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Oct 11 2010 3:19PM
Aug 17 2010 12:38AM
to beat level 1 u need to shoot a high arched shot to one of the rainbow bloons so u can free it and pop the pink bloon at the same time so it can pop the rainbow one. after that it will set off a chain reaction to free the other rainbow bloon and you just have to time it right to hit it when it floats up. now someone help me with #4
Jun 15 2010 10:02AM
itzZ c00l and at the zZame tiim b0riing
May 2 2010 3:50PM
i'd give it a 2 for diffuculty
Apr 15 2010 8:51AM
i love all BLOONS games
Jan 3 2010 2:15PM
heres a hint. press unlimited dart mode and press any level
Jan 3 2010 2:01PM
what in the world!!! this is very hard!!! its harder than all of the bloons player pack and its like impossible to beat it!!!
Dec 5 2009 10:25AM
someone PLEASE help me get level 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 19 2009 9:05PM
Wat da frik! I cant pas lvl 1 for christ sake!
Oct 19 2009 9:29AM
Does anyone know how to get passed lvl 7
b/c i am stuck and i can`t get passed it
Oct 16 2009 9:55PM
this is fu.cked up! I cant even pass the 1st level!!!!
Oct 15 2009 12:28AM
Oct 14 2009 10:19PM
dammm can anyone help me get pass level 4 cause thaty one is hard to pass
Oct 14 2009 10:07PM
OMG I cant get past lvl 3... lvl 1 took me like 10 min, lvl 2 took me over half an hour, and three is IMPOSSIBLE
Oct 14 2009 8:05PM
i beat this game on ninja kiwi add meh
Oct 14 2009 7:26PM
Add me if you cant beat lvl 1
Oct 14 2009 6:04PM
past lvl 1 woot
Oct 14 2009 5:57PM
cutieloser<< you did NOT pop all, its not even possible. we need 1 more dart to complete it. you know those jars? rainbow bloons are inside them. they fly. that's why.
Oct 14 2009 4:55PM
how do you pass level one?! i mean, i popped all of them but it said i needed two more!!
Oct 14 2009 3:50PM
you can not call 1st if you was not 1st
Oct 14 2009 7:51AM
1st no one called it
Oct 14 2009 7:21AM
its okay