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May 29 2011 9:17AM
i used to play the first one alot but this was my first try on this 1
Jul 22 2010 10:37PM
i think this is a good game but the first 1 was better
Nov 9 2009 4:17PM
this game is so f ucking fun
Oct 29 2009 9:03PM
lol this is funny i had a glitch the 1st zombie ate me and he died with me not doing anything so all the zombies died like that then i died from the army with their bombs damn i wrote alot
Oct 28 2009 4:35PM
i no rlly why are u arguing over that? i mean it doesnt even matter who got first comment thats for 2 yr olds.
Oct 27 2009 5:46PM
Are you seriously arquing over that
Oct 27 2009 3:30PM
redjackp r u BLIND?!
xpressmusic called it AND commented on the game so UR the noob!!
Oct 27 2009 2:33PM
shut da fuk up redjackp
Oct 27 2009 1:26PM
goood game 3/5 i call first comment and get it because all the noob 2 below me said was game and these ************ so yeah
Oct 27 2009 8:27AM
Oct 27 2009 7:59AM
**** game***
1st comment