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Jul 9 2014 10:47PM
I hate evel 19 X_X I only beat the game twice , but if I don't ill be stuck in level 19 , when even I fall its makes me be stuck but when I get hit it starts it over with no lives taken awwway , stupid games
Jun 8 2014 5:17AM
on level 7 there is 3 tubes get into the first one and it will take u back to level 6 and u can get lives from that green mushroom and u can do it as many times as u want
Nov 11 2012 6:46PM
crap is what this game is
Jul 11 2012 1:56PM
Mar 31 2012 5:15PM
i hate it when you have 3 lives and you still lose it sucks i wouldnt reccomend it
Mar 20 2012 6:23PM
Mar 12 2012 6:36PM
Dec 28 2011 8:53PM
I love, love, love this game! It is definatley a good one! The graphics are good too. I mean, on most of the Mario games for the computer the graphics are terrible! For this game, I must say however, they are pretty good. The levels aren't too difficult. Most definatley a game I love! Try it out! It's worth it.
Oct 11 2011 1:04PM
haha i sux at this
Jul 31 2011 1:14PM
if you read this;... YOU HAVE TO ADD MEHHH AS A FRIEND :DDD
Jul 29 2011 1:35PM
i never leave level 16
Jul 25 2011 1:18PM
does anyone know how to turn off the volumeeee?? :v
Jul 13 2011 8:44PM
i wish there were more levels
Jun 19 2011 12:43AM
i love this game if you love it to add me
Jun 15 2011 11:43AM
what happened to mario starcatcher 1?
Feb 26 2011 3:11PM
cool game
Feb 3 2011 11:03AM
this is easy!
Jan 8 2011 3:23PM
Jan 8 2011 3:03PM
This is a good game, but the run was too fast and the jump was too low, also, the levels were quite hard, along with most parts of some levels inacsessable. I also think that this is kinda a copy from the regular mario games, but with less places to cover. Darn You Level 14! 3/5.
Dec 31 2010 3:40AM
ILY<3JORGEE SAEZ<333:-*///
Dec 31 2010 3:40AM
WOW!!!! este juego es eazii....i passed this game so many tims that is not even funny..:)..ILY JORGE SAEZ<3..PARA SIEMPRE:D
Dec 5 2010 7:19PM
OMG! i made it to level 14 diede becuz my lil bro hit the button!!!! =(
Nov 26 2010 4:52PM
Darn level eleven!! I wish I could beat you!! Oh and for those who read the cheat that sends you back to level 6 from level 7, don't die or the game will freeze up and you'll have to refresh and start all over :) Thanks!!
<3 Bethal:)
Nov 6 2010 5:19PM
i love this game i just cant get past leval 14
Sep 26 2010 6:00PM
this game is so hard
Sep 21 2010 11:07PM
got to lrvrl 19 bby
Aug 22 2010 1:37PM
This game rocks
Jun 5 2010 5:39PM
how do u get past da lvl dats underwater wid da jelly fish things?
May 8 2010 5:11PM
leval 4 is hard
Apr 26 2010 4:40PM
Peluchin you didn't beat a damn thing 70 times you probably got stuck on level 2.
Apr 16 2010 6:58PM
cant get pass level 17
how many levels are there???
Mar 25 2010 2:31PM
Feb 21 2010 1:03PM
beat the whole game yessssss it got hard doe
Feb 20 2010 2:45PM
i cant belive you cant pass levle 10 or 13 i just pased the wole thing 4 the 70th time so learn how to ok
Feb 14 2010 2:38PM
how to you past level 10?
Feb 12 2010 7:26PM
It is so fun but when i get to this one leval i cant go past it ♥Brianna
Feb 11 2010 5:58PM
i got up to 13 and couldnt pass
Feb 2 2010 4:55PM
cant get passed level 19
Jan 31 2010 9:28PM
iam trying to pass the whole game with out dying once
Jan 31 2010 1:18PM
i passed d hole game
Jan 30 2010 4:44PM
i have passed level 17
Jan 28 2010 5:33PM
My brother got to level 12 without dieing
Jan 24 2010 6:29PM
i can't get passed lvl 4
Jan 23 2010 8:48PM
Yes level 20 is the last level.
Jan 10 2010 12:30PM
my friend got to level 20 but she couldnet get past it and she thinks thats the last level is that true? xx
Jan 9 2010 11:45AM
funn game :D ~add me~
Jan 8 2010 6:51PM
wow i g0t 2 LEVEL 12 DEN I DIED :( :)
Jan 7 2010 10:21PM
crap i couldnt pass level 4:(
Dec 31 2009 10:57PM
this game iz so ****en gay i had all mi lives and on level 6 i only died once and it said game ova
Dec 27 2009 10:58AM
gosh i hate lvl 11 it is so hard i got on the top square thingy then he just runs me over like a frigging maniac but game is okk
Dec 27 2009 10:45AM
love this game it so awesome but the higher level u are the harder it gets

