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Nov 16 2016 2:30PM
Jan 21 2015 3:30PM
level 17!
Jan 11 2015 10:55PM
Level 14!!!
Jan 9 2015 2:56PM
I made it to round 7!!!
Nov 23 2014 10:18AM
I love this game !
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Feb 17 2014 5:23PM
i went to round 7
Oct 23 2013 7:27AM
round 4
hard but fun
when i lost because i shot him on accident his head came off and the rest of his body fell on the grass
Sep 8 2013 7:42PM
this is fun fags<>
Aug 3 2013 11:56AM
I love this game I am like a flower but it funny when he gets shoot
Jul 26 2013 3:06PM
A fun game to play. I got to level 7 then i shot him in the chest by accident lol. 4/5
Jul 25 2013 10:18AM
All Of These Comments Are Gay, Stop commenting or im gonna smack ya bloodclot and mash up everything!! Piece out everybody and stop ya foolishness...
Jul 21 2013 6:35AM
Jul 14 2013 8:17PM
Ich liebe dieses Spiel
Jul 10 2013 1:45PM
love this game
Jul 6 2013 10:10AM
Level 11
Jul 6 2013 10:10AM
Level 10
Jul 6 2013 10:07AM
Level 9
Jul 6 2013 10:04AM
Level 8
Jul 6 2013 10:02AM
Level 7
Jun 15 2013 7:57PM
i always kill him lol i get him in the head
Jun 11 2013 4:11PM
how do you shoot his toe
Mar 28 2013 3:44PM
A cheat is this:SHOOT THE **** OUT OF HIM!!!!!!!!
Feb 19 2013 5:31PM
arrow to tha knee!!!! >.<
Feb 12 2013 5:34PM
made it to level 10 then shot him in the throt
Jan 9 2013 10:57PM
i like shooting the dude with an the knee
Dec 15 2012 5:59PM
Toby should play this.
Dec 4 2012 5:27PM
Ha ha shooting the guys brain and the apple
Nov 10 2012 3:54PM
i luv to shoot him
Oct 26 2012 9:38AM
LoL I shot him in the neck.
Oct 16 2012 8:25PM
Took his Head off! SCORE!!!! :) :)
Sep 2 2012 11:06PM
Sep 1 2012 9:33AM
lol i love shooting him in the balls!
Jul 15 2012 1:46PM
Lol, I killed him by accident. Sorry bro XD
Jul 14 2012 12:51PM
Lol, i shot him in the eyee andd he pulled it out xDD
Jul 8 2012 6:53PM
he kept farting so i shot him in the d!ck
Jun 22 2012 10:46AM
i shot his ****
Jun 9 2012 11:39PM
you guys all suck i beat the game
Jun 8 2012 6:12PM
HOLY ***** I beat my own record 115! ;) ;) ;) ;( ;( :( :( :) :)
Jun 7 2012 10:42PM
WOW! Yo all suck I got to 105! What losers you are! :)
Jun 7 2012 5:07AM
dam i keep killing him
Jun 6 2012 4:13PM
hahaha! i shot him in the ****! hahaha!
Jun 4 2012 8:37AM
I got to 50 ft. Guy keeps farting
May 20 2012 12:24PM
dis is a awsome game
May 19 2012 1:49PM
round 30 sucked pissed off i couldnt beat it does anyone know how high you can get?
Apr 22 2012 3:49PM
OMFG !! I Am A Girl && Rock at This Gamee !! THEPUNISHER818 .. Sees Me Rollin' ... He Be Hattin' ;P LOL Hahaha :D
Apr 15 2012 1:43PM
i made it to round 32 with the high score but i forgot to submit it.
Apr 15 2012 1:42PM
my high score round was 32
Apr 15 2012 1:41PM
Yeah this game is chalenging but boyz rule at it girls suck!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2012 2:57PM
i find it more fun to just kill him them then to shoot the apple
Apr 8 2012 5:42PM
hahaha i just shoot the guy i dont go for the apple!! lol
Mar 4 2012 4:26PM
made it to round 7 then i shot the guy in the neck i love game so much its so fun
Mar 1 2012 9:29PM
made it to round 10 the I shot his eye out...looked pretty cool
Feb 20 2012 7:20PM
Come to the Darkside. We have Cookies
Feb 20 2012 3:27PM
Bahahahahaish Game.
Feb 15 2012 6:57PM
pest and most fukin addicting game
Feb 6 2012 11:20AM
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Feb 3 2012 3:16PM
i so love this game it is the best!:)
Feb 3 2012 2:23PM
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Feb 3 2012 2:19PM
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Feb 3 2012 2:16PM
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Feb 3 2012 2:09PM
Feb 3 2012 2:09PM
Feb 3 2012 2:09PM
Feb 3 2012 2:09PM
Feb 3 2012 2:08PM
Feb 3 2012 2:08PM
Jan 27 2012 3:58PM
this is fun and hard
Jan 3 2012 3:15AM
If U Shoot Him In The Nut$ He Do The "Worm"!!! 4 Free!!!
Dec 31 2011 7:12PM
Dec 30 2011 7:41PM
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Dec 30 2011 11:51AM
this guy was a construction worker but he tok a arrow to the knee literally
Dec 29 2011 10:56PM
lol fun game =3
Dec 29 2011 8:15PM
Dec 24 2011 6:18PM
hahahaha lov it!!!!!
Dec 24 2011 8:54AM
yah b****es got gun blood trophy for game gun blood
Dec 24 2011 8:50AM
shot him in the face
Dec 22 2011 4:55PM
shot him in his ****ing cock!
Dec 21 2011 5:51PM
Shoot him in the crotch
Dec 13 2011 12:22AM
this game is the boring game of all the boring games
Dec 11 2011 10:39AM
this game iz lame
Dec 10 2011 5:48PM
Dat game sucks but amazing
Dec 6 2011 5:52PM
got to level 10 plus its my first night on as mostfungames member
Nov 28 2011 6:02PM
i shot him in the head and chunks blew off.
Nov 26 2011 11:13AM
oh his eyeball still pretty cool!!!!
Nov 24 2011 3:50PM
it was worth it thogh
Nov 24 2011 3:50PM
i shot him in the head
Nov 20 2011 3:40PM
cool game
Nov 18 2011 4:27PM
i think the number 8 hates me. 4 some reason each time i am on level 8 on games i loose! :(
Oct 24 2011 6:15PM
i can only get up to freakin lvl 7. stil like the game tho
Oct 23 2011 12:37AM
add meh
Oct 14 2011 12:55AM
lmao! shoot him in the croutch and see wat happeneds. ;) B)
Sep 6 2011 11:44PM
love apple shooter so cool
Aug 19 2011 4:12PM
ill say
Aug 16 2011 11:21PM
awsome game
Aug 12 2011 6:30PM
lol i am iron man punch me in the balls and wach me stand
Aug 12 2011 3:32PM
guy shooting arow:hey jonny shoots without looking
aple guy: oh s@#t
Aug 6 2011 7:25PM
check out my profile
Aug 5 2011 11:17AM
see what happens when you cut his whole head off!
I'm cool. Very cool. B)
Aug 5 2011 11:16AM
lol i shot him in the balls :P
I'm cool. Very cool. B)
Aug 4 2011 4:24PM
Aug 4 2011 4:23PM
Aug 4 2011 4:23PM
If u Shoot Him In The eye he pulls it out :D
Aug 2 2011 2:54PM
i shot him in the knee!!
Aug 2 2011 2:52PM
i love this game i shot the guy in the eye!!!!! hahaha
Jul 31 2011 11:01PM
i like this game very much.
Jul 27 2011 6:02PM
level 11
Jul 27 2011 5:26PM
hahaha in da face
Jul 23 2011 9:02PM
i shot him in the balls WWWWOOOWWWW
Jul 23 2011 1:39PM
i shot him in the the neck
Jul 22 2011 1:29PM
ima murder.uh oh
Jul 21 2011 4:07PM
i love this game vrry much it is bomb diggety it rocks it is the funniest game of the whole website
Jul 18 2011 11:04PM
Lol the dude with the apple on his head looks like my math teacher!!
Jul 18 2011 3:52PM
Jul 17 2011 10:26PM
Jul 17 2011 3:05PM
OH YAH level 35 wht know suckas
Jul 16 2011 9:26PM
ffuuuucckken lvl 11 biitches
Jul 13 2011 8:58PM
awesome game
Jul 13 2011 12:13PM
i love this game i like stapin the fat man:D !
Jul 8 2011 1:14PM
awh darnet i only got to level 10 i wanted level 50!!!!
Jul 4 2011 4:32PM
those cubes r there to help u! Der.
Jun 18 2011 6:16PM
haha its funny shooting him in the nuts
Jun 17 2011 5:42PM
Cheat: Pull back the bow, then move your cursor just a little bit above the apple(all while holding the left mouse button down). Then, let go of the mouse button. Works( almost ) all the time!!!!!!!!!! :)
Jun 13 2011 10:47AM
70 FEET!!!
Jun 5 2011 12:50PM
itz funny when u shoot him in the eye
May 26 2011 4:33PM
it fun only becausse u get to shoot ur so called friend. me and my m8 play on it nearly all the time.
May 24 2011 8:08PM
nut shot =ground ****
May 24 2011 1:16AM
its a cool game and i got to level 9
May 21 2011 10:38PM
heres a challenge try shooting straight up and hitting him on his head its funny when u do
May 21 2011 9:51AM
at first it wuz fun with the man farting and bleeding n all, but now it s kindda boring... :(
May 15 2011 5:56PM
got to round 25
May 14 2011 11:43AM
its funny wen u shoot him in the balls:):):)
May 11 2011 5:42PM
how is the fool in the green shirt my "friend"
May 9 2011 5:20PM
shot in head
May 6 2011 7:51PM
Awesome game
Apr 26 2011 7:24PM
Apr 17 2011 8:58PM
this game is awesome
Mar 27 2011 1:13PM
Hahahaha ,
i just like this game so i can hit that guy with the apple (;
Mar 17 2011 5:09PM
Mar 17 2011 5:08PM
I wish you cud throw a tomahawk instead of shoot arrows :D
Mar 12 2011 9:26PM
whoa! i lightly shot his balls, so his hands went in the air and he screamed! XD
Mar 12 2011 9:24PM
when you shoot his eye he pulls the arrow out and falls over!!! and his friend farts alot
Mar 12 2011 9:19PM
i made his brain go on an arrow and he squealed! XD
Mar 12 2011 9:15PM
i shot his balls and he screamed XD
Mar 8 2011 12:41PM
i was on level 10 but he farted so i killed him
Mar 7 2011 9:58AM
Mar 6 2011 1:29PM
i beat it b****es
Feb 28 2011 5:20PM
ur so stupid 23- truth -23
Feb 20 2011 9:28PM
Feb 20 2011 3:31AM
Feb 20 2011 3:31AM
Feb 15 2011 6:45PM
I got up to 65 feet! This games so cool
Feb 12 2011 3:22PM
i got to level 13 :{D
Feb 6 2011 12:41PM
This game Sucks:(
Feb 5 2011 3:24PM
its fun to just shoot the guy
Feb 3 2011 7:03PM
lol ilove this game
Feb 2 2011 5:51PM
Feb 1 2011 2:21PM
Jan 29 2011 6:47PM
1328 comment !!!!!!! i shot the guy in the d i c k
Jan 29 2011 2:47PM
the game is cool and funny.
view my profile
Jan 27 2011 8:49PM
i suck at this :(
Jan 26 2011 12:06AM
shoot him in his **** and he flops like a fish
Jan 14 2011 6:01PM
I got to level 13
Jan 13 2011 2:42PM
95 Feet WooHoo :)
Jan 11 2011 5:31PM
im stuck on level 3
Jan 11 2011 1:28PM
it makes me angry wen he gets hurt
Jan 10 2011 6:38PM
i soot him on perpose
Jan 9 2011 12:46PM
awesome and violent
Jan 9 2011 5:22AM
75ft =D
Jan 4 2011 6:08PM
this game sucks
Jan 3 2011 4:30PM
i shot is balls lol
Dec 30 2010 9:12PM
this game is awesome
Dec 29 2010 8:33PM
I got to 65 feet! :D
Dec 26 2010 3:08PM
add me :)
Dec 25 2010 2:14PM
this game is lik the best alive lik im dead serious..
Dec 23 2010 1:03PM
if u hit the right spot, his head stays pinned to the wall and the rest of the body drops on the floor.
Dec 21 2010 5:05PM
i beat the whole thing..........who here just found ways to kill the dude?
Dec 20 2010 11:40PM
what level is 80 ft.?
cuz thats what i got nd i fergot what level i was.
Dec 19 2010 7:18AM
Brilliant game got to level 6 cant get past dat 1!!!!
Dec 17 2010 10:33PM
I shot his balls
Dec 11 2010 7:51PM
LOL its funny how he sometimes farts!
Dec 9 2010 3:18PM
i got to level 9 than i murder him
Dec 5 2010 6:46PM
i shot him in teh nuts.
Dec 5 2010 6:37PM
good game 5/5 and i accidentally shot him in the ****! lol
Dec 4 2010 9:41PM
this game is cool and its funny view my profile
Nov 28 2010 6:40PM
LOL this game is funny !! I wasnt expecting him to do that when I missed the apple LOL. *Plz Add Me If You Like This Game Thanx.*
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+ - + - + - + - +
Nov 28 2010 3:49PM
funny ass game
Nov 27 2010 8:09PM
This game is awsome & funny!
Nov 27 2010 8:26AM
game is sick
Nov 27 2010 12:30AM
fuk yah
Nov 25 2010 10:13AM
uhm what an amazing game i finshed the whole game i love it
Nov 23 2010 10:31PM
any ladies out there lol
Nov 23 2010 10:31PM
game is sick
Nov 21 2010 5:22PM
LMAO i shot directly up in the air and it came down and hit the apple and through his head and it counted as though i hit the appel and i just kept going while he had an arrow lodged in his eye socket rotflmao
Nov 21 2010 1:10AM
do it in his balls it is so funny LOL
Nov 15 2010 5:18PM
I love this game is so much
Nov 13 2010 11:51AM
Nov 13 2010 11:49AM
This Game Is To Hard I kepp Shooting Him In The Head Gosh When Will That Hag With The Apple Put On A HockeyMask Or Something So I Wont Pop His Head Off Again GOSH!!
Nov 13 2010 11:45AM
If Your Reading This You are The One With The Apple On Your Head and Theres Gonna Be someone WITH A BOW AND HES GONNA ACCIDENTLY SHOOT YOU!!
Nov 11 2010 9:04PM
Kick ass game
Nov 6 2010 11:48PM
175 feet
beat that
Nov 6 2010 12:30PM
Nov 6 2010 10:25AM
yeah 1284th comment
Nov 5 2010 10:15PM
Nov 1 2010 8:10PM
omg LAWL at lvl 6 i started shooting further up to angle my shot and i shot the apple and it went through is mouth and he just started cussing. like WTF
Oct 26 2010 11:52PM
i ripped hid head off isn't the dude with the apple on his head kinda fat?
Oct 26 2010 9:01PM
hey i shot him sure i hit the apple and the arrow got lodged in his brain but i didnt kill him and i hit the apple lol
Oct 25 2010 10:25PM
stickman22 thas highly unlikely.......or is it???
Oct 23 2010 5:14PM
Oct 17 2010 2:10PM
i got hes eye
Oct 13 2010 8:00PM
oh **** lvl 9
Oct 10 2010 1:00PM
this game is ok
Oct 10 2010 11:39AM
if u shoot him in the knee and wait for 47 minutes he turns into a zombie and u gotta keep killing him until he comes to life (when its been 10 minutes LAWL)
Oct 9 2010 4:00PM
this is cool and it cool when you kill the man
Oct 2 2010 1:02PM
i killed my friend omfg i cant belive this i can live without that fatboy omg!!!! ahahaah
Sep 24 2010 11:26PM
i dont get why he pulls the bow arrow out of his eye leave it in there same thing
Sep 19 2010 9:36PM
lol 8 different ways 2 kill or hurt him
Sep 18 2010 1:35PM
how do u change the f****** picture so tell me
Sep 12 2010 3:45PM
lol i was at level 10 but then he farted so i ended his farting life by shooting his nutties
Sep 12 2010 11:05AM
thie game is gay it is so tupid all u do is shot a apple are 9your friend0
Sep 11 2010 5:57PM
i am awesome at dis game n if ur a boy add me if ur a cool girl add me
Sep 8 2010 5:03PM
lol to me this game is backwards fomr the instructions: Shoot the head off the apple.. 8) i was here
Sep 6 2010 12:44AM
this game ****ing cool
Sep 3 2010 6:38PM
Could one of you plz tell me how to change my picture im new on this web site and I am trying to change my picture but I cant so someone plz tell me.
Sep 3 2010 6:30PM
Aug 30 2010 10:12PM
i shot him in the no no spot
Aug 30 2010 9:13PM
to make him transexual shoot him in the crotch
Aug 30 2010 12:26PM
Aug 29 2010 3:18PM
its alright not the best game ever.... but just alright
Aug 25 2010 7:59PM
i need to eat it
Aug 25 2010 7:13AM
Aug 17 2010 6:18PM
Aug 14 2010 10:38PM
i could care less about the game i just wanna shoot the guy!!!8=D
Aug 14 2010 12:40AM
It's fun to see him bleed.
Aug 12 2010 11:02AM
oh gosh i luv this game!
Aug 11 2010 5:36PM
this game so cool¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Aug 8 2010 11:08AM
Hehe!!! This is super fun
Aug 6 2010 10:43PM
anyone like shooting his **** for funn??? :))
Aug 6 2010 7:44PM
if you hit him in the mouth his body falls down and his head is on the wall :)
Aug 6 2010 6:19PM
its funny if you hit his balls
Aug 6 2010 1:40PM
Aug 6 2010 12:04PM
i kill the dude on purpose :D
Aug 6 2010 10:47AM
Level 11 thats like the highest i can get
Aug 5 2010 2:17PM
i got to lvl 20 then i got tired of it and went berserk i got the apple the adams apple that is
Aug 4 2010 2:48PM
lv.17 shot his balls
Aug 4 2010 12:48AM
AHHH!! LVL 15,then i shot him in the head
Aug 3 2010 1:31PM
Aug 3 2010 11:45AM
Aug 3 2010 11:17AM
Level 12!!!
Aug 2 2010 8:13PM
he farted so i shot him in the nutz :P
Aug 2 2010 2:27AM
Lol When i shot i had the arrow go through the gues head but he didnt die and the apple was still there
Aug 1 2010 4:54PM
I hate my friend he dies to much
Jul 30 2010 5:02PM
Oh cool i got up to level 11! i got like all excited and then i shot his head and.. well.. umm... it stuck to the wall :'{
Jul 28 2010 11:45PM
*shoots his neck* OH ****!!
... that was fun =D lemme do it again!
Lol this game is hella funny
Jul 28 2010 12:48PM
i made it 2 level 8
Jul 27 2010 10:21PM
i hate level 36 its so hard!!!
Jul 25 2010 6:25PM
Its soooo hard to pass level 9
Jul 25 2010 12:52PM
ohehehehe..... this is addicting! i will be playing this forever!! add me!
Jul 24 2010 4:03PM
I like shooting him in the face.It's fun to see him bleed.
Jul 22 2010 10:10AM
No i am first comnt you r idiot add me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Jul 21 2010 5:29PM
lolz funni i hit him millions of times in the rong place but i can only get up to level 3 =[
Jul 20 2010 6:59PM
nobody even plays the game all they do is shoot the fat bastard
Jul 20 2010 11:44AM
All I did was kill the fat dude LOL :)
Jul 19 2010 2:51PM
Jul 19 2010 9:03AM
very fun killing him
Jul 18 2010 3:07AM
its fun kill this retard lol
Jul 16 2010 7:20PM
got to lv 13 and hit him in the balls
Jul 14 2010 2:40AM
I made it to level 9, then the guy farted so i killed him. :)
Jul 13 2010 9:56PM
djay ur pic is sick
Jul 13 2010 1:16AM
haha whoops...shot him in his neck
Jul 10 2010 9:17AM
Made it to level 6 it's a good game 4/5
Jul 9 2010 2:23PM
level 16 95 ft.!
Jul 9 2010 1:23PM
did 5 lvls without missing lol i couldnever do that! omgosh
Jul 8 2010 7:52PM
Got to 60ft. Beat that!
Jul 6 2010 1:22PM
Jul 3 2010 11:59AM
lvl 9-who can shoot an apple from 50-55ft away with a bow?i would have better chances with a 45. Magnum or pellet gun.
Jun 29 2010 11:10PM
I like shooting is head off
Jun 29 2010 12:54AM
highest level was 16 but i took his head off!!!!!
Jun 29 2010 12:51AM
lol i shot him in the balls XD
Jun 27 2010 9:02AM
i just love rippen off his fu ckin head
Jun 26 2010 2:55PM
Jun 26 2010 2:53PM
best game ever
Jun 23 2010 9:20PM
this game is ssssssooooooo beast i like when the arow goes threw him
Jun 19 2010 4:52PM
look at my profile n ull see a wedsite link n itll give u free psn codes no lie kum n check it out
Jun 18 2010 7:09PM
cod sniper or whatever yo ****en names i bet you anit even ****en 13 i bet you some kind of prev whos 40 and is some kind of child molester or your just a prev
Jun 17 2010 11:55AM
I made it to level 5 at least
Jun 15 2010 2:21AM
Jun 14 2010 6:14AM
haha i love sittin there just shootin him!!
Jun 5 2010 9:37PM
fat guy farts to much
Jun 5 2010 6:08PM
when you shoot him in the nuts he gets a really long ****
Jun 5 2010 5:59PM
i lost at level 6
Jun 2 2010 10:11PM
this game is kool nd i made it up 2lvl 12 :)
Jun 2 2010 5:06PM
got to 11
May 31 2010 4:52PM
itz a very funny game hahahahha
May 29 2010 6:08PM
shoot him in the mouth and see what happens
May 28 2010 10:03PM
aim for the nuts. haha its funny watching him squirm haha
May 27 2010 8:57PM
kool game i guess
May 26 2010 3:02PM
i suck but hey i got to level 9!
May 21 2010 9:18PM
Ah Fuhk.I Suck At This Game. ;p
May 16 2010 12:10PM
May 8 2010 1:26PM
this game is gay
Apr 30 2010 1:01PM
Apr 29 2010 3:20PM
i like to kill the guy instead of hittin the apple
Apr 25 2010 12:26PM
groin shot!!!!! look it up on youtube. it has fred in it!!!
Apr 24 2010 12:27AM
Apr 18 2010 6:44PM
i got to level 8
Apr 16 2010 10:21PM
that fat dude needs to get a f****ing life!
Apr 16 2010 1:47PM
much more fun to shoot the man and its verry simple could have better graphics
Apr 14 2010 9:06PM
Weird game
Apr 9 2010 10:26PM
my best was 11

