add me
Dec 16 2009 7:26AM
passwords : Dropsoap,Exodos,Prisonbreak,Megahobo
Dec 16 2009 7:00AM
played this game before cool game
2nd comment ........
Dec 16 2009 6:35AM
YA FIRST COMMENT AGAIN!!! all the hobo games are great but messed but this is a fun game so........4/5!