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Jul 25 2013 5:28PM
really fun luv it
Jun 20 2011 2:30PM
easy and boring:(((
Feb 19 2011 11:42PM
****ing RETARDED
Oct 21 2009 8:04AM
really really easy, just look before you click!
Sep 4 2009 1:19PM
0/5 anyway this IS a ****ing game.
Sep 4 2009 1:18PM
PS: what i mean is stop the blocks when beaten the level.
Sep 4 2009 1:16PM
please remove losing score when you already beat the level! please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 21 2009 5:16PM
i beat this game 20 times
Aug 20 2009 1:58PM
i wike the game!!! yez i said wike ..., don't judge either!!
Aug 19 2009 5:13PM
this reminds me of red remover
Aug 17 2009 6:45PM
this game rocks!!!
Aug 17 2009 3:31PM
Vine shup up about "how good you are" some people dont have the mind to do this but still i dont care if people dont like it thats fine but dont tell them they dont have the right to an opionion i personally didnt like it cheap immitation of a few others but good game 2/5
Aug 17 2009 7:17AM
people who bash this game, its pointless, the game makers do NOT read these comments, especialy if they are about how much you hate a game...have u even perfected the fkn score?...go on, say u havnt knocked out a single dang red block, and then say its easy, if u beat my score (max u can beat it is by 10 points...i think) than u def took time out to effin try and PERFECT stop ur whining and just go play something that is easier for you.
Aug 17 2009 7:14AM
for the day/week that is*
Aug 17 2009 7:13AM
wooooohh doggy =P #1 score baby lol, ima has gotten teh score of 1180! and if u dont believe me, ill do it again, and put in a mix of random numbers, of your choosing, but only once =]
Aug 17 2009 2:31AM
hey people love the game i single so add ema dn message me
Aug 17 2009 12:00AM
I'm number 3 for the day... :D
Aug 16 2009 10:31PM
THIS GAME GETS -10/10 ya dontt play it
Aug 16 2009 9:15PM
GOD THIS GAME IS SO EASY I BEAT IT IN 10 SECONDS I GIVE TIS A 1/5 IT SUCKED DONT BOTHER PLAYING I THOUGHT WOULD BE GOod im not mad if some people think i am send a message to me please
Aug 16 2009 11:18AM
I dont get the point of it. And also, it waits until all the red blocks fall before you can click the next blue one. But it can be sorta entertaining when you're super bored. I would give it a 1 and a half / 5, but I cant, so i give it a 1.
Aug 16 2009 3:59AM
its so dumb because u dont even have to save all of the "red" blocks. copy cat game of bamblox.
Aug 15 2009 10:40PM
i agree with 123JenniferX. stupid....
Aug 15 2009 5:45PM
stupid game 0/5
Aug 15 2009 11:41AM
fag game...
Aug 15 2009 11:25AM
why do u guys make the dumbest games ever?
makee some funnn gamess willl u?
Aug 15 2009 1:17AM
I dont belive you 11man
Aug 15 2009 12:08AM
in high score i am asdf
Aug 14 2009 11:51PM
under scoreboard my name in rageman1 20 something
Aug 14 2009 11:50PM
850 add me
Aug 14 2009 10:28PM
to damn easy
Aug 14 2009 10:00PM
Aug 14 2009 6:09PM
easy and boring
Aug 14 2009 4:28PM
its an ok game but its to easy.
Aug 14 2009 3:03PM
dont like this game
Aug 14 2009 2:21PM
I Don`t Like This Game :( =(
Aug 14 2009 1:13PM
this game is retarded!!!!!!!!
Aug 14 2009 11:32AM
good game4/5
mabey 5/5
Aug 14 2009 10:17AM
this is a pretty good game... 4\5
Aug 14 2009 9:28AM
i suck at this game DDx
Aug 14 2009 9:27AM
1st comment he/she didnt call it havent played the game yet just wanted to say that xDD
Aug 14 2009 8:51AM
good game