I keep killing ][=][ ][ ][\/][ on level 11
Apr 6 2010 5:48PM
Blood gore and DEATH :)
Apr 4 2010 11:00AM
this is a poor ass game
Apr 3 2010 8:50PM
poor friend
Mar 30 2010 9:33PM
i shot him in the neck... :/ oh well, level 10 was my highest.
Mar 28 2010 7:05PM
its funny when you shoot him in the nuts
Mar 24 2010 12:44PM
I rock level 12345678901!!
Mar 21 2010 10:13AM
first comment
Mar 21 2010 7:28AM
it is way disturbing when u shoot his head off
Mar 19 2010 11:05PM
it is so f****** awesome
Mar 19 2010 10:03PM
this game is boring :I
Mar 14 2010 9:51PM
ok game
Mar 14 2010 3:05PM
shoot him in the balls area and he humps the arrow!
Mar 13 2010 2:10PM
It's funny when you shoot him in the balls.
Mar 11 2010 6:56PM
Freaking fat ass farts all the damn time!!
Mar 10 2010 3:35PM
thank u people for not sayin first and second comment so imma telll yall a story.....
Mar 9 2010 7:26PM
shot him in da balls hahahahaha!
Mar 8 2010 7:34PM
Mar 7 2010 6:06PM
Mar 2 2010 5:50PM
thiz game iz called get a ****in life man
Mar 1 2010 2:41PM
shoot him in the stomach
he falls to the ground and bounces up and down nowonder theres bloud sperting evreywere
Feb 28 2010 7:26PM
there is non so get a life
Feb 28 2010 4:03PM
18 90ft.
Feb 27 2010 6:00AM
this is a deadly game
Feb 21 2010 5:04PM
this game is the best game ever!!
Feb 21 2010 3:14PM
i got to lvl 13
Feb 20 2010 7:43PM
got to level 7
Feb 18 2010 11:03AM
Its ok
Feb 16 2010 5:00PM
Feb 16 2010 12:24PM
plz add me!
Feb 15 2010 7:03PM
i can only get to level 11
Feb 14 2010 11:51PM
can't beat level 5, game sucks
Feb 14 2010 9:41PM
i took hus freakin head off add me
Feb 13 2010 6:30PM
Feb 13 2010 6:27PM
haha i aim lower and hit him in the balls
Feb 13 2010 1:35PM
try to play it on a wii
Feb 12 2010 10:21PM
if you shoot him in the leg it looks like he's humping the ground.
Feb 12 2010 2:34PM
add m
add me
add m
Feb 11 2010 10:50PM
i kill him on purpose
Feb 11 2010 10:50AM
who says coconuts
Feb 11 2010 7:37AM
im terrible,my best is lvl 5
Feb 9 2010 7:03PM
made it to level 12. lame game though.
Feb 9 2010 4:28PM
cant beat lvl 10
Feb 8 2010 4:35PM
Cant get past level 3
Feb 8 2010 12:25AM
i hit him in the coconuts all the time
Feb 7 2010 11:07PM
i love it wene u hit him in the nuts
Feb 7 2010 8:53PM
i killed him on the first try
Feb 6 2010 8:00PM
omfg wowzers mane dis games is bull crap :( :) :P
Feb 6 2010 4:16AM
Im In Lvl 12... :D
Feb 5 2010 8:37PM
anyone who friends me i will friend back
Feb 2 2010 9:36AM
i got to level 20
Feb 1 2010 7:24PM
i got to lvl 6
Jan 31 2010 5:00PM
Lost!!! i ****in lost on tha first try!!!! :*
Jan 31 2010 2:45PM
lvl 11
Jan 30 2010 9:35PM
Jan 27 2010 3:07PM
ya level 14!
Jan 23 2010 11:30PM
Jan 23 2010 1:17AM
levl 9 msg me
Jan 19 2010 9:18PM
siick game the best is there is blood LOTS AND LOTS OF BLOOD WOOHOOO!!! add meh peeps RAWR
Jan 17 2010 12:40PM
i'm surprised man i made to level 13
Jan 15 2010 6:17PM
i kicked this guys a**
Jan 12 2010 9:49PM
its freakin hard
Jan 12 2010 11:46AM
i made it to round six
Jan 12 2010 9:29AM
Ha i love this game and is this true about the ball thing lol :P?
Jan 11 2010 8:13PM
this game rocks and the best thing about is whaen you shoot him in the balls he does his balls dance!
Jan 11 2010 7:06PM
games hilarious
check out my profile pleaze
Jan 9 2010 9:56PM
I shot him softly on the foot and he started waving like a b****
Jan 8 2010 8:31PM
hahahahahahahaha this game is awsome!
Jan 7 2010 8:53PM
got to lvl 15 love shooting his eye out and shooting his head is funny great game
Jan 7 2010 7:19PM
Lol i shot him in the balls and he started doin the worm and chack out my profile plz
Jan 4 2010 4:34AM
haha took his whole head off his body this gamme is tight and funny!! 4real his fat asz>>..
Jan 2 2010 8:47PM
i freakin shot him in the eye and he was dumb enough to pull it out!! wtf!! He could of gotten surgery and he still would have lived!!!!! And he was fat......and ugly...
Jan 2 2010 6:51PM
yeah!!!made 2 level 15
Jan 1 2010 11:32PM
damn.....lvl 10
Jan 1 2010 9:46PM
WAY FUNNY game.. made it to lvl 8.
Jan 1 2010 8:30PM
its ok
Jan 1 2010 2:55PM
below the **** spelled D-I-C-K-S
Jan 1 2010 2:54PM
i shot him in the ****s, the neck, the head, and the foot
Dec 31 2009 6:57PM
Dec 31 2009 6:55PM
awesome game
loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser
slayer you suck slayer you suck slayer you suck slayer you suck slayer you suck
i rule and you suck i rule and you suck i rule and you suck i rule and you suck
Dec 31 2009 6:07PM
For some reason and cant reach higher than round 4!! I think its becaude the arrow slows down from the long distance!!! What am i talking about ITS A GAME!!!
Dec 31 2009 2:34PM
they should make it possible to make the arrow go in an arch so it hits apple and his head
Dec 31 2009 1:27PM
I shot him in the neck!!!! This game scares my lil bro
Dec 31 2009 11:25AM
Oh my god slayer that is a huge comment. I actually read through the whole thing and my eyes are now killing me! Pretty good game but extremely hard. I just play it so I can shoot the man. I like shooting him in the throat the best. The graphics are pretty good as well.
Dec 30 2009 8:27PM
OUCH. I'd hate to be that poor target.
Dec 30 2009 5:07PM
I shot him in the eye like 5 times!!!! LOL!
Dec 30 2009 10:27AM
shoot him in the mouth and his head sticks to the wall. his body falls down!
Dec 29 2009 5:53PM
lol shoot him in the mouth
Dec 29 2009 12:05PM
shoot him in the stomach he'll fall and itl go straight through him!
Dec 26 2009 11:43AM
Dec 26 2009 12:10AM
it can get boring. 4/5
Dec 24 2009 3:40PM
u hit him in the balls he humps the floor lol
Dec 24 2009 1:54PM
dude.....I shot him in the eye and he was dumb enough to ripe it out....if he didnt do that he would of got surgery and still would have lived. He ws ugly anywayz....
Dec 24 2009 1:14PM
lol i shot his **** and he humps the ground
Dec 23 2009 10:26PM
his head popped off hahah
Dec 23 2009 7:24PM
i like it when you shot off his head
Dec 23 2009 2:39PM
I love this game! I love it when i shoot him in the eye!! This is an awesome game!!
Dec 23 2009 11:08AM
Dec 22 2009 5:14PM
i shot his head off and shot his nuts
Dec 21 2009 4:25PM
I shot his head off ! :p lawls
Dec 21 2009 1:04PM
i love iht!!haha ajabear he does!! :D
Dec 16 2009 12:19AM
i shot him in the neck by mistake.
Dec 15 2009 8:27PM
I got to level 8
Dec 15 2009 5:25AM
i got 2 level 19
Dec 14 2009 7:04PM
there's nothing unpleasant about that or wrong
Dec 13 2009 2:06PM
i kept on shooting the guy in the wrong spot and it wasnt pleasent because im a girl. lol
Dec 13 2009 11:55AM
cool but high is 15 sike its 10 biches
Dec 12 2009 8:19PM
Lvl elevin is my high score.Beat it?I doln't give a crap.
Dec 9 2009 5:28PM
first high score 19
Dec 9 2009 3:51PM
lol rigt before i shot it the guy farted
Dec 7 2009 6:32PM
nut shot!!!!!!!!!!1!
Dec 6 2009 5:32PM
its okay
Dec 6 2009 5:17PM
Dec 5 2009 11:36PM
damn lvl 10
Dec 4 2009 6:52PM
I was about to shoot the arrow and it jumped to the hi scores

