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Dec 27 2010 1:44PM
Itss really cool!,thanks XxThe DeadxX ;) ,it helped mee
Dec 14 2009 5:22PM
Click on the gray piece of metal in the first scene.
Enter the fallout shelter.
Go as far back as you can and take the right door.
You'll see a cabinet on the right, open the two glass doors and grab the fuel can.
Exit the fallout shelter.
Go towards the orange car.
Click on the orange car, grab the crowbar.
Enter town.
Click on the garage to the right, crowbar the lock off it.
Enter the garage, click on the cabinet to the left and grab the hammer.
Exit back into town and click on the left house.
Grab the rifle ammo from the poor guy's corpse.
Exit out of there, go to the right house, talk to the guy.
Go further into town. In the distance there is a gas station, click on it, go in, talk with the guy in there as well.
Go back to the fallout shelter.
Go to the far back of the shelter and go left, where there is a brick wall. Use the hammer to smash it down.
Go forward twice. Read the dead man's journal and grab the spaghetti from the shelf on the right.
Leave the fallout shelter.
Go back to the screen you started at and go to the right.
Click on the window
Click on the doorway
Click on the well
Grab the accumulator (battery).
Go back to the road leading into the forest.
Take the forest path to the guard tower, climb the ladder.
Load the ammo into the gun, take aim, and blast some mutants until there are none left.
Speak to the woman and receive your reward for saving her.
Grab the necklace and take it back to the house on the right. Give it to the man on the porch with a rifle. He'll give you the key to the car.
Go back to the gas station in town. Trade the food for gas.
Go back to the truck in the garage.
Click on the gas cap, pour the gas in.
Enter the car, pull the lever on the right to pop the hood.
Exit the car, click on the hood. Open the hood.
Insert the accumulator between the red and green plugs.
Close the hood.
Enter the car, insert the key.
Drive off to… safety?
May 17 2009 3:42PM
This game sucks what the heck i cant even figure it out
May 16 2009 1:01AM
pretty easy actually. kool game though
May 15 2009 4:08PM
Worst game ever! 00/10
May 14 2009 4:04PM
i am nice so i will give you cheats
first comment cool game