by Soap

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Jul 26 2009 3:54PM
Sep 24 2008 10:32AM
jeses whats your problem
Sep 23 2008 8:45PM
Seriosly... you childish fools... they must have took hours making this game and they hope to get 'hoorays' and 'awesome.' You punks are so mean to these guys. Just think about it.
Sep 23 2008 7:42PM
flying: check. crap:check bull****ty ****ing gay son **** :TOTAL CHECK. if you guys like violince DONT PLAY THIS BULL **** MAN!
Sep 23 2008 4:22PM
second comment by 20minuts
Sep 23 2008 4:02PM
First to play and the game was good 1st comment becuse he said nothing lmuslim thats why
Sep 23 2008 9:01AM
first comment !! (not first to play)