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Mar 23 2013 8:23PM
I made him have a snapback and make him sag
Oct 19 2012 5:44PM
go to
Oct 19 2012 5:43PM
i made him look like a hipi with an afro.
Jan 28 2012 12:52PM
he deserves to look stupid
Dec 23 2011 10:47PM
soo ****ing funny lol!!
Dec 22 2011 4:27PM
Jul 31 2011 4:04PM
i wasn't being sarcastic i just made him look funny
Jul 31 2011 4:04PM
Jun 12 2011 5:44PM
i maed mine and he lookad so ridiculous ....... L:P L
May 11 2011 7:13PM
May 11 2011 7:12PM
( i dont know so thats why im assing you about it)
May 11 2011 7:11PM
high pplz play this game and im high, so guess what?
Mar 6 2011 7:48PM
Jan 30 2011 4:16PM
i made him look like a nerd rapper lol
Jan 15 2011 11:25PM
Funny game. Btw everyone has a legal right to say whatever they want. If you don't like it just ignore it.
Jan 5 2011 10:43PM
i made him look spicy no jk!
Sep 11 2010 12:56PM
Why, would we chose this guy as a president look at him! hes pretty bad one.haha
Sep 7 2010 6:41PM
I made him gayyyyyyy!!!!!! Funnnyyy!
Jul 2 2010 1:59AM
love it!!!
May 3 2010 4:59PM
Mar 2 2010 4:21PM
this game is stupid.
Feb 16 2010 9:02PM
i made mafia barack :-)
Feb 16 2010 7:26PM
this game is funny
Feb 13 2010 6:47PM
Feb 13 2010 6:47PM
you know what if you dont like the game then dont play it dang every body says its gay well if its gay then dont commet if its gay then why do you havet to comment on it just shut up if its gay
Feb 4 2010 11:55PM
Feb 2 2010 12:17PM
the jucy swetter fits him
Jan 31 2010 11:03AM
Jan 21 2010 1:52PM
lol :D :-* :)
Jan 21 2010 1:51PM
what do u cal this game it's for fu**ing feaks
Dec 30 2009 6:49PM
since when did obama become gay 5/5 lol
Dec 11 2009 11:53PM
i made him look gay lol
Nov 18 2009 4:48PM
i made him look gay but i was to late
Oct 27 2009 6:33PM
look at my obama with a afro abov is the code
Oct 18 2009 11:15AM
i made him egyptician
Sep 3 2009 2:04PM
he looks so funny LOL :P :D :) B)
Aug 24 2009 1:14PM
awsome he looks like a alien hahahahahaha wid a tuc
Aug 24 2009 10:04AM
lol, thats not a very nie game =[
Aug 19 2009 7:11PM
No Kasey you r actulay
Aug 18 2009 10:58AM
I made obama look better then he ever will in his life
Aug 15 2009 9:43PM
yall just mad cuz mccain didnt win bichesssss
Aug 15 2009 4:27AM
Down with Canadians.
Aug 7 2009 8:08PM
he is already a gay faggot.......haha
Aug 4 2009 1:32PM
i hate the usa & obama (stupid americans) ^ ^
Jul 24 2009 4:19PM
i made him a gay faggot
Jul 21 2009 5:05PM
he is himself with no clothes
Jul 17 2009 10:27PM
i made him look like mr happy, erm gay.
Jul 16 2009 1:10AM
i made brock look like a freaky bad dresing jock
Jul 15 2009 1:18AM
hes an african gangsta
Jul 14 2009 1:05PM
i made mine bob marley
Jul 12 2009 8:45AM
toatally weirdo hippy!!!!!
Jul 6 2009 8:33PM
lol he's a gangsta
Jul 2 2009 12:00PM
Jun 21 2009 3:47PM
i dressed him to look like a girl
May 26 2009 2:24PM
opama fo yo mama hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! funney
May 16 2009 4:32PM
i made him look like a crazy wierdo
Apr 18 2009 4:44PM
i made him look weard
Mar 18 2009 12:14PM
I like bracke but i dont like him as a president! He was friends with the people who did the 9/11. So i dont like him. I miss bush!
Feb 6 2009 7:19PM
Hotty boy, and I say this with all respect, YOU NEED TO SHUT THE **** UP!!!
Jan 24 2009 1:14PM
he's our new president, people, so show him some respect. he'll be better then bush! :-D
Jan 20 2009 10:05PM
Jan 20 2009 4:04PM
usually ppl call him obama
Jan 19 2009 12:31PM
i made him look like a presindent
Jan 19 2009 10:09AM
op jfjfkjljdfh barack ombama sucks BOO
Jan 3 2009 1:23AM
Dec 24 2008 1:40PM
i made him look like a happy crackhead. HA-HA!!!
Dec 11 2008 4:14PM
its fun dressing up the presid
Dec 4 2008 5:06PM
lol snowman yours is cool : )
Dec 2 2008 7:11PM
Nov 30 2008 4:12PM
Nov 28 2008 2:19PM
i wish i could remember tha
Nov 23 2008 2:32PM
u don't want to c wat i made him look like ITs A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 8 2008 8:18PM
Rey Mysterio with boxing gloves, basketball jersey, and bunny slippers. He looks like an ass. He already is an ass. but he got elected and my mom is moving to Canada. SUX ASS!!!
Nov 7 2008 10:35PM
i made him look stupid its awsome bcuz im gonna b honest i really dont like him -.-
Oct 11 2008 10:33AM
wish i could copy mi code for ya'll
Oct 5 2008 10:10AM
Sep 27 2008 8:18AM
its rey mysterio!!!!!!!!!1
Aug 30 2008 7:54PM
i gave him an afrow and basketball jersey-LOL, i don't like him, but i'm praying he gets elected!!!
Aug 27 2008 6:46AM
its ok lol but it is runish
Aug 20 2008 8:42PM
i hate obama
Aug 20 2008 1:20PM
i made him look like a alian
Aug 9 2008 2:31AM
me 2 miley :D
Aug 8 2008 3:44PM
I made him look cool
Jul 11 2008 12:24AM
i made him gay!!!!!!!
Jul 3 2008 5:09PM
i hope barack wins!!!!
Jul 3 2008 4:52PM
i made him a gangster
Jun 27 2008 2:54AM
if it was jimmy carter i would know why
Jun 18 2008 4:20PM
this is so fun i hate him he is a raciest that hates amirica and black people vote 4 him cuz hes black thats it
Jun 1 2008 2:21PM
wth did sum1 create such a crap game
May 30 2008 6:39PM
why is their a game that ridicules our next president?
Apr 20 2008 12:37PM
what the fcuk is wrong with people theses day
Mar 21 2008 10:42PM
Mar 1 2008 2:51PM
dis game is to much for my man
Feb 15 2008 4:00PM
Dec 10 2007 8:48PM
he has officaly been pimped