Nov 30 2009 4:14PM
how many levels are there p.s. i shot him in the ball like 100 times
Nov 29 2009 8:16PM
on level ten i almost **** my pants
Nov 29 2009 8:14PM
my highest so far level 9
Nov 29 2009 4:56PM
yo b****es!!! i got 2 level 8!! beet that mother****ers!!!
Nov 29 2009 12:56PM
Nov 29 2009 11:54AM
Nov 28 2009 9:18PM
8/10 pretty fun,not only shooting the apple >=)
Nov 27 2009 11:29AM
please someone add me as a friend!!!!
Nov 26 2009 4:10PM
i won
Nov 25 2009 2:55PM
Nov 25 2009 11:32AM
I shot his eye's out
Nov 25 2009 9:07AM
fun as hell
Nov 25 2009 12:35AM
****in stupid
Nov 23 2009 10:08AM
i shot his head off
Nov 23 2009 10:06AM
i shot him right in the face
Nov 23 2009 12:38AM
DANG i used to be soo good at this but now i didnt even pass level three!but it was funny to tell my dad that the gu i kept shooting was a fat man with an apple on his head XD his expression was PRICELESS! but he didnt respond XD
Nov 22 2009 2:45PM
i hit him where the sun dont shine
Nov 21 2009 9:56PM
its funny cause when the song was over i decapitated him at level 55ft
Nov 21 2009 9:55PM
listen to Poker Face-Lady Gaga vs Christopher Walken vs Cartmen while playing

