by HarraH

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Feb 28 2012 7:04PM
HARD how do u get past the second door NOT SCARY at all i'v seen worst
May 1 2011 11:06PM
call me a whoos but the monster that jumped out when i searched th wall scared me!!!!! 9/10
Mar 27 2011 8:46PM
now y would i 4get a dream like this n still go bac 2 sleep?
Feb 15 2010 11:12AM
hey the pass for frist door is 666
Nov 28 2009 9:20PM
you stupid S.O.B
Nov 12 2009 5:03PM
good and it is not scary at all
Jul 10 2009 9:04PM
11 comment lol when i played this game it scared the living Sh!t out of me 10/10 scaryness
May 28 2009 1:32PM
That was all of entertaining, exiting, scary, and brain-wracking all shoved into one.
Apr 25 2009 12:03AM
how do you open da door on da right with da weird things on em
Apr 24 2009 5:06PM
scary! but good! 5/5
Apr 22 2009 10:29PM
WOW SCARY....yet
nice 8/10 is fine lol lol
Apr 22 2009 9:11PM
i jumped when that thing popped up after u read the msg lol i like the game tho
Apr 22 2009 6:54PM
scary game kinda
Apr 22 2009 4:32PM
i freaked out what happened to you when you read the thing on the wall.
Apr 22 2009 11:32AM
this game wuz easier than the other escape games. 8/10 second comment
Apr 22 2009 11:31AM
this game wuz easier than the other escape games. 8/10
Apr 22 2009 10:28AM