by Kerb

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Dec 27 2009 9:34AM
third comment no1 called it!! ha!!
Dec 5 2009 4:37AM
**** what you all say i found it hilarious, a bit pain in the ass but still funny as hell. 4/5
Jul 26 2009 8:04PM
boo add me
Feb 27 2009 4:40PM
stupid (by the way love the pic Wickcool 7)
Feb 26 2009 11:42AM
Feb 26 2009 11:41AM
the cops in the boxses never listin.thats gets ****
Feb 26 2009 3:28AM
oh yeah this is my fave game i luv it
Feb 25 2009 12:12AM
and i give it a 1/50 its hard and boring
Feb 25 2009 12:10AM
its annoying wen ur about to win but then one on th bottom starts bangin around and th hole thing falls so i like to shake th boxes wen im mad at th cops
Feb 24 2009 6:13PM
i give it a 1/infinity
the only part i liked was shaking the boxes
Feb 24 2009 3:14PM
o/99999999 the only thing that i like about this is there midgets in boxes and thats mad e me lagh but now its gay
Feb 23 2009 11:09PM
Retarded Game, 0/5
Feb 23 2009 5:33PM
Feb 23 2009 5:32PM
and i got one more thing to say this game sucks ****en ass holes mother ****en bull **** ****ty ass game
Feb 23 2009 5:30PM
This game is hard
and it is ****en boring!!
but i couldnt stop playing it!!
Feb 23 2009 5:28PM
omfg i donno what to do its so gay 0/100000000000000
Feb 23 2009 5:01PM
Was this supost to be fun or something?
Feb 23 2009 11:39AM
very dumb, way too hard, and not a very most fun game 1/5 2nd comment
Feb 23 2009 6:48AM
very boring,2/5. first comment