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Nov 30 2010 7:12PM
What eyelash thing ? The ones you drag on ?
Mar 25 2010 6:29PM
The eyelash thin makes her look EMO! i lobe it!
Feb 19 2010 7:30PM
That eyelsh thing is awesome! okay game
Feb 11 2010 11:39AM
put all of hte eyelashes on her but put all the black ones on top, it looks really cool, anyway, game - 0/10
Dec 19 2009 12:30PM
she has a nose, you just gotta look close
Sep 20 2009 12:40PM
Sep 19 2009 8:09PM
ugly clothes :P
Jul 22 2009 1:24AM
**** **** ****
Jul 22 2009 1:23AM
**** who ever likes this game
Jul 22 2009 1:21AM
the b****h is so ugly her one mama sead tht she is not her kid just like tressa cardenelly
May 17 2009 8:42PM
she look like a muddy pig .........duh shes a ugly!!!!duh.........
Apr 26 2009 6:53PM
thats not nice i really dont like this game sorry though i just dont eally like dress up gamesw and you dont look like a pig she is just being rude she didn even comment what and ass hole/ b****
i kniow they arenothing alike i meant that she is both i just didnt want to put AND LOL
Mar 23 2009 10:39PM
Eww you look like a pig.
Oct 5 2008 8:23PM
i hate dress up games! ewwww she looks like a pig!
Aug 14 2008 9:38AM
I like this game, my fav. jewelry is the apple, But, its another weird title like dark brown eyes.
Jun 14 2008 11:14PM
Cute clothes <3
May 27 2008 7:46PM
ah oh eh its ok 4 a monkey! just playin its cute!
May 18 2008 2:04PM
kute i think?
Mar 27 2008 7:30AM
it is so much fun
Feb 24 2008 3:34PM
Jan 5 2008 11:39AM
this game is so cute
Jan 1 2008 1:01PM
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