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Aug 19 2011 4:41PM
how do u get the skateboarder
May 30 2011 10:48AM
on level 4 every time i take down the 2 guys the always comeback randomly
Jul 24 2010 4:57PM
on mission 17 when I shoot the sniper it takes me back to level 15 every time!!!!!!!
May 16 2010 5:19PM
i not even no wut 2 d0 on level 1
Mar 19 2010 4:58PM
itz fun i luv sniping! go swat :)
Nov 12 2009 2:39AM
Sep 15 2009 5:43PM
My final score was 96,300!
Jul 25 2009 9:25AM
so easy
Jul 25 2009 9:25AM
14708 was my final score
Jun 17 2009 5:46PM
How do you protect the governor?? Can't figure where he getting shot from!! Thank you!!!
May 3 2009 6:55PM
i rock at this i bet the whole game yea rock and roll >=0
Apr 7 2009 12:29PM
a very awesome game. i played it over the weekend i kick @$$ at it.i am also good at other games like this.
Apr 4 2009 7:12AM
how you get past the hostage one with the terrorist?
Apr 3 2009 6:35AM
TOO EASY. You shoot the wood platform when robby lands on it
Mar 11 2009 10:42AM
omg!!! how do you beat robby do you shoot his board??? if so i've been doing that over and over and i can't nail it!!
Mar 7 2009 1:01AM
everytime iplay this, i get up to the mission wwhere the guys giving his speech, i shoot the first sniper and it goes back to the suicide bombers trying to blow up the mansion
Mar 5 2009 11:27PM
I beat it all, it was so easy it was almost boring
Feb 26 2009 8:21PM
I cant beat the misson with the hostage and the time runs out how do u do it if u do put it in my inbox k I need 2 know
Feb 25 2009 6:53PM
im ****in stuck on the first level
Feb 25 2009 4:45PM
it is soooo easy how do u not no u hav to read the thing
Feb 23 2009 8:49PM
i cant beat the chimp and car mission
Feb 23 2009 8:39PM
u beat the first lvl by shooting the box on the left and theres a guy behind it after shooting all the targets got to next lvl
Feb 23 2009 6:04AM
how do u beat lvl1
tell me if u no k
Feb 22 2009 5:28PM
how do u beat the one with the car passin the red monkey?
Feb 22 2009 2:19PM
how are u suppose to beat the first level???
Feb 21 2009 4:45PM
cool game 5/5 got 107165 pts cool
Feb 21 2009 4:44PM
good game 4/5 beat the game wit 105045 pts
i own hehe
Feb 21 2009 2:59PM
Pinyfil bounce a bullet off the wall, look for their shadows on the left
Feb 21 2009 2:33PM
decent game with a score of 76905
Feb 21 2009 12:07PM
how in the name of davy jones are you supposed to kill Pang Wang Chang?! u cant killl him without killing the jackass behind him! no matter what angle you have on him. any tips?
Feb 21 2009 11:38AM
Cool Game, I beat it final score 10550
Feb 21 2009 8:48AM
2/5 w00t first comment!