by pboyun

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Dec 2 2010 9:01PM
stupid game
Dec 10 2009 9:35PM
to easy , you all suck if you like this game
Nov 14 2009 4:50AM
For the Douche Bags who say gay dear lord youll die today. this is a good game. i was on a roll until level 6 i agree with Spidey8599
Aug 15 2009 7:27PM
cool you guys say it sucks because you suck at it
Jul 16 2009 8:28PM
This game is fun!! i made it to level 15 :)
Jul 16 2009 8:16PM
Jul 15 2009 9:34PM
Jul 15 2009 1:52PM
So gay
Jul 15 2009 10:59AM
How do you change your picture plz help i would likie the help TKS
Jul 15 2009 10:58AM
this is so stupid
Jul 14 2009 4:37PM

i could go faster on a bicycle
Jul 14 2009 4:23PM
its stupid add me
Jul 14 2009 3:35PM
It's kinds of bad. But how is it gay? Gay's when 1 man loves another
Jul 14 2009 3:20PM
Very bad. Too easy
Jul 14 2009 9:47AM
4th coment this game is so gay
Jul 14 2009 8:35AM
3rd comment. the game is alos gay
Jul 14 2009 8:34AM
2nd comment the game .is rreettaarrddeedd
Jul 14 2009 7:20AM
the games GAY. 1st comment anyway! :-)