it works
i swear
got to level 50ft doin it
Nov 21 2009 6:36PM
I got to lvl 100ft. beat that b**ches
Nov 21 2009 4:36PM
I mostly hit him in the balls it's fun to watch him suffer xD
Nov 21 2009 3:03PM
hahahah!!! i hit him in the throat soooooooooooooo many times!!! XD
Nov 21 2009 2:26PM
(Sing to tune of Iron Man) "I am ice cream man, running over fat kids with my van. When I ring the bell, all the little fat kids run like..."
Nov 17 2009 8:44PM
btw that comment by dandan is just messed up -_-
Nov 17 2009 8:42PM
I don't really care I just like to kill the dude. xD
Nov 17 2009 9:57AM
i am iron man
Nov 16 2009 8:53PM
this is a fun game
Nov 16 2009 4:47AM
WTF!!! he dies if u shot him in da foot!
Nov 16 2009 4:44AM
can't ****in get past level 4 but the game is fun.
Nov 13 2009 5:43PM
that was my little sister she is 6
Nov 13 2009 5:43PM
if you type oll of this the **** about souless life or eless i will sue your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 13 2009 5:40PM
I dont like people who write all this long crap and i dont want to read all of the crap, soooooo
Nov 12 2009 7:02PM
funny game i kept on killing him!!
Nov 9 2009 9:54PM
i got him on the balls
Nov 8 2009 11:20AM
lol i hite his ****
Nov 6 2009 7:06PM
Nov 5 2009 1:33PM
i need a biger apple to shot at and sasuck 38 if u have to gf it stuiped beacuse i try it at firt it was ok next thay found out and got mad then thay whernt friends the thay get mad at me and then thay say who did u love more and u dont no what to do so if good luck wit that.. and good game
Nov 4 2009 11:23PM
got 2 round 7
Nov 4 2009 6:41PM
Nov 4 2009 5:26PM
lol?i think we should comment something about the game... you can go on a forum and write what you want about love.

The game is pretty hard 4/5
Nov 3 2009 12:55PM
i love a girl and got 2 girl friends
Nov 3 2009 12:55PM
aim for his ****in' thing he rapes/harasses and humps the ground aim for his head... well u will see some of his gay blood
Nov 2 2009 11:17PM
Shoot his face he pulls his eye out
Nov 2 2009 7:14PM
i mean his ****
Nov 2 2009 7:14PM
aim for his crouch and he humps the ground
Nov 2 2009 6:45PM
this game is dum that why im adding it to my favorites
Oct 31 2009 12:53PM
good game 5/5
Oct 29 2009 7:02PM
y the **** u guys write that for no one ****iung cares so stfu homos!!
Oct 29 2009 6:57PM
ahaha **** the first time i try i keep on hitting him on the head XD
Oct 29 2009 6:56PM
i got to like level 12 btw awsome and funny game 4/5
Oct 27 2009 9:31PM
dem is sum bull**** nigga i cant get pass level 2. those ****in miracle things r a bunch a bull****
Oct 27 2009 8:31PM
awsome and funny
Oct 24 2009 12:30AM
evenvnentuillay someone gonna say SHUT THE HELL UP
Oct 22 2009 6:00PM
this game is so ****ing awesome
Oct 20 2009 9:43PM
boya find your wn comment
Oct 18 2009 6:59PM
shoot his nutz he'll hump the ground
Oct 18 2009 10:17AM
the worst partt iss when u cut his HEAD off. eww !
omg i searioulsy allmost threw upp. lmaoo nastty///boring gameeeee !
Oct 17 2009 8:40PM
i shot him in his foot
Oct 17 2009 5:47PM
wow level 10
uber epic
Oct 14 2009 11:49AM
level 11 ... funn :)
Oct 14 2009 3:10AM
i dont really care shooting the apple i just kill him i shot his head body knee feet throat and also his private wtf
Oct 12 2009 10:52PM
that is hilarious
Oct 12 2009 9:30PM
lv. 18 ohya.
Oct 12 2009 5:06PM
i love thisgame!!!!!!!!
Oct 12 2009 11:34AM
i shot him in the **** by accident and then he humped the ground lol
Oct 11 2009 6:31PM
lvl 11 so suck it!
Oct 11 2009 5:43PM
i think i got to level 7 but its more funn to shoot em,
Oct 11 2009 9:20AM
i hit him over the head
Oct 10 2009 8:28PM
round 8 55ft hell ya
Oct 10 2009 3:01AM
aw dude level 8. I only play this game to see him bleed .>:-)
Oct 9 2009 10:02PM
yay!! level 7 XD
Oct 8 2009 2:42PM
Yay 1001 comment lol
Oct 7 2009 12:43AM
wait no this is 1000th
Oct 7 2009 12:42AM
Finally 1000th comment
Oct 7 2009 12:41AM
Oct 7 2009 12:40AM
Oct 7 2009 12:39AM
Oct 7 2009 12:39AM
Oct 7 2009 12:39AM
Oct 7 2009 12:39AM
Oct 7 2009 12:38AM
Oct 6 2009 12:56PM
lvl4.hillrious.ouch rite in tha brain.
Oct 5 2009 1:18AM
Oct 4 2009 9:28AM
Ouch, right in the legs!
Oct 3 2009 8:50PM
got to 12 =P ima da best! naw still trying to beat u Casey
Oct 3 2009 6:46PM
Lol i made it to 15 but all the 17's on top 200 take it up D:
Oct 3 2009 1:52PM
this game is so f*****g gay
Oct 2 2009 9:49PM
this game is so funny and supid at the same time
Oct 1 2009 6:34PM
Sep 30 2009 12:20AM
Sep 29 2009 6:58PM
i suck at this game the farthest i went was level 7
Sep 28 2009 11:32PM
shoot his eyeball then he pulls it out
Sep 27 2009 4:08PM
im number 3 on the top score thing im bio
Sep 27 2009 1:54AM
shoot him in the balls it looks like he humps the ground...and its much more fun to just shoot him than shoot the apple =D
Sep 26 2009 5:29PM
lvl3 then shot him in tha
Sep 26 2009 2:10PM
nice your at the top
Sep 26 2009 10:02AM
Even i am not so good. it is very fun and hard
Sep 23 2009 11:04PM
have u ever shot him and his head came off?? lol ITS HILARIOUS!!!
Sep 22 2009 8:06PM
stupid like all you mother f*ckers
Sep 20 2009 4:23PM
this is eaassy ! i wish it was that is easy in that national archery competition last year ! lol .
Sep 19 2009 7:22AM
I think its okay, Add me and I will add you!
Sep 19 2009 2:52AM
dis game iz way 2 easy
Sep 18 2009 7:51PM
f**n easy
Sep 16 2009 11:10AM
bull**** of a game
Sep 13 2009 3:27PM
F U C K :(
Sep 13 2009 3:26PM
**** :)
Sep 12 2009 11:48PM
f u c k
Sep 12 2009 11:48PM
Sep 12 2009 11:47PM
Sep 12 2009 9:52PM
i wish you could customize your friend that guy makes me what to kill him
Sep 12 2009 1:23PM
this game rocks
Sep 11 2009 11:32AM
got to level 13 then shot him in da knee.. xD
Sep 9 2009 7:23PM
dag got all the way too rond 12 then shot im in the neck
Sep 9 2009 5:43PM
ouch in the eye ohhhhhhhhhhh in the balls oh thats got to hurt
Sep 8 2009 8:32PM
Sep 8 2009 11:29AM
add mi
Sep 6 2009 10:20PM
shot off his neck
Sep 6 2009 3:47PM
Sep 5 2009 10:01PM
I shot him in the nut sacks! Yay! Then he started humpin the floor. It was so wicked and awesom.
Sep 5 2009 10:01PM
this is easy i beat it
Sep 5 2009 12:34AM
cool game
add me ppl
Sep 3 2009 6:18AM
this game is really cool i dont know why it doesnt really matter how hard you try :D
Sep 2 2009 11:35PM
funny lol!!
Sep 2 2009 5:20PM
i got hit in the balls by a arrow in real life
Aug 31 2009 9:27PM
i only get to the 45 feet part....i suck compared to other people!!!!!
Aug 28 2009 9:33AM
Ooh Gorey :P
Aug 20 2009 1:24AM
pretty cool game
Aug 18 2009 8:44PM
Aug 17 2009 3:13AM
hey i dont like this game im single adde and message me
Aug 14 2009 10:55PM
last lev and failed add me
Aug 13 2009 7:40PM



