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Mar 16 2013 10:27PM
Cool game.
Nov 5 2011 9:45PM
i cant wait until u all ****ing die
Nov 5 2011 9:45PM
**** you im not going any where
Dec 13 2010 8:58AM
Ichigo and Hitsugaya rock. The show rocks too.
Dec 7 2010 9:19PM
awsome game
Jul 24 2010 2:32PM
this game is awsome
Jul 22 2010 1:36PM
Jul 15 2010 9:55AM
its awsome. ive only seen a few episodes but its awsome.
May 20 2010 1:49AM
Nov 22 2009 9:43PM
this game is to much fun :D but it nees more characters :(
Nov 15 2009 1:03PM
i agree with u joel that he should be in the game but thn u would need everyone else in there strongest forms!
Oct 1 2009 11:59PM
i love Bleach Versus i love the book and the game.
Sep 23 2009 5:49PM
am a hollow ichigo fan and he should be in this game
Sep 12 2009 7:19PM
i love bleach
Apr 17 2009 4:36PM
it is the best fighting game i think
Mar 26 2009 3:07PM
really hard i dont kno how to do this
Mar 22 2009 3:34PM
love the bleach books but show sucks
Feb 13 2009 9:29PM
I do like the game a little. But the show is a hell of a lot better!!! Renji rules!!!
Jan 9 2009 4:39PM
not in the game in the show
Jan 9 2009 4:39PM
Awsome game and though I don't watch the show I have to say it's amazing because I've seen clips and one episode. *as a side note* Hitsugaya pwns!!!
Dec 23 2008 12:58PM
love the show not so much the game
Dec 14 2008 2:18PM
if someone can tell me where i
Nov 17 2008 2:47PM
this is not that good but bleach is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 28 2008 1:35PM
Awesome game and I like the different ideas and powers that the characters have. You should be able to do a campiagn or something no there and the graphics are pretty crap but other than that it's pretty cool and I'm definetely adding this game to my favourites. 4/5.
Oct 12 2008 2:48AM
i never saw teh show butb l like the game
Oct 10 2008 11:01PM
some characters turn red n the game is cool
Oct 10 2008 5:24PM
Its good cause its a bleach game, but it sucks cause you can't realy do much
Oct 10 2008 1:18PM
2nd and this game sux
Oct 10 2008 10:31AM
this is gay 3/5. 1st commment!!
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