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Apr 12 2012 9:57PM
this game doesn't suck so don't say it does it just takes a lot of brain power
Nov 18 2009 11:46PM
This game takes alot of brain power. all you people, dont say it sucks if you cant get it right. just because its hard doesnt mean it sucks. 5/5 game very well crafted game
Aug 7 2009 5:48PM
game sucks!!!!
Jul 12 2009 5:16AM
its way to hard they always fall
May 10 2009 11:27AM
I rest my case I officialy suck at this game so, SUCK IT GAME
Apr 19 2009 11:54AM
i couldn't get the first level i tried like 500 times but it fell all 500 times so i got my step dad he is a engier and he helped me with him i finished in 2;00 mins all levels
every one add me
Mar 15 2009 7:39PM
eeesy as pie. or waffles, in my case!
Dec 13 2008 7:13PM
I love this game it's addict
Sep 19 2008 5:50PM
Lol I love this Game I took like an hour ro make one, But I didnt Know that it was gonna FALL! I was Mad
Aug 24 2008 3:09PM
its sooo easy! i beat it in less than 5 mins
Aug 19 2008 4:46PM
this sucks! i dont even know how to beat the 1st lvl!
Aug 12 2008 4:27PM
Aug 9 2008 10:59PM
very hard can only do levels 1 and 2
Aug 9 2008 2:31PM
its crape
Aug 8 2008 5:06PM
this game sucks!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 7 2008 12:42PM
Pretty hard but i like it
ull get a good one pretty easy if u use sandbox mode and metal parts. goin on my favs
Aug 7 2008 10:12AM
Aug 7 2008 6:50AM
Aug 6 2008 6:28PM
this game is ok not the best but not the worst
Aug 6 2008 11:03AM
this game totttaly suks anddddd dont waist ur time .!!!!whooooo sec comment!!!!!!
Aug 6 2008 11:03AM
**** 1st comment. 1st comment is for 5 year olds and dumbasses.
Aug 6 2008 10:21AM
Whoo first comment! This game totally sucks.