Cell #:




Add me!
Aug 13 2009 2:57PM
check out my profile lvl 17 oh yea
Aug 12 2009 8:14PM
kool game very funny q=+
Aug 12 2009 7:59PM
if you shot straht you rip is head off or cut a hole in his neck.
Aug 12 2009 7:51PM
on round one if you shot just a little bit high you rip his eyeball out hehehe
Aug 12 2009 2:06PM
i go to lvl15 and then comped his head of
Aug 12 2009 11:14AM
i got to level 10 and then shot it right through his head lol but i like shooting him alot check out my profile
Aug 11 2009 7:35PM
i love shooting the guy its just so funny i like when his head go's rip :p its soooooooo funny.
Aug 11 2009 7:32PM
mostly on this game i love to watch him bleed and die ha ha ha ha :0
Aug 11 2009 11:53AM
round 9
Aug 11 2009 11:25AM
ooh yeahh 1 more thing.
i hatee seeing the poor guy bleed :'(
Aug 10 2009 1:41PM
thiss gamee sucks :]
Aug 9 2009 3:23PM
round 20 motha f-ers
Aug 9 2009 4:06AM
this is 2 addie may
no dau and if u shot him in the face the clown might come out of my closent
Aug 8 2009 8:01AM
Aug 7 2009 5:04PM
dis game is so funny i cant get over it
Aug 6 2009 10:15PM
lol...never gets old...
Aug 6 2009 6:18PM
if u shoot his balls he humps the ground if u shoot his stomach it goes through him wen he falls down
Aug 6 2009 3:37PM
shoot him in the mouth and his head falls of shoot him in the eye and he pulls it out
Aug 6 2009 3:05PM
i just like shooting the person
Aug 5 2009 11:06PM
i beat the whole game
Aug 5 2009 5:23PM
i mad eit 55 feet
Aug 5 2009 5:19PM
awsome game shot his head off add me!
Aug 4 2009 10:24PM
shoot him in the cock and he humps the ground
Aug 3 2009 10:34PM
the game is awsome
Aug 3 2009 9:27PM
i hit the guy in the gut ouch
Aug 2 2009 10:53PM
Good Game. I like it; especially when I kill the guy; I love the blood; it is a nice addition to the game. Although I can't get very far playing this game it is very fun to play, 9/10 Rating!
Aug 2 2009 12:06AM
boys 14-17 hit me up
Aug 1 2009 3:18AM
I castrated him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Jul 31 2009 11:08PM
haha i love this game i got 2 level 28
Jul 31 2009 10:17PM
he doesnt fart message me and tell me if im wrong
Jul 31 2009 4:18PM
i got level 11
Jul 31 2009 12:59PM
fun game i killded him when he farted
Jul 30 2009 5:47PM
boring i think i taken off his head and nugets.
Jul 30 2009 4:21PM
I won!YAY :)
Jul 30 2009 1:13PM
Ha **** you big guy
Jul 28 2009 10:03PM
t found a glitch i shot right at his hed and it didnt kill him
Jul 28 2009 5:22PM
i shot the apple and his head and lost
Jul 28 2009 9:33AM
i got to lvl 16 and shot him in the ****in eye :))
Jul 28 2009 9:26AM
great game shot his head of
Jul 27 2009 9:22PM
i shot his head off and da apple
Jul 27 2009 5:13AM
shot him in the balls
Jul 25 2009 12:51AM
ha! ha! his head feel off!!!!!!!!
Jul 24 2009 8:56PM
this game is so seeet!!! like so sweet.
Jul 24 2009 3:38PM
Jul 24 2009 3:32PM
any1 no how i change my picture? :O
Jul 24 2009 3:32PM

add me xBryan225(fancy a)
Jul 24 2009 1:29PM
That is great!
Jul 24 2009 1:05AM

add me
Jul 23 2009 8:26PM
i cant get past level 12
Jul 23 2009 2:04PM
Jul 23 2009 1:06PM
i hit him in the nuts
Jul 23 2009 10:50AM
The guy in the green shirt looks like my teacher lol
Jul 22 2009 3:49PM
I like shooting his eye!
Jul 21 2009 3:09PM
i like to shoot him
Jul 21 2009 1:18PM
OK 2 more things
1- There's 178 pages of comments.. HOLY CRAP!
2- HOW DO YOU MAKE HIM FART im clueless =[

Add me and ill ad you
Jul 21 2009 1:12PM
His stomache poped out......... AWSOME!

Add me and ill add you
Jul 20 2009 7:40PM
i aimed up and shot and it went thru his body and i still won
Jul 20 2009 6:33PM
75 ft. then i failed xP
Jul 20 2009 5:09PM
I like it when u hit him on the stomache.
Jul 20 2009 12:34PM
hep it is. i shoot him every where
Jul 19 2009 7:03PM
hahaha its funny when you hit him.
Jul 19 2009 12:37AM
awsome i hit him in the balls lol be my friend send message
Jul 19 2009 12:36AM
Jul 18 2009 2:59PM
why is this game funny because i like it :) :)
Jul 18 2009 1:54AM
On the first level, put the mouse on the black spot in his ear and have full power. His head will pop off!
Jul 18 2009 1:25AM
Jul 16 2009 12:50PM
haha lol i shot his head off
Jul 16 2009 7:49AM
if you don't want to kill him you can shoot up in the air til you hit the apple from falling and he just waves his arm
Jul 16 2009 7:46AM
how do you die from a shot to the leg or feet ???????/////
Jul 15 2009 7:45PM
hit him in the mouth its hard but worth it
Jul 15 2009 3:24PM
i got all the way to the end LOL!!!
Jul 14 2009 8:50PM
omg why would someone pull their eye out???
Jul 14 2009 7:52PM
i got to level 6. then i got him in the
Jul 14 2009 5:05PM
i got to lv 5 and took of his head! hahahahahahha
Jul 14 2009 3:39PM
this game is ok
Jul 14 2009 9:52AM
this game is so like freakain hard to play i really dont see hoe all these people got to level 17 one of you guys gotta help me with this darn game
Jul 13 2009 9:22PM
right when he ****s himself i shoot him
Jul 13 2009 6:45PM
shooting him iz the best part of the game i shot him in all the placez possible lol i f u do it rite hiz head will come off lol
Jul 13 2009 4:15PM
dont listen alt f4 closes ur window and there is no lvl 71
Jul 13 2009 11:35AM
Jul 12 2009 7:11PM
i luv this game cause i shot him right in the neck and in the private
Jul 10 2009 9:54PM
i lik shottin at the person n not the appple
Jul 10 2009 6:32PM
WTF if you dont pull back all the way on arrow it wont kill him

I SHOT HIM IN THE EYE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 9 2009 9:41PM
i think i killed him
Jul 9 2009 2:45PM
level 9 baby [sarcastic]
Jul 9 2009 11:48AM
If you push Alt + F4, it skips you to level 7!
Jul 8 2009 10:19PM
lol right when he died he farted :D
Jul 8 2009 8:45PM
i shoot is head on level 17 so close dammit anyway my name is b on list
Jul 8 2009 2:59PM
this game is kool but 17 gets me fuuuucking mad add me to friends list and write to me everyone
Jul 7 2009 10:52PM
its ok
Jul 7 2009 9:26PM
this is entertaining :D
Jul 7 2009 8:19PM
Jul 6 2009 8:30PM
i am lying theres no level 55 i cant bet 17
Jul 6 2009 8:25PM
dang i cant never get past level 55
Jul 6 2009 11:40AM
i got to level 14 and missed

