by DigiS

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Sep 4 2009 8:50AM
I like this game for no reason. Also, the cheat is true, just in case you're too paranoid.
Aug 14 2009 12:33AM
This game rules its like Final Fantacy tact\ics My favorite Vandell Hearts heavely gate or the first one! MY COMENT RULES
Aug 4 2009 11:10PM
kinda bored....
Apr 19 2009 3:18PM
Great game once you understand it, but quite laggy sometimes, still great though! Very fun!
Jan 23 2009 8:30PM
keep ur healer alive till all else is gone and he will turn into ultamate weapon
Nov 16 2008 5:47PM
good game kind of easy tho
Jun 25 2008 11:29PM
ahhh i dont get i1
Apr 12 2008 1:56PM
uhh...its okay i guess