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Mar 2 2010 7:10PM
haha the guy looks like he hasta take a **** :P
Feb 26 2010 8:34AM
this game sucks butts
Dec 31 2009 12:06PM
This is my getto mother f***er
Dec 24 2009 1:36PM
get yo fake getto lame ass outta her b****
Oct 27 2009 10:52PM
y is yall so ****in stupid man. u actin like b**** ass kids
Oct 21 2009 7:27PM
and why is that funny??????
Oct 20 2009 8:05PM
loljj1o1 you are funny,

hitting alt f4 closes your browser!!!

good thing i didnt try it XD
Oct 20 2009 7:06PM
i no a cheat press alt f4 gets you 2 lvl 15 and jolly pop is a fing pervert
Oct 20 2009 5:15PM
if u make the driver tilt forward and backwards a lot it looks like hes humpin the bike
Oct 20 2009 4:20PM
Oct 20 2009 12:26PM
good gamei completed it but it was easy
:):( :):(
Oct 20 2009 6:59AM
first comment and the game is cool