by QiGames

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Aug 31 2012 6:59PM
13 days in hell........... but BETTER!!!!! 10/10
Aug 10 2012 5:19PM
Oct 14 2010 9:42PM
this is just a wanna be version of 13DAYS IN HELL
Jul 22 2010 7:58PM
it wont load
Feb 28 2010 1:37PM
this game is awesome but it needs some uranium 10/10
Feb 14 2010 5:54PM
but this game WAY! better
Feb 14 2010 5:53PM
this game remains me on that shooting game 13 days in hell
Feb 5 2010 4:47PM
ya i no 13 days in hell sucks this game rocks!!!
Sep 6 2009 11:54AM
This is da best shooting game ive ever played!
Jul 22 2009 12:15PM
BEST GAME EVER!!!!! it is better than 13 days in hell !!!!!
5/5 XD
May 9 2009 1:43PM
this game is really cool. its just like that 13 DAYS IN HELL game that is also really cool i would give this game a 8 out of 10 !!!!!!!!
Feb 11 2009 8:29PM
Feb 5 2009 6:22PM
i beat the game with out dieing its so fun
Feb 1 2009 10:02PM
i love this game but i cant beat last lvl
Jan 31 2009 12:43PM
very good game 5/5 it is a fun game if u like killing u better play this game
Jan 30 2009 10:21PM
accualy mini got 1st and i got second casue u didnt talk about game.....5/5 second comment woot!
Jan 30 2009 5:21PM
kinda like 13 days in hell but i think it cooler 4/5
Jan 30 2009 5:08PM
Second comment
Jan 30 2009 2:52PM
first comment