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Dec 24 2010 5:09PM
dis game wont start
Dec 23 2009 12:19PM
game is easy until you get to level 21! its IMPOSSIBLE!
Dec 13 2009 3:12PM
beat it, it was really hard though especially the last lvl
PSif u hav a WeeMee account plz add KylkylDaNinja 2 yer frends list, adn rayte my rm
Dec 13 2009 1:40PM
i can't beat 21
Dec 12 2009 11:42PM
4/5 pretty good add me
Dec 12 2009 1:12AM
6th comment and funian i agree with you awesome erod's gun is as awesome as ever and also last lvl
(lvl 25) is really hard and frustrating
Dec 11 2009 6:41PM
sorry, cool gun awesome erod
Dec 11 2009 6:40PM
haha i beat it.....5/5...oh, and cool gun calukey5
Dec 11 2009 1:29PM
awsome game 5/5 definatly bit hard though
Dec 11 2009 8:52AM
good game first comment