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Aug 9 2010 3:28PM
supid and gay
Oct 8 2009 10:48PM
Not to hard, but the game feels long and repetive. I also feel like it doesn't have much of a plot to it. Some games are better like that, don't get me wrong, but I think it would've helped this game.
ps I hate that you can't jump!
Jul 26 2009 9:18PM
this game is har and stupid!!!
Jul 26 2009 4:54PM
this game is boring you cant even jump!
Jun 5 2009 4:38PM
Jan 10 2009 5:01AM
i cant seem to get level 20!!!!
Dec 14 2008 5:20PM
Dec 13 2008 5:07PM
i cant beat level 13
Nov 9 2008 2:16PM
This is way too simple! It would be fun if you added some twists 2 out of 10
Nov 9 2008 5:24AM
This game is pretty lame since it's way too easy.
Sep 28 2008 1:53PM
:O this game is............GAY
Sep 20 2008 4:32PM
This game is bull****
Sep 18 2008 12:22AM
peace of sh*** gay as crap
Sep 17 2008 8:26PM
snore fest
Sep 17 2008 7:58AM
various should throw this game in the garbage
Sep 16 2008 4:40PM
boring and gay as crap add me plz
Sep 16 2008 1:27PM
its alright...i got to level 12..or 13...and yah it is kinda gay..
Sep 16 2008 11:16AM
gay as hell
Sep 16 2008 10:45AM
it couud be better srry
Sep 16 2008 10:45AM
1st comment! this is gay i could be better! 2/5
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