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Jul 18 2011 2:47PM
THIS IS THE BOMB I have all avatars all bonuses and everything :D PLAY SEIZURE MODE WITH THE LAST AVATAR FOR EPICNESSSSSSSS (i call all comments to stop the masses
Oct 23 2010 1:30PM
this game is accualy pretty cool game 4.5/5 very cool game
i unlocek every pixel except the gem one :)
Sep 13 2009 9:56PM
Actually kinda fun. Little boring though. Wait a little it seems like its not loading but it is and just wait and it'll pop up with the game. So yea Have fun guys! Comment # who gives a rats ass
Sep 13 2009 8:27PM
Was boring but i achieved rank of pixel master!!!!! if u want to play it message me or w/e. 1/5
Sep 13 2009 10:49AM
i playd the game and it suck a**
Sep 11 2009 9:18PM
wont load
Sep 11 2009 6:23PM
this game is ****
u know y? cuz it ont load!!!
Sep 11 2009 1:11PM
yo sop pepes yo krisl hisul i poop in my pans
Sep 10 2009 8:01PM
Sep 10 2009 8:01PM
Sep 10 2009 4:38AM
I agree with Skullcrossing
Sep 10 2009 3:50AM
whats your comment about it hpmc?

it wouldnt load for me
Sep 9 2009 9:44PM
So, SkullCrossing, what exactly is your comment ABOUT THE GAME?
Sep 9 2009 6:06PM
i agree with skullcrossing
Sep 9 2009 6:04PM
all of u ppl who say first comment or crap lyke that are just plain stupid!! This website is for the ppl who want to play games NOT the 1's that just want to put 1st 2nd or 3rd comment
Sep 9 2009 2:36PM
beeeeep the beeeeeeeeeep beeeeep poop no the beeeeeep
you all sock butt
Sep 9 2009 4:08AM
it would not do it for me
Sep 9 2009 2:23AM
wooo congratulations prick you got the first comment, NOBODY GIVES A ****

i couldnt play it it wouldnt load for me :/
Sep 9 2009 12:29AM
1st comment