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Dec 26 2009 11:23AM
I beat the hole game in 10 mins. I could have beaten it in like 2 mins if the the ATV didn't go like 1 mile per hour
Oct 23 2009 6:20PM
Oct 6 2009 11:25AM
whats the point of this game he goes like 2 f***** miles an hour it sux dont play it
Sep 19 2009 1:27PM
suck my balls
Jul 16 2009 11:13PM
easy and sucky
May 21 2009 6:02PM
all you poeple out there it is stupid its not worth the time
Apr 12 2009 11:30AM
beat the game....easy but stupid!
Apr 11 2009 6:09PM
dont play
Apr 11 2009 2:27PM
It won't let me play who ever can't play go to report problem then if they get enough people saying they can't play they will fix it.
Apr 11 2009 9:45AM
it sucks it wont let me play
Apr 10 2009 9:05PM
everybody that says 1st 2nd and 3rd comment is gay 2/5
Apr 10 2009 5:24PM
it was ok
Apr 10 2009 2:47PM
i cant play :(
Apr 10 2009 2:35PM
3rd comment
Apr 10 2009 12:07PM
second comment hah nawsome game
Apr 10 2009 11:43AM
first comment good game