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Feb 21 2013 11:26PM
Awesome! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

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Dec 30 2012 9:44AM
Hard Game but Fun =)
Mar 6 2012 10:05PM
hard but fun
Aug 5 2011 4:09PM
is really really really hard
Aug 3 2011 7:19PM
wow very hard but press up and down at same time and u do not die but not work on highway so i hate highway cuz highway superhard
Aug 2 2011 4:45AM
add me please
Aug 2 2011 4:45AM
this game is whack
Jun 28 2011 5:32PM
**** this game
Apr 12 2011 4:21PM
This game sucks
Apr 10 2011 12:52PM
Feb 23 2011 1:59AM
on level 9
Jan 29 2011 2:21PM
i dont like this game it is hard
Nov 29 2010 5:40PM
i dont like thiis game at all who does not me
Oct 21 2010 8:43PM
Jun 25 2010 5:21PM
i kind of like this game
Jun 17 2010 11:52PM
this game is ok
Jun 9 2010 7:41PM
i was on level 1 and i was amost there but i hit the cruve
Apr 12 2010 6:46AM
just got 2 level 1
Apr 10 2010 7:56PM
lol i give it 4/5
i like killing ppl!
Mar 8 2010 8:12PM
This game is to hard i am really bad at it
Mar 1 2010 9:06PM
if you hold the up and down arrow keys you can break the truck and be in god mode
add me
Feb 5 2010 3:30PM
By the way 18 wheeler 3 is much better in every aspect. I kind of lost interest early on this one.
Feb 2 2010 9:29AM
It laged on me
Jan 31 2010 10:52AM
its ok
Jan 30 2010 8:31PM
Jan 24 2010 12:57PM
i hate ya'll for stealin' my quote
Dec 7 2009 1:17PM
love it!
Dec 6 2009 11:38AM
i love this game
Nov 22 2009 10:52AM
i agree wit ethan11115 this game sucks
Nov 21 2009 10:31PM
Nov 13 2009 7:10PM
I like this game!??!!??!1
Nov 8 2009 9:02PM
it is fagish too
Nov 8 2009 9:01PM
i agree with gerrittcc it does
Oct 22 2009 7:50PM
Oct 2 2009 3:31PM
the gayist game aver add me
Sep 28 2009 2:17PM
is suck big cow b@lls!
Sep 18 2009 6:27PM
Sep 17 2009 4:11PM
this is so freaking lame
Sep 4 2009 2:37AM
i couldnt EVEN BEAT LVL.1,SO HARD!!!......still good,4of5!im new,visit my profile!
Aug 11 2009 6:30PM
This is LAME
Jul 26 2009 8:19AM
Jul 13 2009 5:57PM
this game is lame
Jul 4 2009 8:56PM
this game is cool
Jun 16 2009 12:39PM
this is so cool
Jun 10 2009 12:48AM
awsome game but i kind of got agurvated with it though :D l0l. but ok love always.
Jun 7 2009 3:30PM
Jun 2 2009 4:00AM
i love this is so easy!
May 29 2009 7:00PM

and brendansi thats not how it goes it goes like this

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were he at were he at now there he go there he go there he go peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly witha baseball bat

look it up on youtube ( (search: peanut butter jelly time with lyrics)
Apr 12 2009 11:14PM
peanut butter jelly time!!!!peanut butter jelly time!!!!wayak wayak wayak wayak da dayjo dayjo dayjo dayjo peanut butter jelly!! peanut butter jelly!!peanut butter jelly!! peanut butter jelly!! peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!!! peanut butter jelly!! peanut butter jelly!! peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!!!
Apr 12 2009 10:27PM
Apr 12 2009 10:26PM
this games is AWSOME!!! everyone says this game sucks but i think it is AWSOME i give it a 8 out of 10!!!!!!! i hope no one kills me for saying that!!!! ha so i wont give any of you my adress!!! HA!!!
Apr 9 2009 10:00PM
this game sucks a$$
Mar 31 2009 7:59PM
if you can't get pass lvl 1 use my cheat
Mar 26 2009 6:44PM
this game suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 25 2009 3:26PM
i agree with all the people below me this game is worst ev e i rated 0/5 lol this is crap!
Mar 24 2009 6:50PM
wow i agree x perrie x i cant even past the first level lol
Mar 24 2009 6:24PM
this game is crap!
i couldnt even get past the first level
lol :] xxx
Mar 24 2009 3:59PM
woW!! this game iz bassterd
Mar 23 2009 9:55PM
this game is gay who ever playes this game is a retard
Mar 23 2009 5:30PM
b**** **** **** gay is all i can say about this game
Mar 20 2009 9:05PM
fuk to whoever plays this shty game
Mar 20 2009 4:05PM
WTF???? 4/5 son. u must be stupid. ha!
Mar 20 2009 8:53AM
wow very challenging i give it 3/5 1st comment!!