GREAT GAME :] :]:]
Jul 5 2009 2:12PM
I like kill the guy add me
Jul 4 2009 2:13PM
Jul 4 2009 12:11AM
Jul 3 2009 2:49PM
it ok-kinda gross
Jul 3 2009 2:03PM
i always kill him on purpose
Jul 3 2009 2:01PM
i love this game and i got to lvl 10 at 90ft and i killed him by blowing his eyes out
Jul 3 2009 8:30AM
842nd comment... Really fun game... I got to level 16 and then killed my friend... So sad :(
Jul 2 2009 2:06PM
its really fun :)
Jul 1 2009 2:16PM
haha this is fun.
I shot hem in the head and nutz. O_O PAINFULL.
and duhh foot.
Jul 1 2009 12:18PM
i shoot him for fun
Jul 1 2009 11:37AM
If you shoot the man in the foot he starts waveing!!!
Jul 1 2009 8:54AM
This game is great
Jun 30 2009 6:50PM
I made him look like he has a ****
Jun 30 2009 11:00AM
That's nasty fabulousX
Jun 29 2009 10:17PM
1 of the best games ever 5/5
Jun 29 2009 5:56PM
lol funny when u shoot him in the ****
Jun 29 2009 5:45PM
the game is is .gay add me
Jun 29 2009 4:35AM
shoot hium in the ddiiiccckkk and then he humps the floorr i wish i waz under him LLLOLL
Jun 29 2009 4:33AM
shoot him in da **** then he humps the floor!
Jun 28 2009 5:21PM
lol have you ever shot him in the penis?????? ITS HILARIOUS u should try it!
Jun 28 2009 10:45AM
HAHA i accidentaly shot him in the ****
Jun 27 2009 5:31PM
lol this games is the best and if you dont like it you suck
Jun 27 2009 5:29PM
i love this game
Jun 27 2009 4:58PM
this game is awesome!!! 5/5
Jun 26 2009 7:09PM
first comment nobbody called it totaly on my faves
Jun 26 2009 2:42PM
i need some cheats
Jun 26 2009 12:28PM
dis is super wierd
Jun 25 2009 3:40PM
wooh its frkn funny when you shoot him
Jun 25 2009 11:46AM
yeah 1st comment woohoo!
Jun 24 2009 9:30PM
its funny when u shoot him in the knee
Jun 24 2009 5:09PM
i just shoot him in the ballz lol
Jun 24 2009 1:22PM
whenever i shoot the apple it also shoots him in the head lol
Jun 24 2009 12:14PM
Jun 23 2009 11:05PM
nice and funny coming back on tomorrow
Jun 23 2009 10:56PM
if u hit him in his mouth his head comes off!!! LOL
Jun 23 2009 6:38PM
he has no balls.
Jun 20 2009 10:19PM
lolz i shot him in tha eye
Jun 20 2009 9:16PM
omigod i shot him in the **** and it looked like he was humping it LOL ADD ME BEYOTCH!!
Jun 18 2009 7:11PM
lol fun i like shooting him in the stomach
Jun 18 2009 12:32PM
when you shoot him in the penis the arrow looks like a huge penis
Jun 17 2009 10:14PM
awesome game 5/5
Jun 16 2009 11:08PM
Shoot him in his private its funny as heck!
Jun 16 2009 9:59PM
lol i shot him in da face
Jun 15 2009 4:15PM
this game is so cool but it is gross when it stabs him!
Jun 15 2009 1:16PM
the bled to death
Jun 13 2009 2:55PM
this game is ok
Jun 12 2009 7:40PM
this gameis ok i would giveit a 8/10
Jun 12 2009 3:15PM
this game is so awsome. add me
Jun 12 2009 3:13AM
this game is so much fun add me :)
Jun 11 2009 5:59PM
i made it to level 18 but i forgot to submit!
Jun 11 2009 2:39AM
WooHoo got to level 10
Jun 11 2009 12:24AM
Jun 10 2009 8:57AM
10 out of 10
Jun 10 2009 8:57AM
i shot him in the neck! :)
Jun 9 2009 10:48PM
wow i made it all the way through
Jun 9 2009 6:42PM
its disgusting when he farts so i shot him in the head and this is a great way to get through anger
Jun 9 2009 5:34PM
i shot him in stomache but he didnt die :(
Jun 9 2009 12:16PM
i like shooting him in the balls
Jun 9 2009 9:52AM
Lol i shot him in the pp
Jun 8 2009 12:30PM
Haha F****N beast (:
This game is kool
♣ Nessa Lizet
Jun 6 2009 9:10PM
i cut his head off! i love the gore in this game!
Jun 6 2009 2:11AM
haha love it! If you hit him in the knees he falls and then tries to crawl away.... saving this one for the kids!
Jun 4 2009 7:41PM
this is the greatest archery game ever this is one of my favorite games ever 789th comment
Jun 4 2009 6:14PM
i love killin him the blood an gore is awsome and i always try to take his head off
Jun 3 2009 8:59AM
i love trying to kill him its like you
Jun 2 2009 11:19PM
AWSOME!! lmao killing him is fun!
Jun 2 2009 10:46PM
i only wanted to kill him
Jun 2 2009 2:55AM
i was on lvl 13 and he farted and i shot him lol
Jun 1 2009 3:13PM
i like to just shoot for the for the guy and see him die
May 30 2009 11:56PM
lol its funny i shot him in the balls
May 30 2009 10:03PM
May 30 2009 6:16AM
pooey = i can rite
May 29 2009 11:02AM
challenging but a great game 10/10
May 28 2009 10:05AM
Man do i love shootin him!!! I act like it's Vanessa Hudgins. I TOTALLY HAE THAT B*****!!!!
May 27 2009 11:43PM
shoot his balls and he will hump the ground
May 25 2009 5:56PM
I like shooting the guy in the throat.
The blood looks cool.
May 25 2009 3:29PM
May 25 2009 10:29AM
May 24 2009 4:59PM
May 24 2009 4:36PM
This game is so stupid
May 24 2009 12:49PM
i shot his head off
May 22 2009 3:14AM
This Was So Fun But Know It's All Boring Lol Pce
May 21 2009 12:01PM
The Ultimate Apple Shooter Guide
Round 1: 4th brick from the top
Round 2: 3rd brick from the top
Round 3: 2nd brick from the top
Round 4: 1st brick from the top
Round 5: Top of first brick
Round 6: Halfway between the brick wall and the first line
Round 7: 11/2
Round 8: 2
Round 9: 3
Round 10: 4
Round 11: 5
Round 12: 6 1/2
Round 13: 8 1/8
Round 14: 11
Round 15: 14
Round 16: At the edge of the game window, as close as you can
You Win!!!!!!!
May 21 2009 10:49AM
55 ft
May 20 2009 6:45PM
levels 1-5 was perfecdo
May 20 2009 5:28PM
i shot his en the neck
May 19 2009 8:52PM
May 19 2009 6:38PM
I killed the guy unpurpus.there r 5 ways to kill him one feet 2 legs 3 stomach 4 neck 5 face.5 shoots his face off!
May 18 2009 5:59PM
I got to level 9....
May 17 2009 9:51PM
its funny when you shoot him in the forehead because he looks shocked :):):):):):):):):):)
May 17 2009 7:13PM
lvl 7!
May 15 2009 6:36PM
i like to shoot him in the gut
May 15 2009 2:32PM
i got to the 6 le
May 15 2009 7:34AM
rofl i shot him in da nutz and he humped da ground rofl
May 13 2009 9:28PM
Apple Shooter Is a Good Game Because It's About 2 Boys and THe Bone Arrow Kills The Man in The Green and It's Funny and When We Missed We Have To Continue and When We Shot The Apple We Go To The Next Level and This is The Comment Of The Parts That I Like In This Game
May 11 2009 10:00PM
May 11 2009 8:13PM
you people that get on the record board spend alot of time playing this don't you
May 9 2009 2:44PM
it's fun shooting him any place

oh yeah add me girls pls?
May 7 2009 6:33AM
jack iz kool :P
May 6 2009 7:27PM
i know a way to beat levels :)
May 5 2009 8:48PM
it funny wen u shoot him in da penis
May 5 2009 8:31PM
omg it was boring >:(
May 5 2009 6:05PM
it rocks thats all i can say =)
May 5 2009 9:56AM
Its so difficult
May 4 2009 5:09PM
ur wrong thingthing this game is cool unlike you oooooo
May 4 2009 12:28PM
cool i shot his eye!!
he just pulled the arrow out and
May 4 2009 12:22PM
hahaha nice game!
i shot his nuts,knees,feet,heart area,fore head,neck and so on cuz i wanna kill him!
May 3 2009 7:12PM
Yeah man what are you smoking ???|}
May 3 2009 7:03PM
dude this games the bomb what are u smoking o.0
May 3 2009 6:31PM
this game sucks -12/5
May 3 2009 4:39PM
I shot his knee and he started crawling!!!!
May 3 2009 4:38PM
I shot his stomache and his heart came out!!!
May 3 2009 4:23PM
cool sad but awesome btw if u shoot him in his penis he will fall and hump the floor
May 3 2009 12:04PM
May 3 2009 2:05AM
i made it to level 10
Apr 29 2009 8:49PM
this games rocks
Apr 29 2009 12:10AM
i got to level 9 i started on 4-28-2009
Apr 28 2009 9:01PM
this is so funny but the guy with the apple on his head says i only trust you buddy
Apr 27 2009 4:51PM
pleze message me i have no friends new i am (YODA!!!) IF YOU PRANK CALL, ADD ME PLZ!!!
Apr 27 2009 8:33AM
LMAO i didn't know he lost that much blood from the pp.
Apr 26 2009 2:46PM
i got to level 6
Apr 26 2009 1:10PM
lol. i shot him in the **** and he humped the ground
Apr 26 2009 12:13PM
i just like shooting him
Apr 26 2009 8:56AM
lv 20 recordddddd. yoy boy
Apr 25 2009 4:23AM
I shot his head and the apple and he had fresh flesh on the arrow which he was holding in his hand.
Apr 23 2009 10:34PM
if u shoot him in the balls he humps the floor
Apr 23 2009 6:35PM
well got to level 15 i suck at this game
Apr 21 2009 4:08PM
this game is wicked !!!!!! its pretty cool and more gory than meets the eye. the dudes head fell off when i shot him by mistake !!!!!!! wicked cool:just like me:)
Apr 20 2009 4:08PM
i shot him in the balls then QUICKLY shot him in the foot and he pulled his pants down and took it out of his dic
Apr 19 2009 10:00PM
Apr 15 2009 3:17PM
i hate how he dies it dstupid and GROSS! but fun to play this gameeeee!
Apr 14 2009 5:41PM
This game is boaring and stupid
Apr 14 2009 12:24AM
Apr 14 2009 12:15AM
disgusting and repulsive.
Apr 13 2009 11:09AM
Apr 13 2009 3:02AM
lol I got* the apple and his head it said round 2 but i never got to round 2 xD
Apr 13 2009 3:00AM
lol i the apple and his head it said round 2 but i never got to round 2 xD
Apr 12 2009 11:32AM
this game is stupid !
Apr 10 2009 8:50PM
it awsome and fun and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2009 5:11PM
this games da bomb man
Apr 10 2009 3:49PM
haha i shot the head off
Apr 10 2009 7:09AM
HaHa he ****ed the ground!!
Apr 9 2009 9:24PM
749th comment! the games awesome!
Apr 9 2009 9:23PM
oh really ihate school? Then why do all the high scores say lvl. 17?
Apr 7 2009 8:20PM
how far are you away on the last level
Apr 6 2009 9:57PM
if you shoot him in then not wait for the score press main penu then press play shoot him again wen you shoot him it will go to the scores
Apr 5 2009 3:12PM
the game is hard but i beated the whole game up to 100 lvl
Apr 5 2009 12:02PM
this game is cool shoot him in the fu*king head you can cut it off
Apr 4 2009 10:44PM
This game is sooooooooooooo funny to shoot them in the head!!!! HA HA
Apr 4 2009 3:45PM
awesome go to level 25
Apr 4 2009 12:55PM
Apr 4 2009 2:58AM
lol i luv dis game. its a good game 2 play when ur angry cuz u can shoot da guy and pretend its da person ur mad at hehe i always do dat. ;]b
Apr 3 2009 11:53PM
i didnt aim right and itz head came of !!!!!!!!!! wat
Apr 3 2009 10:05PM
i shot his thing
and then his head fell off
Apr 3 2009 11:35AM
Shut the heck up u fag
Mar 30 2009 9:49PM
how's that for not breaking the chain?
Mar 27 2009 3:18PM
Mar 27 2009 3:18PM
Mar 25 2009 7:56PM
check out my pro
Mar 25 2009 7:55PM
i like this game tooooooo
Mar 22 2009 7:16PM
Mar 19 2009 7:57PM
sad game
Mar 19 2009 5:01PM
lol i shto him in teh stomac he fella nd it wen threw him
Mar 17 2009 11:28AM
i got his eye.....
Mar 16 2009 7:06PM
i got to level 17
Mar 13 2009 5:10PM
i love killing the guy and pretending its one of my enimese
Mar 11 2009 12:11AM
i got 2 lvl 8 and only 1 miss
Mar 8 2009 4:49PM
he humps the ground
Mar 8 2009 4:46PM
this games is ok i guess but really grody
Mar 7 2009 4:29PM
level 10 yays
Mar 7 2009 12:08PM
gore o rama
Mar 6 2009 6:23PM
The game is ok, why is the top 200 all 17 why not 18 lol. Check out my profile it sucks just made it . Add me as friend plz.
Mar 4 2009 6:07PM
Wow 13 shots 13 lvls all in one. woot
Mar 2 2009 9:11AM
I got to the level 6. :P Add Me<33
Mar 2 2009 9:04AM
LOL shoot him in the forhead his brain splaters and he goes ewowhweh.
Mar 1 2009 11:21PM
that sucks about the guy that got hit by a car the 1 skd is talking about on the comment anyways ya this game is fun i kill the guy
Mar 1 2009 11:12PM
i like killin the guy
Feb 28 2009 6:56PM
i hit him in his middle area an dlet me tell you LOL
Feb 28 2009 6:04PM
[] Shot him in the mouth and his head will tear off
Feb 26 2009 9:54PM
this Game is awesome but on level 6 I dont know wat angle to shot so if u can tell me tht would be GRRRRREAT

