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Dec 24 2010 5:33PM
i luv hittin da peeps
Nov 22 2010 8:12PM
awesome game dudes!
Sep 16 2010 6:59PM
i made it 2 mexico xD
Sep 2 2010 7:00AM
Swordsonic get a flippin life those stupid chain messages obviously aren't real. Anyway Mad Monday is an okay game but you can lose your health quite easily. 3/5
May 30 2010 6:58PM
fun game made it to mexico
Feb 22 2010 5:33PM
Feb 14 2010 11:49AM
i made it to mexico
Oct 27 2009 11:21PM
I hate this game it dum and gay!
Oct 14 2009 7:39PM
i made it to mexico and if u r reading this u know have to add this game to ur favorite games if u dont u r goin to have a guess from a homeless manand ur parents goin to let him sleep in ur house and while everyone sleepin he goin to wake up and steal every thing andburn down ur house while u r sleepin and u and ur family are goin to die
Jul 8 2009 5:44PM
This game sux ass.
Jun 28 2009 3:11PM
A 10 /1
Jun 28 2009 3:10PM
I made it to MEXICO SO I WON
Jun 11 2009 12:29PM
what is the song ?
May 4 2009 6:00PM
Apr 25 2009 3:34PM
Awsome game
Apr 11 2009 7:26PM
Apr 11 2009 7:25PM
vaginas are good
Apr 11 2009 7:25PM
a **** is an old ladys crumbled up vagina
Apr 11 2009 7:25PM
you are a ****
Apr 11 2009 3:09PM
Apr 9 2009 8:46PM
cool game
Apr 4 2009 2:57PM
Feb 20 2009 9:31PM
Feb 6 2009 4:46PM
One of the best games ive ever played 5/5
Jan 2 2009 10:21PM
this is a sweet game:D!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 3 2008 7:42PM
This Game Is Awsome
Sep 20 2008 9:00AM
this game is awsome my score is 122505
Aug 28 2008 4:53PM
Its awesome i also beat it
Aug 28 2008 1:19AM
good game. my best score was 56,000 something like that. 4/5
Aug 27 2008 10:04PM
lol fun game 5/5
Aug 27 2008 12:29PM
glich at the last part where the helicopter is and u have the flame thrower then u die and you`ll get unlimeted flame thrower power and plz put comments to my page
Aug 27 2008 11:49AM
i was that close to die that close if someone shot my car one time i couldnt die right there and i beat it woot!
Aug 26 2008 2:11PM
holy crap this is awsome
Aug 25 2008 10:55PM
Like a bad version of GTA but still fun
Aug 25 2008 1:53PM
ets col
Aug 25 2008 10:34AM
Aug 24 2008 7:15PM
I made 27767698 points nbeat that!!!!!!
Aug 24 2008 4:14PM
Aug 24 2008 2:55PM
lol easy game
Aug 24 2008 9:33AM
Aug 24 2008 9:12AM
This game was so easy i beat it
Aug 23 2008 11:57PM
if you have the flame thrower die continu and you keep it
Aug 23 2008 10:33PM
Aug 23 2008 9:07PM
when i got to level 40 I got a propeler from a helecopter and i could fly
and 1 missle killed any boss and any airplane.
Aug 23 2008 5:11PM
if your an awsome driver then the easiest thing is to drive in the second lane or the one were cars are going towards you
Aug 23 2008 4:57PM
i don't care-slash-
Aug 23 2008 4:55PM
that game is lame.i all ways lose
Aug 23 2008 12:28PM
this game is awsome im adding it to my favorites
Aug 23 2008 11:48AM
i beat it it waz so awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 23 2008 11:48AM
i beat it it waz so awesome
Aug 23 2008 8:58AM
this is sweet......i was hitting different cars into the trucks and the guy tht dropps coffins is weird...but its awesome
Aug 23 2008 6:30AM
Whooo first comment! This game is awesome and totally crazy!! It's extremely chaotic and fun. I love all the different idea's like jumping over the trucks and the police blocks and all the different stuff. (You'll understand what I mean when you play it). Awesome game and I'm definetely adding it to my favourites.