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Jun 28 2013 2:37PM
gosh I just cant get passed the part where they are all running away
Jul 3 2011 10:35AM
cant beat level 10
Oct 31 2010 4:59AM
worst game ever
May 29 2010 8:29AM
The should just make it a click to shoot.... I have a iMac and it doesn't work cuz I don't have a right or left click.
Feb 26 2010 1:36PM
Feb 14 2010 10:37PM
i love this game it just takes to long they should just put the mission on the screen and thats it :] :)
Feb 7 2010 11:04AM
how do you beat the mansion level
Aug 19 2009 11:40AM
To zach19: above one of the doors, its a power box with a lightning bolt on it
Jul 5 2009 7:56PM
ahhh the guns to loud i kinda hate it
Jul 3 2009 1:18AM
its all right headshot is kind of stuiped
May 10 2009 5:39PM
Apr 19 2009 10:13AM
the one with the running people is hard i cant beat it
Mar 18 2009 4:26PM
the generater is on the seconed or third story you zoom in and it will be a kind of sticker thing with a lightning bolt on it.and you get pass the back yard by shotting the two gaurds gaurding the door then the two inside and then the one talking to the lady and you kill the lady...this might take a few times though to get it right.hope i helped!x]
Mar 13 2009 7:42PM
how do you get passed the backyard
Mar 1 2009 5:01PM
how do you get passed the backyard on the manison part
Dec 30 2008 10:41PM
Nov 7 2008 8:22AM
this is hard where is the genorater
Oct 27 2008 10:05AM
it is fun and it sucks at the same time
Oct 10 2008 8:05PM
Ehh, it's iight
Oct 8 2008 7:03PM
where's the electronis thingy
Oct 6 2008 8:16PM
p.s. my finger hurts...=(
Oct 6 2008 8:15PM
took forever but finally beat it!
Oct 6 2008 5:32PM
damn the bakyard mansion part is hard but i beat it and i got used to it
Oct 5 2008 5:51PM
Stupid Sniper my ass!
Oct 5 2008 4:40PM
i cant pass the first i kill eveyone but i dint pass
Oct 5 2008 1:32PM
i canr beat the one where everyones running to the gate i had like 2 ppl left then i lost
Oct 5 2008 4:52AM
Awesome game and is as cool as all the other awesome sniper games. 4/5
Oct 4 2008 7:02PM
Anyway someone plz add me ?!?!?
Oct 4 2008 7:02PM
Thats was fun
. the car one was hard but i cant till the second!
Oct 4 2008 6:06PM
i just cant beat the car chase!
u cant freakin use the sniper u cant see anything!!!!!
Oct 4 2008 5:59PM
the generater is on the second floor
its the box with the lightning bolt on it.
Oct 4 2008 4:56PM
i knew that general was evil!!!
i could tell coz he told u to kill so many ppl
and the fact that err...
he hates the sniper
Oct 4 2008 3:27PM
yeah! how do you beat the 3 level!?!
Oct 4 2008 12:48PM
How do you beat level 3?

wheres the regenirator?
Oct 4 2008 12:20PM
Finished the game, I am excited for part 2!
Oct 4 2008 12:11PM
car chase is impossible, do u still hav the semi-auto? cuz im not sure if u need the scope. other than that its good
Oct 4 2008 10:58AM
last lvl is so hard **** its to hard to bet
Oct 4 2008 9:34AM
for the mansion just shoot the guards in this order (shoot them quickly): 1.shoot the guard by the pond
2.shoot the guard at the top left window
3.shoot the quard at the bottom right window
4.shoot the guard to the right of the gate
5.shoot the quard to the left of the gate
Oct 4 2008 7:35AM
1st comment its pretty good i just cant beat the one with the mansion
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