Peace out peoples hope u hv time to answer
Feb 25 2009 10:55PM
if u hit him below the belt part..... he would do the worm...

peace out man
Feb 25 2009 10:44PM
this is an awesome play u should play
Feb 25 2009 8:00PM
Feb 22 2009 2:56PM
it is cool but it is hard to get past level 16
Feb 20 2009 9:35PM
Feb 20 2009 7:37PM
i think this game is sweet
Feb 19 2009 3:38PM
I shot him in his bawl sack
Feb 19 2009 11:36AM
its unny when you shot him in wenis
Feb 19 2009 4:34AM
yes i got 2 level 19 and i did beat that
Feb 18 2009 4:14PM
Comment Number: 665!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! (OMG!!!!) Level 16, BEAT THAT!!!!!!! :() Lol HOT WHEELS, BEAT THAT Rofl
Feb 18 2009 12:25PM
love it shoot him not the apple i never got past lvl1
Feb 17 2009 11:05AM
why shoot the apple when youcan shoot his ballS?
Feb 15 2009 9:32PM
im 692nd person to comment :D ohhh and I FREAAKKIINNNGG!!!!! LOVE THIS GAME!
Feb 15 2009 9:23PM
lvl 14 is hard!!!!!!
Feb 15 2009 8:37PM
Feb 15 2009 12:51PM
i made it to 4
Feb 15 2009 11:43AM
i keep on getting in a fight with this kid named angel and i pretend this is him and kill him
Feb 15 2009 9:16AM
level 16 biotch
Feb 15 2009 8:52AM
WOW that is a lot of comments and i am the 656 comment whaooooooooooooooo
Feb 15 2009 12:26AM
passed da game its easy
Feb 14 2009 2:42PM
i shot him in the head LOL
Feb 13 2009 9:27PM
i shot my friend
Feb 13 2009 5:36PM
i got up to level 15
Feb 10 2009 10:27PM
Im single nice gey pic nigga
Feb 10 2009 2:38PM
**** b****es ****s
Feb 9 2009 8:33PM
I made it to level 7
Feb 8 2009 9:01PM
made it to level 5
Feb 8 2009 6:59PM
yeah 646 or something like that comment !!!!!
Feb 8 2009 8:57AM
i like shooting him in the wenare
Feb 8 2009 1:15AM
hey DeToX shut the **** up
Feb 7 2009 10:08PM
fun ^-^ i like shooting him in the balls. lol
Feb 6 2009 2:56PM
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
Feb 5 2009 10:13PM
To easy
Feb 5 2009 10:09PM
I like shootin him in the eyes they fall out lolz
Feb 5 2009 10:05PM
Whats up with the farting????
Feb 5 2009 10:04PM
omg i made it too lvl 15 its hard
Feb 4 2009 11:51PM
omg wen you hit him in the pe**s he starts humping the ground lol
Feb 4 2009 11:47PM
dude this game is aswsome
Feb 3 2009 7:23PM
If you aim for the stomach it hits his private
Feb 3 2009 11:57AM
game is kinda fun. (i like shooting him not the apple)
Feb 1 2009 5:37PM
wow!! FUN GAME! i hit him in the head and it came off....
Jan 31 2009 2:59PM
its fun to kill him
Jan 27 2009 9:25PM
If you have to play a game this is it
Jan 26 2009 10:23PM
if you aim all the way up and charge you bow all the way it will say you missed and it dosent hit the ground this hase to be done on the fist 20 feet turn its ****ed up
Jan 26 2009 5:56PM When u shoot him in the knee he tries to crawl....lmfao!!
Jan 24 2009 8:23PM
the funny part is when u shoot his head off
Jan 24 2009 8:23PM
thiz game iz so gay
Jan 24 2009 4:56PM
It's alot of fun but this version is missing the restart button I've noticed on other sites
Jan 24 2009 4:39PM
on da first leval aim for his eye ;)
Jan 24 2009 3:41PM
so fun but how do you get past level 7
Jan 24 2009 8:14AM
dis is awsome
Jan 23 2009 11:21PM
beat it kinda gay
Jan 23 2009 9:17PM
lol in the balls! then the head!
Jan 20 2009 5:13PM
its gay
Jan 19 2009 5:56PM
i got to 50 ft then shot his head off lol
Jan 19 2009 5:53PM
why would they do that if they know their gonna die lmao.
Jan 19 2009 5:45PM
the game is so cool i just like killin him lol
Jan 19 2009 4:26PM
i can only go up to 10th
Jan 19 2009 2:42PM
i shot his head off hahahaha
Jan 19 2009 9:39AM
i got all the way to 35ft and got him in the head
Jan 19 2009 12:22AM
And what do you mean by 'all the farts come out of him'?
Jan 19 2009 12:20AM
Took me really long bu i finally did it: I shot the arrow at a high anel hoping it would be death fromm above. It landed on the apple but it poked the guy in the head ad he started yelling at me. He hurt my feelings.
Jan 18 2009 8:54PM
this game is ouch! i shot the dude in da neck
Jan 15 2009 8:10PM
i got 2 lvl 8
Jan 15 2009 3:11PM
shoot im in the 3y3 and he bangs his head
Jan 14 2009 11:37PM
level 10
Jan 14 2009 11:36PM
this game is gay
Jan 13 2009 6:08PM
The dude looks funny when u shoot him in the balls but its gay =P
Jan 12 2009 8:39PM
you just got shot in the balls
Jan 11 2009 4:46PM
i got to level 5 then i shot him in the head
Jan 11 2009 3:42PM
got to level 7...but at first..i shot him in the head and it took it off..
Jan 10 2009 9:23PM
Jan 10 2009 2:49PM
shoot the guy in the balls its fun
Jan 10 2009 4:35AM
Jan 9 2009 10:02PM
This game is hilarious
Jan 6 2009 6:59PM
I just shot him in the apples if he has any.
Jan 6 2009 2:34PM
This game rocks! I played it about a year ago and it is just as fun today. Another fun game site I found was
Jan 5 2009 7:02PM
heyy giirl heyy! lolz thiss game is fun! especially if you shoot his big belly =D
Jan 4 2009 11:23PM
games cool got to lvl 21 beat that
Jan 4 2009 6:38PM
you are sexy sexy 305
Jan 4 2009 3:03PM
i like this game i can only get to lv 7
Jan 4 2009 12:38PM
lol i never shoot the apple on purpose its funny when u shoot him : P!!
Jan 3 2009 11:48PM
holy **** that was ****in gay
Jan 3 2009 8:50PM
holy **** that was ****"n scary.
Jan 1 2009 11:35PM
Lv 12 and then I took his head by mistake!!! LMAO!!
Jan 1 2009 7:55PM
lv.17 whoo hooo
Jan 1 2009 7:55PM
if you wait 4 a while he will fart
Jan 1 2009 7:53PM
i shot up and it came down on him and it just went throu
Jan 1 2009 5:08PM
he wiggles alot!
Dec 31 2008 2:16PM
lvl 14!
Dec 31 2008 1:31PM
funny game:)
Dec 30 2008 11:08AM
this game ****ing kool
Dec 30 2008 11:07AM
i love this game and i shot him in his willey
Dec 29 2008 10:12PM
i shot him in his winne
Dec 29 2008 5:15PM
this game is fun !!!
Dec 29 2008 2:06AM
I cut his head off it was cool
Dec 28 2008 10:06PM
This is a cool game!!!! Love it!!!
Dec 27 2008 9:14PM
this game is crap,****,ect
Dec 27 2008 7:12PM
yo add me or look at the profile,........ peace
Dec 26 2008 4:27AM
jt on myspace the highest is level 17 with 17 hits
Dec 25 2008 8:47PM
Dec 25 2008 11:00AM
Dec 24 2008 10:42PM
i got to lvl 13 try to beat that
Dec 24 2008 5:51PM
Hahah Pinad I can beat lvl 7. I got to lvl 8 so what now!!!!!
Dec 24 2008 11:22AM
i went to lvl 7!!!!!!! ha ha! bet u cant beat!

