by Legus

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Sep 30 2015 8:37AM
Awesommmeeee! Really fun.
Nov 26 2014 2:13AM
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Jun 5 2014 1:45PM
i kept betting all my money until the game glitched. i had over a million dollars
Feb 18 2014 3:23PM
im good at blackjack but today not having much luck
Jan 6 2014 3:16PM
im thenbossisest
Dec 24 2012 6:16PM
im great at blackjack
Sep 5 2011 9:59AM
Its OK
Apr 30 2011 2:23PM
this game is cool but can be gay at some times
Mar 19 2011 3:51PM
Mar 6 2011 6:07PM
i cant beat it i have like 2 $ :(
Mar 6 2011 6:07PM
i hate thhis game
Oct 14 2010 10:38PM
i read that an jizzed a lil
Jun 21 2010 10:03AM
OH OH bf is a great humper....OH FEELS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!
Jun 7 2010 4:01PM
awesome i got $293,500 all i did was keep on betting everything i got
Jun 2 2010 2:42PM
this is true in a matter of about 10 mins i had $174,016
Mar 5 2010 10:22PM
im rich! im rich!
Jan 21 2010 9:10PM
i owned this game
Dec 19 2009 7:03PM
i always win
Dec 6 2009 11:50AM
i always bet $500 and never lose always says blackjack $41,659 in ten minutes!
Nov 7 2009 10:24AM
Nov 7 2009 10:22AM
finally onemillion dollars
Sep 19 2009 5:13PM
i am out 1500 i need help hahahah jk jk this is a good game i hope you all most fun games fans play this game
Sep 3 2009 7:23PM
i put all in and win
Aug 29 2009 3:30PM
this game is dumb cuz u bet $1 u win u bet all u lose! i love black jak but not this this is retarded!
Aug 26 2009 8:07PM
i love black jack
Aug 24 2009 5:56PM
thanks dad for teaching me
Aug 20 2009 10:23PM
i rock at blackjack
Aug 5 2009 10:50AM
i had $625000 but i lost it all cuz i busted
Aug 1 2009 8:19AM
Jul 30 2009 2:46PM
this game is so gay i dont now how to play it
Jul 26 2009 9:24AM
i got 200000 and then quit
Jul 22 2009 5:07PM
does ever one lose it all?
Jul 16 2009 2:03AM
wow I had 21025!! and lost it all :)
Jul 15 2009 8:08PM
hey! i got $60000 then bet it all then got $120000 then lost lol
Jul 7 2009 10:01AM
i got 48000 dollars then lost
Jun 11 2009 8:36AM
i really need 1,000 dollars
Jun 11 2009 8:35AM
i love this game
May 23 2009 8:10AM
YAH gets boring
Apr 21 2009 10:13AM
Im okay at this but it gets boring
Apr 8 2009 2:33PM
I love this game
Mar 27 2009 11:56PM
i winnnnn oh wait noooooooooooo!!
Mar 1 2009 1:20PM
Feb 16 2009 2:59PM
Got black jack first hand
Feb 7 2009 12:30PM
How old are you people playing this game
Jan 4 2009 7:27PM
ooh yea im winning!!
Dec 31 2008 6:40PM
i am losin sooo bad =(
Nov 14 2008 8:56PM
Aug 25 2008 9:38PM
i kicked ever ones asses wih 350 thousand but i know i got extremey luck i just kept betting every thing then i got bored and busted on purpose,
Aug 16 2008 9:34PM
winner winner chicken diner
Aug 4 2008 11:58PM
bryanjo its blakjack its luk calculations
Jul 2 2008 1:25AM
Jun 24 2008 5:25PM
ha i beat u all i got 100000
Jun 23 2008 6:13AM
lol i beat all and u get like $10000
Jun 21 2008 10:20PM
im the master of black jack hell ya ive been knowing how to play since i was three back then i wa playing for 1 buck now i beat 5-20
Jun 12 2008 7:07PM
this is an easy game
May 18 2008 8:25PM
May 18 2008 8:24PM
**** ya
May 18 2008 8:24PM
this is ****in gay man
Mar 16 2008 12:21PM
Feb 16 2008 10:47PM
i rock i got 12 blacy jacks
Jan 30 2008 6:56AM
nearone of you can play
Jan 25 2008 9:45AM
yea ok?? jk
Dec 2 2007 8:00PM
im the king of gambal