plz add me!

:) lauren xD
Dec 27 2009 10:00AM
I love this game but I can't get past level 10. :`(
Dec 23 2009 2:57PM
it okay
Dec 4 2009 4:05PM
uber amazing!
Nov 26 2009 6:28PM
oh ya
Nov 11 2009 2:20PM
Nov 8 2009 1:25AM
im stuck on 19 lol
Nov 6 2009 7:38PM

well for me it is thats just my opinion
Nov 6 2009 5:19PM
i cant get passes lvl 9
Nov 2 2009 5:33PM
how do you get passed lvl 14??????
Oct 4 2009 9:02PM
i @m in l0v3 wit dis g@m3
Aug 27 2009 1:47PM
it pretty fun check out my profile
Aug 14 2009 10:01PM
Aug 14 2009 10:00PM
Aug 14 2009 3:39PM
wow lol its cool
Aug 10 2009 1:36AM
man this **** is weird
Aug 5 2009 8:08PM
i got 2 lv 13
Aug 3 2009 1:35PM
i got 2 lvl 10!
Aug 2 2009 8:50PM
dana u have 2 keep jumping over him yill he sits down on the left side then go over to him repeatedly press the right and left arrow this 3 times and u will be a champ like me lol
Aug 2 2009 6:02PM
this game is ok
Aug 2 2009 4:39PM
how do u defeat bowser? I can't do it and it is pissing me off
Jul 19 2009 6:38PM
ok if u guys make fun of me that's not nice.
i can only get past level 10, butt i am 9 years ol
Jul 18 2009 11:20PM
this games iz zo muler****in fun u should try it
Jul 16 2009 12:30PM
not bad
Jul 12 2009 8:51PM
2 easy
Jul 8 2009 1:17PM
this game was easy but it has a lot of glitches in it
Jul 7 2009 4:41PM
My cousin beat this game, butt level 19 has a glitch in which you dont lose lives, so use it to get tons of lives.
Jul 4 2009 12:19PM
*mantha* is write
Jul 4 2009 12:18PM
i got to level 13 :):):):):(
Jul 3 2009 8:53PM
Jul 1 2009 7:29PM
this game is easy but it's fun
Jun 30 2009 10:42AM
Jun 24 2009 8:43PM
Jun 20 2009 2:11PM
Jun 19 2009 10:32PM
what the heck i had 3 lives and i died and it said game over??!! thats jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 18 2009 10:02PM
jk thats the one EVERYONE messes up on! fk that stuped levl!
Jun 18 2009 1:55PM
its so easy i beat lvl 11 it should have beeen lvl 1!
Jun 9 2009 6:11PM
game was good but **** when i got level11 i ****ed up
Jun 9 2009 5:57PM
this game is fun
Jun 1 2009 8:23PM
this game was okay until i went to level 11.
May 28 2009 10:03PM
May 12 2009 9:32PM
this is fun
May 10 2009 12:39AM
cant beat bowzer
Apr 29 2009 6:20PM
i know how to play this game and

