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Feb 4 2011 2:27PM
blackjack is fun but this game makes it impossible to see your cards and the graphics suck
Jan 7 2010 6:32PM
blackjack is blackjack its ok you lose you win thats how it rolls in vegas baby!
Dec 27 2009 4:18PM
it' ok
Nov 1 2009 1:40AM
i like it. the music is suthing.
Oct 26 2009 11:46PM
u jus got 2 bii a troo gambler lyke mii, and im 12! !!! i wun every tyme eye plaiyed
Aug 10 2009 5:16PM
Aug 3 2009 4:47AM
they do make texas hole em an this game should let u bet more than jus 10
May 9 2009 9:24AM
they shud make texes hold em
Feb 14 2009 10:49AM
Jul 30 2008 12:28PM
every time i bet a lot i lose and every time i bet a little i win...........wierd
May 18 2008 2:07PM
i love dis game i always bet 2 much tho i think i have a problem wid holdin da cash
May 3 2008 5:05PM
i have a gambling problem
Mar 2 2008 8:34AM
It's boring Ihate it
Dec 21 2007 5:52PM
love blackjack
Oct 20 2007 10:27AM
this game is a piece of cake i love blackjack
Sep 4 2007 4:33PM
i love blackjack