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Jan 15 2011 6:15PM
no, a three year old eould do a better job.
Jan 9 2010 12:05AM
who made this game a 3 year old
Nov 29 2009 11:47AM
whats the point SNOT AND HUMANS
Sep 23 2009 4:46PM
wow Albania Rules,u kinda got ya know weird on that.didnt play it but it me up huns ♥ im emo so get over it lol
Aug 16 2009 3:56PM
this game sucks crap and this **** is gay retarted and ****y
Aug 15 2009 11:45AM
wtf this game is so gay.The aiming is ****ty,and how the hell does the gobtron thing get hurt my stick.There should be a cocktron so i could put the cock in its mouth!
Aug 15 2009 6:00AM
epic fail game
Aug 14 2009 10:27PM
omg im stuck on the 9th lvl!!
Aug 14 2009 5:28PM
this game is so retared if u like this games u are stupid
Aug 13 2009 8:58PM
This game suck balls
Aug 13 2009 5:15PM
??? this game was gross, weird, dumb, stupid, retarded, and gay! screw all the people who like this game
Aug 13 2009 3:26PM
could a game get any stupider. rly?
Aug 13 2009 10:11AM
so frekin borin
Aug 12 2009 5:32PM
Ok but weird as
Aug 12 2009 3:17PM
weird game.. 3/5 needs to be harder
Aug 12 2009 2:18PM
hate this game
Aug 12 2009 1:58PM
:P discussting and wtf
Aug 12 2009 1:29PM
Aug 12 2009 1:06PM
cool game
Aug 12 2009 11:46AM
what a realistic game. i did that with mine once!!! lqtm. (stupid game)
Aug 12 2009 9:39AM
Aug 12 2009 9:30AM
this game really sucks
Aug 12 2009 9:25AM
its hard and really nasty