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Jul 5 2011 6:40PM
wouldnt too bad they could have gave sometthing to the attack like mayby a combo bu all in all it was good gameplay could have done something with the graphics but still ill give this a 3/5
Mar 24 2011 10:21PM
Just like samurai x..
Jun 22 2010 2:45PM
Need More Weapons Bad
Oct 24 2009 9:22PM
This game is fairly good. No I don't care what the rest of you say.
I like it better then a lot of other games. It has a good story behind it, and the game play isn't the worst. Graphics could have been better, this game is very much two d.
Not the worst game in the world 3/5
Sep 22 2009 9:34PM
this is gay
Aug 17 2009 5:03PM
i kno this game ****in suck
Aug 9 2009 8:02AM
i kno yeah sucks!
Jun 25 2009 9:47AM
this game sucks
Dec 3 2008 9:10PM
dont even waste you time and c
Dec 3 2008 5:09PM
cloud could own that samurai g
Dec 3 2008 4:18PM
2 comment
Dec 3 2008 6:52AM
first comment woot!!!!!!!!!!!!