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Dec 2 2010 7:08PM
if u look closely in the wizard of oz movie u can see a munchkin h@ning himself
Jan 12 2010 6:37PM
Wow, nice game! I can't get past the level with the balloon....
Nov 21 2009 11:30AM
It is interesting like a 3/5
Oct 27 2009 8:19AM
i give it a five.
Sep 29 2009 5:28PM
Sep 28 2009 6:19PM
lol its it

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Sep 29 2009 3:53PM
How do you beat the one with the dog???

Questioned the Red Neck......
Sep 28 2009 8:09PM
This game is cool
Sep 28 2009 6:42PM
the way to beat balloon ride is jump on the balloon, then jump and press the switch, then type pin in the word box to the right, and then type wind into the word box on the left. then the star drops and you pass the level king luis. also great game 5/5
Sep 28 2009 2:20PM
how do u beet ballon ride
Sep 26 2009 4:59PM
Fire: Blasts Fire
Water: Lets sailboats float
Wind: Blows things
Pin: Pops a balloon
Cat: Walks towards mice
Cheese:Attracts mice
Summer: Makes it summer
Winter: Makes it winter
Autumn: Makes it autumn
Spring: Makes it spring
Sun: Makes plants grow
Sep 26 2009 10:53AM
i can't beat the shine a light one
Sep 26 2009 7:37AM
This is one of my favorite games ever
Sep 26 2009 1:54AM
how do you do the rocket one?
Sep 26 2009 12:07AM
good but bad cuz u gotta no wat word it is
Sep 25 2009 9:28PM
Sep 25 2009 8:45PM
this is a really fun game =) 2nd comment =D