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Aug 31 2011 9:02PM
5th place all day on second try, not bad
May 18 2011 8:25PM
sucks cock
Dec 30 2010 3:11PM
first comment
Apr 9 2010 6:46PM
this is so addictive
Mar 29 2010 8:26PM
pretty cool
Jul 11 2009 1:20AM
gets kinda boreing after a while
Jun 9 2008 2:49AM
hah,kinda cool.kinda weird that u got ammo... XD
May 31 2008 4:42PM
people who gives tips are gay!!!!
Apr 19 2008 9:42AM
oh just a second im not going to give you a tip
Apr 18 2008 2:14PM
its coo
Apr 18 2008 9:15AM
awsome game!

also some tips for playing:
. there is no time limit but there is an ammo limit so pick your shots carfuly and dont shoot unless you think you can kill two or more with one shot.

remember that the game stops when you run out of ammo so pick up all the ammo you see after you kill somthing and do it fast because it will disapear.
make sure you move to the best position for you shot. were you are relitive to were your aimer is, is very important.
also if you dont want to follow these tips then youl probably do fine. its just somthing to keep in mind