i always finis This game level 20 ha ha bit that ha
Apr 10 2009 10:00AM
not that cool but ok
Apr 6 2009 9:43AM
dis game is cool but the jumpin its hards
Mar 30 2009 4:09PM
cool but napoleandynamite you dont have to make a big big big big big big paragraf
Mar 28 2009 11:59PM
pretty cool ♥(:
Mar 28 2009 8:45PM
hello all fans of mario, I would just like to say, this game is very clever, the transitions of one level to another is spectacular and the aspect of mario and yoshi joining together as one to once again battle the greatly feared bowser. Just to let you know on level 10 and 19 there are some gliches, some good, some bad, on level 19 if you die you still have the same amount of lives left, so you can keep playing. another point that i would like to focus on is the fact that Mario is too much of a leader. I mean i like mario, but he takes the lead to much. Why isn't it called Luigi starcatcher 2? I just think luigi is a good guy, good jumper and should get a little credit. So next time you play a mario AND luigi game, why not pick luigi. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to argue about the aspect of mario. Another thing to ponder on is when you say mario, it is not maryio it is mario and those that say it maryio don't have the right to speak his name or play his game. and last of all, napolean dynamite and pedro are the greatest human beings on this planet.
Mar 28 2009 9:40AM
it is fun somtimes and it is ok
Mar 27 2009 7:38PM
its so easy i did it like 10 times its the easiest game iv ever played
Mar 21 2009 9:19AM
level 12 is easy go thor the pipe right click and press play
Mar 20 2009 5:43PM
cant pass level 12
Mar 17 2009 6:30PM
bowser is soooooooooooooooo easy all you do is get near the cannon thing 3 times but i love when you get to finsh him
Mar 15 2009 12:11PM
dear diary,this game is super super easy!i beat it like 100 lol just jokin by:gabriella
Mar 14 2009 8:27AM
3/5 not bad

in lvl 6 the 1-up is easy you just go on the block then jump halfway another will apear!

How to do this as manytime as you want? easy!
in lvl 7 go on the second tube and pres down voila!!
Mar 9 2009 6:05PM
an insult to smw
Feb 24 2009 6:40PM
hey uhh guys those arent really comments
Feb 22 2009 2:26PM
beat it
Feb 16 2009 2:12PM
there are 20 levels and i beat all of them 3 times!
Feb 15 2009 6:48PM
how do you get past 19
Feb 10 2009 7:08PM
i passed all 20 levels
Feb 7 2009 6:52PM
how many levels are there??♥♥♥
Jan 18 2009 1:54PM
I need friends and comments
Jan 3 2009 2:06AM
finnished the game.. pretty easy.. it needs more and harder levels!!. but still a good game!
Dec 25 2008 3:57PM
i get horny for mario ;D

