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Feb 21 2010 12:05AM
mnitrc i agree with you so much
Oct 23 2009 9:31AM
Sep 26 2009 6:57PM
this game sucks it wont let me do any thing
Aug 3 2009 3:14PM
o fabio dont juge people by what they do or how they dress those poeple are nice it doesnt matter what you think
and the only reason people put down other poeple is so they feel better about themself everyone who is judgemental is a no good stupid lazy no good selfissh bully
and keep ugly hurtfull comentsa to urself 1because they can hurt some one and 2 because it oly shows how big of a cry baby you are
Aug 1 2009 10:50AM
what the f*** this game is for hillbilly prics this sucks! - 1000/5
Jul 31 2009 2:31PM
Jul 30 2009 9:39PM
6th comment thats kinda gay
Jul 30 2009 9:56AM
5th comment: most horrible game ever invented!
Jul 29 2009 1:10PM
man this game is worst than barney
Jul 29 2009 12:50PM
not fun 3rd commet
Jul 29 2009 11:13AM
i kinda like it 3/5 2nd comment
Jul 29 2009 8:51AM
pretty good game.....and its not very special that i got the 1st comment