by Toccuma

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Mar 13 2013 6:38PM
lesbian sex me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Jul 22 2010 1:46PM
lol linoinfan42 whoever has the profile pic is gay.....
Feb 22 2010 7:30PM
worst game ever
Dec 24 2009 9:19PM
The only part I found that was somewhat unrelated to bunnys that I liked was the Regenerators(I hate them because they scared the crap out of me and they are almost impossible to kill, yes I played Resident Evil 4.)
Dec 20 2009 6:54AM
Since when could games like men?
Sep 9 2009 11:52PM
1 word 3 letters G A Y
Aug 2 2009 1:13PM
Jul 16 2009 4:00PM
****ING GAY!!!
Jun 27 2009 11:47PM
GAY 1000/0
May 25 2009 9:40PM
Jan 19 2009 4:59PM
this game sucks my |) | ( K it also has G-Virus that doesnt kill and nemises hes watch too many residents evil probably couldnt afford residents evil degeneration to know that G-virus doesnt grow that many eyes and hesitates to kill its enemie and Nemises has to shoot atleast
Nov 21 2008 4:28PM
sucks ....1....
Jul 14 2008 1:26AM
hehe wii
Jul 2 2008 8:14PM
got rlly far then died
Jun 10 2008 10:09AM