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Feb 2 2013 4:43AM
rubish im going to cheat ok
Jun 25 2012 4:23PM
who took the time to give all these zombies stiches...
Aug 26 2010 11:19PM
way worse than first
Jul 30 2010 3:26PM
this game is stupid suck is gay suck o and it SUCKS
Feb 15 2010 9:45PM
Dec 5 2009 2:26PM
Sep 7 2009 4:57PM
its good BUT it sucks too because the levels are too freakin long iu have to have no life in order to finish
Aug 22 2009 7:53PM
this game sucks and it takes a long time to load.

if ur reading this do not play this game
Aug 14 2009 8:02AM
gayest game ever , add me
May 27 2009 4:02PM
The game sucks!!!!!!!!!11
Mar 25 2009 8:27PM
their heads look like baseballs.
Mar 20 2009 8:18PM
this game is to long
Dec 7 2008 6:19PM
im nice aint i ^_^
Dec 7 2008 6:17PM
i beat it...4 those ov u who c
Nov 16 2008 2:04PM
Nov 16 2008 7:01AM
4rth comment...WOW i cant even finish lvl 1
Nov 15 2008 4:36PM
0/5 lame game it sucks bad graphics and the first lvl takes to long...first comment
Nov 15 2008 8:59AM
first is better and 2nd comment
Nov 14 2008 11:33PM
1st comment