no really i do
Dec 23 2008 4:38PM
Nov 23 2008 3:01PM
ad mi x3
Nov 23 2008 3:01PM
2 ezy 4 mi
Nov 22 2008 11:47PM
ok now i cant get past level 17
Nov 22 2008 11:35PM
i get get past level 14
Nov 19 2008 6:41PM
i hate this game!!!! rawr. I feel so stupid. i cant get passed level 7. uhg. i horrible at this lol.
Nov 14 2008 10:22PM
It was so easy i got to level 20 and my 2 years old sister beat it.
Nov 1 2008 1:04PM
this is so easy
Oct 29 2008 3:42PM
it is soooooooo easy to beat
Oct 19 2008 10:32PM
easy to beat add me
Oct 19 2008 12:28PM
i can not get pass levle 13
Oct 17 2008 9:31PM
it is not good
Oct 11 2008 5:19PM
sucks easy
Aug 30 2008 9:55PM
easy to beat,kinda stupid, but im addicted!!!
Aug 28 2008 4:00PM
stupid game
Aug 26 2008 1:35PM
easy to beat
Aug 20 2008 2:07PM
hate it
Aug 19 2008 5:28PM
do not go down a parana plant pipe
Aug 14 2008 9:32PM
I beat the whole game it is soo easy
Aug 14 2008 1:17PM
i beat this F*C*I*G addictin game... exelent game lol.
Jul 22 2008 12:25PM
i cant get pass levle 13
Jul 22 2008 9:44AM
That was EZ It was wierd that on lv.19 I didn't lose a single life but I hit a lot of enamies!
Jul 19 2008 8:58PM
i beat it
Jul 19 2008 8:56PM
hey shark 1213 da game only has 20 levels
Jul 18 2008 1:09PM
well when i beat level 12 it took me back to level 6!!! grr! >:(
Jul 17 2008 12:24AM
got to lvl 30 easy
Jul 16 2008 1:16PM
level 10 i can''t pass
Jul 15 2008 12:35PM
i got way far i like it but i HATE the music!
Jul 12 2008 9:09AM
yeah up to level 20
Jul 9 2008 4:08PM
yeah after level19
Jul 9 2008 2:22PM
nice music!
Jul 9 2008 2:21PM
this game is good, but do u ever battle bowser?
Jul 9 2008 10:03AM
noooooooo i lost at lvl 4 :(
Jul 9 2008 9:52AM
i love this game
Jul 8 2008 3:18PM
i finnally beat it and i like how you choose his death muhamuhamuha
Jul 4 2008 7:57PM
i love this game its really great my favorite level is the last one bacause i know i finished .
Jul 4 2008 11:09AM
i like it but i can't pass level 14
Jun 21 2008 12:31PM
easyest game ever! I beat it. The boss is sorta what you gotta do to bowser in mario 64. This game is AWESOME!
Jun 19 2008 5:53PM
So easy beat this in 10 min or less
Jun 16 2008 6:55PM
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( I lost on level 19
Jun 16 2008 5:41PM
The music is great!
Jun 15 2008 12:38AM
Jun 15 2008 12:38AM
I'm never usually into mario games, b t this ones an exception. {:
Jun 10 2008 1:02AM
i got to 19, but then i got bored....
Jun 9 2008 10:48PM
i made it to level 13
Jun 9 2008 8:18PM
I got close to the end of the game, and I held down "down", and the next thing I knew, I was at level 6!! Gliii-iiitch!
Jun 7 2008 5:30PM
i cant pass level 20
Jun 5 2008 2:51PM
mario rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 5 2008 1:15PM
May 7 2008 7:43AM
May 5 2008 7:08PM
I beat the game. Took me awhile but it's soooo aditctive!!!!!!! Once you beat your going to be like oh my god that 's the best game ever!! Trust me!!!!!
May 2 2008 9:08PM
i got past the boss and everything, this game is raw!!!!!!!!!
Mar 29 2008 7:46PM
je suis tout à ne pas se rappeler où je suis parti ... mais je ne l'ai aimée
Mar 25 2008 8:43PM
i beat this game n i also like it. do u know what is the song of the first level
Feb 22 2008 4:22PM
omg....i cnt get past lyke the 3rd level!!! nooooo. lol!
Feb 20 2008 8:34PM
i LOVE this game it is so fun and it ttly has a have fun DAHAH!!!!
Feb 10 2008 10:41AM
I can't get past that big bullet thing!
Jan 7 2008 1:17AM
you have to hit forward to beat the boss. can't figure out how to kill him normally.
Jan 3 2008 9:48PM
this is easy cause i have super mario advance 2 and its pretty much the same thing.
Dec 21 2007 3:00PM
this game is O.K, but there is hardly has a point to it.
Dec 9 2007 11:37AM
i luv this i made it to the 20th level
Nov 12 2007 4:21PM
i love this game i made it to the 19th level but i cant get past it yet :)
Nov 8 2007 7:22AM
lol, cool, whataver, nevermind,
Nov 3 2007 3:10PM
Oct 7 2007 12:54AM
u cant get tht far
Sep 17 2007 12:19PM
is there any levels past the boss
Sep 10 2007 8:45PM
Aug 29 2007 2:03PM
me too
Jul 18 2007 12:05AM
i llllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this game