by i6

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Jul 2 2010 3:27PM
jonclark u dnt even noe the defintion of cool if u think stupid ame is cool dumbass b****
Mar 10 2010 1:24PM
everyone that sayz this game suckz are idiotz. you people that think this game is cool ... well your cool yourself and since no one called it, MY FIRST THIRD COMMENT
Aug 17 2009 3:19PM
wat da **** diz **** suckz harder dan a vacuum
Aug 5 2009 2:40PM
lol i beat this game
Aug 4 2009 11:02AM
Aug 3 2009 10:26PM
this is the worst game ever the "physics are bad in this game"
Aug 3 2009 5:13PM
This is the stupidest game ever!!!!!!
Aug 2 2009 5:04PM
u call ths **** a ****ing game
Aug 1 2009 9:05PM
Aug 1 2009 12:44PM
this game sucks bad
Jul 31 2009 12:29PM
Boring Game!!!
Jul 31 2009 11:27AM
terible game
Jul 31 2009 11:26AM
Jul 31 2009 9:25AM
2ND COMMENT YAY i like it 3/5
Jul 31 2009 7:11AM
1st comment woooooooo hooooo its ok4/5