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Aug 18 2011 8:07PM
I just played master solitaire and the six of diamond was missing. I could not win without this card. Is this the way the computer always win?
Apr 18 2011 9:53AM
the king of hearts was missing from the deck so how can you win
Jun 28 2010 7:03PM
i love solitaire its my fav game i beat it 9 times in 45 min
Dec 29 2009 2:03AM
omg i actually beat it xD
Dec 13 2009 8:42PM
fvck this game it sucks asss
Oct 7 2009 12:43AM
Hate dis game bye bye hit me up
Aug 17 2009 4:05PM
Aug 6 2009 8:56AM
starburst2498 you cant spell for your life so learn to spell please
Aug 3 2009 9:54AM
Ur not cool starburst2498 1st of all its diz 22nd of all its not cool
Aug 3 2009 9:52AM
This game is easy and i won and hay u damn retards the cards dont don dissapear idiots they r under other cards
Jun 30 2009 8:48PM
I agree it is a rip off
Jun 21 2009 10:35PM
disz games a rip off... everytime im bouta win da cards r missing
May 29 2009 9:13PM
this game is a rip off. Everytime im about to win there are cards missing fom the deck >:o
Apr 26 2009 7:10PM
it is okay if u can win at it
Feb 14 2009 12:37PM
I <3 solitare... it's awesome!
Oct 7 2008 10:59PM
i like it cause it one of my favorite games
Jul 28 2008 9:25PM
this game gets a little boring after a while and i only play it when i get bored 1 time teir wasn't enough cards
Jul 15 2008 11:17PM
I love solitaire!
Jun 30 2008 4:54PM
Jun 23 2008 2:52PM
This is alright.
Jun 19 2008 4:50PM
1st comment it was good its fun i couldnt stop