i giv da game a 8/10 cuz there iz no point but it iz fun
Dec 23 2008 1:57PM
i like shooting his head
Dec 23 2008 12:50PM
i hit him in the thingy =\\ lmaoo ouchh
if he was real i think he would have
a nervous break down LMAO
Dec 23 2008 11:59AM
ps add me
Dec 23 2008 11:59AM
i lik shootin him in th hed
Dec 23 2008 10:40AM
i like it when u shoot him in the eye. he rips his eye soccet out! it funny!
Dec 23 2008 9:17AM
shoot him in the stomach his guts cum out XD
Dec 22 2008 10:56PM
shoot him in the eye and it sticks to the wall
Dec 22 2008 8:53PM
it's easy not to laugh
Dec 22 2008 3:51PM
lol! if u shot him in the crotch, it look's like he is humping the ground! try it and try not 2 laugh!
Dec 22 2008 1:29PM
WOOT 567 comment
Dec 22 2008 11:22AM
pretty good game 6/10
Dec 22 2008 6:43AM
ok game
Dec 21 2008 6:47PM
this game is freakin awesome!!!!
Dec 21 2008 6:08PM
Dec 21 2008 5:22PM
its the funniest iff u shoot him in his balls
Dec 21 2008 5:21PM
im the 550 comment =[)
Dec 21 2008 5:21PM
this is fun
Dec 21 2008 5:19PM
actually bubbles828, you're number 547. And I got a new best, I finally beat round 7 lol.
Dec 20 2008 12:24AM
hey did anyone call first comment if not FIRST COMMENT awesome game
Dec 20 2008 12:22AM
yhea this would be fun it looks real painful and funny at the same time
Dec 19 2008 8:14PM
i want to do this in real life...But with something less sharp as a arrow
Dec 19 2008 3:38PM
if u shoot him in the **** and he ****s the grass
Dec 19 2008 11:58AM
this game sucks like your mom
Dec 19 2008 11:56AM
this game is so gross
Dec 18 2008 7:22PM
He Died
Dec 16 2008 5:49PM
Dec 16 2008 5:48PM
Dec 14 2008 10:10PM
level 11! i braind him. So Fun
Dec 14 2008 8:26PM
i made it to level 19 then my
Dec 14 2008 5:10PM
Its soooo cool I like when u s
Dec 14 2008 1:33PM
if u shoot him in the nuts he
Dec 14 2008 10:17AM
I think it is great of shootin
Dec 13 2008 1:35AM
This is really cool game got t
Dec 12 2008 12:13AM
cool game o.O
Dec 10 2008 5:55PM
i enjoy shooting his balls
Dec 10 2008 5:55PM
i enjoy shooting his ba***
Dec 10 2008 5:21PM
i am first comment know one ca
Dec 9 2008 9:28AM
this game rocks
Dec 8 2008 1:53AM
ooosh wat an old game!!! i use
Dec 7 2008 8:41PM
king_nerf and cobraan1 will ki
Dec 4 2008 7:43PM
this is the best game ever
Dec 1 2008 11:16PM
It's Werid And Funny At The Sa
Dec 1 2008 8:50PM
i hate it
Dec 1 2008 2:38AM
this game is wicked 75 feet 52
Nov 30 2008 3:59PM
funny game i got 75 ft
Nov 30 2008 3:16PM
if you hit him in the nuts he
Nov 30 2008 10:42AM
cooooooooool game.
Nov 30 2008 10:42AM
die die die
Nov 29 2008 8:54PM
1 word ouch!
Nov 28 2008 8:54AM
Yes I got 2 level 25!
Nov 28 2008 8:01AM
Nov 27 2008 11:48AM
Nov 26 2008 2:26PM
Nov 26 2008 2:26PM
fun game add me to your fried
Nov 26 2008 1:20PM
I got to level 7 cause im not
Nov 25 2008 1:16AM
my 5 year old brother is so good he got to level 20
Nov 23 2008 12:44PM
300 yds then dshot him in the neck woohoo
Nov 23 2008 12:54AM
i dont know ask someone who does i cant even 15 yards
Nov 22 2008 11:16PM
8, how many levels are their any way?
Nov 22 2008 2:12PM
i got to 8
Nov 21 2008 2:11PM
ok now i got to level 15....this game is so easy....ask ?s bout how to get past level 10 if u want
Nov 21 2008 2:07PM
wow everyone is excited bout getting to level 10...i got to level 14 on my 2nd try lol so good luck to ya all..(HINT: use the lil tick marks on the side to help u keep track of where u are at...and it helps u aim and hit the apple...which is the whole point of the game lol)
Nov 21 2008 12:34PM
if u get im in the neck his head stays on the wall lol!!
Nov 21 2008 9:44AM
How many freakin levels are there i can only get to 10
Nov 20 2008 3:47PM
WOW 500 comments this game rocks!
Nov 17 2008 6:54PM
I always can only get to level 10. ha this time I somehow managed to shoot him in the nuts ^_^
Nov 17 2008 12:25PM
I GOT 2 LVL 10!!!
Nov 16 2008 6:16AM
9 b**** ass whale **** faggot eating **** eating pee drinkin hobo b**** ***** oh U JUST GOT DISED
Nov 15 2008 10:02PM
omg i got to lvl 8
Nov 15 2008 9:17PM
Omg I Got To Lvl 6
Nov 15 2008 5:01AM
aww so close to lvl 8

lvl 7 for me
Nov 15 2008 4:59AM
i keep acidentally shooting him in the head
Nov 13 2008 9:47PM
lvl 6
Nov 13 2008 8:21AM
if you like roblox go to nickww45s page and paly at his HQ
Nov 11 2008 8:37PM
lol i got to lvl 10 wat now
Nov 11 2008 4:47PM
Omg I Got To Lvl 7
Nov 11 2008 4:34PM
i shot him in the nuts by mistake ones it was kinda funny
Nov 9 2008 3:24PM
oh shi+ it does look like he is humping the ground! so lol!
Nov 8 2008 5:47PM
This game rocks
Nov 8 2008 3:35PM
once i shot him in the crotch and it looked like he was humping the ground
Nov 8 2008 11:04AM
i got to lvl 8
Nov 8 2008 1:01AM
Omqq ; i shOt him in thaa eye ; it scared tha hell Outta me ; playinqq Onna laptOp is sO hardd ; but i qOt tO level 10 ; favOrited
Nov 7 2008 9:57PM
This game is fun i enjoyed it. I give it a 7 out of 10
Nov 7 2008 8:05AM
it was on accsident though
Nov 7 2008 8:04AM
i shot him in the neck and balls lol
Nov 3 2008 9:19PM
this game is awesome
my favorite part is shooting him in the stomach and shooting him in the head
Nov 3 2008 8:20PM
Nov 2 2008 6:41PM
awsome game.I just like shooting the guys head off.IT IS AWSOME
Nov 2 2008 6:39PM
Nov 2 2008 5:58PM
I got 2 14 and shot his head off lolz
Nov 2 2008 2:01PM
Nov 2 2008 11:43AM
I got to level 10 then shot his heart.
Nov 1 2008 3:31PM
Oct 31 2008 8:52PM
this games is cool lol
Oct 31 2008 6:06PM
Hey people plz b my friend
Oct 31 2008 5:53PM
I love this game!!!!!!!
Oct 31 2008 9:51AM
Oct 26 2008 6:40PM
This game has no point but its still really fun lol
Oct 24 2008 4:09PM
read this plz
o and gr8 game too
my friends think i can get 50 friends by Halloween too!so just friend request me and i will friend request u back! PLZ HELP!
Oct 24 2008 4:09PM
my friends think i can get 50 friends by Halloween too!so just friend request me and i will friend request u back! PLZ HELP!
Oct 24 2008 4:08PM
hi help me
my friends think i can get 50 friends by Halloween too!so just friend request me and i will friend request u back! PLZ HELP!
Oct 23 2008 7:31PM
Oct 22 2008 11:12PM
i shot him in the penis and he humped the ground!
Oct 22 2008 3:45PM
i beat level for ya i got to level 30
Oct 19 2008 3:19PM
how do u get his hart out i keep shooting his head off
Oct 19 2008 12:19AM
i pinned his head to the wall and his body fell over lmao add me
Oct 15 2008 6:47PM
i shot him in the leg and he crawled towards me and then died.
Oct 14 2008 9:57PM
TRY TO BEAT LVL14!!!!!!!!!!! And For People Its Realy Hard for Try using the lines behind the brick wall... experiment with the high lines before u shoot and you'll get better quick
Oct 14 2008 9:02PM
i like shooting him in the mouth
Oct 11 2008 7:02PM
Oct 11 2008 2:33AM
how many more ways can u kill the guy anybody
its a awsome game got to lvel 8 then shot him in the head, but i also hit the alpple dont that count
Oct 10 2008 6:57PM
hey rexerrexer83 try to beat level 8 broke your record a few minutes ago.
Oct 10 2008 9:06AM
Level 7 beat that!
Oct 9 2008 9:52PM
everybody, anybody? how do you put it on your website?
Oct 8 2008 9:35PM
It's awsome how you can shoot the guy in the head , or any where else.
Oct 7 2008 7:22PM
got to lvl 9 and shot him in the eye
Oct 5 2008 8:55PM
shot 'em right in the balls
Oct 5 2008 7:46PM
If you shoot him in the penis, he will hump the ground. lol
Oct 5 2008 11:55AM
i got to lvl 9 and shot him in the mouth. his head was stuck to the wall but his body fell over.
Oct 5 2008 10:51AM
he like a worm on the ground wen ya shoot him in the dinkie