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Sep 27 2010 9:26PM
i mean brendon alan t. carroll
Sep 27 2010 9:26PM
i made the top 100.My initals are actually lie!brendon t. carroll
May 26 2010 8:35PM
3/5 too easy finish the game in 2 minutes.
Dec 14 2009 8:45AM
stupid game tetris is even beter than this
Nov 14 2009 10:11AM
batwomen is hot but the game suck
Aug 8 2009 10:35AM
hold up fags now this GAME is gay BATMAN kicks ass
Jul 16 2009 2:58PM
well it does suck but the anwser who the real batwomen is actually 3 new chicks in one batwomen a rich chick named kathy (her father is a gangster and her mother died by standing right next to him) she was pissed at her father so ya and another chick named Roxane her bf is in jail bcz he was framed by the peguin and the last chick is a new cop who is bullock's (the fatt ass) partner she and her parents had bought a store and a villain named rupert thorn torched it almost killed the chick and ya they pared up and there villains teamed up and kathy's father was almost killed by Bane good movie
Jun 23 2009 5:21PM
this game is gay
Feb 20 2009 7:34PM
i wanna cut batmans head off
Feb 16 2009 8:20PM
batman sucks
Feb 14 2009 2:42PM
Dec 27 2008 11:17PM
na na na na na na na na batman!!!!!!
Dec 27 2008 5:34PM
-.0 very suckish
Sep 5 2008 6:47PM
Aug 7 2008 7:29AM
it suck ****
Aug 6 2008 8:37AM
It's barely okay but it doesn't even beat up the guys properly so that sucks but it's cool how he uses his bat rope to get up the buildings
Jul 25 2008 8:46AM
im a really big batman fan but geez that game sux
Jul 20 2008 3:11PM
suck !!!!!!
Jun 21 2008 2:45PM
Jun 20 2008 5:54PM
May 11 2008 11:43PM
i would say its gay ut based on other peoples comments is suxs
Mar 18 2008 8:04PM
sux so much
Mar 14 2008 7:19AM