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Aug 6 2011 4:45PM
this game is o.k
May 5 2011 4:32PM
its dumb
Dec 27 2010 4:32PM
i cant get passed practice it sucks
Nov 28 2010 9:49PM
this game is ****ing worse than sonic06
Jul 6 2010 12:24AM
it sucks
Jun 30 2010 1:10PM
I love and hate this game at the same time but it's so confusing
Jun 25 2010 5:32PM
i lve this game
Feb 20 2010 12:04PM
this game is fukin gay
Feb 5 2010 11:07PM
i love this game soo much
Jan 11 2010 2:57PM
It Takes Ages To Load..
Dec 30 2009 6:46PM
damn it i can only make it 2 the fourth level!!!!!!
Nov 15 2009 9:30PM
i can only get pass practice
Oct 25 2009 8:28AM
stupid,dumb,idiotic, and creepy.if you are reading this youll be thinking what im thinking.
Oct 15 2009 4:33PM
WOW Thats Kinda Hard
Oct 3 2009 4:38PM
this game is kinda hard
Aug 26 2009 1:32AM
this is really hard i love it! XD
Aug 11 2009 3:26PM
lol very good fun but challenging
Jun 26 2009 12:36AM
this is so hard!
May 4 2009 7:22PM
b3t it th3 first tim3 what know....
Apr 15 2009 8:31PM
its kinda hard....kinda
Apr 12 2009 9:14AM
eh good but kind of hard.i give it a 3/5.
Apr 7 2009 6:35PM
I already beat the WHOLE game!!!!!!
It is SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 25 2009 6:48PM
Dec 31 2008 10:27AM
too easy it sucks!!!
Sep 25 2008 2:29PM
dis game is ok but it could be better.
Sep 24 2008 6:08PM
this game is so gay. it sucks too
Aug 15 2008 11:27AM
this game is easy and fun but sometimes it can give u a chalange!
Jul 23 2008 12:06PM
Awsome game but the level with the fuel leak is really hard.
Jul 11 2008 12:03PM
Jul 10 2008 12:19PM
dis game iz fun
Jun 24 2008 8:16AM
omfg i only got to lvl 3 and then i stopped
Jun 19 2008 5:58PM
Dolla Dolla Who the ***** is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 12 2008 2:50PM
man this game is cool!
May 25 2008 10:18AM
y can't i play this stupid game!!!!!!!!? dumb as H E double hocky sticks.
May 17 2008 8:19PM
i do hate
May 17 2008 8:19PM
i hit a bottle and the weak ass police heli on me dats ****kkkin dumb az hell **** dis game
May 12 2008 4:16PM
u peple are crazy this game SUCKS!
Mar 31 2008 6:11PM
it cool <3
Mar 22 2008 1:26AM
i love it a little hard but i love it is on my page if yall wont to play it
Jan 24 2008 9:01PM
i love this game
Jan 21 2008 7:41PM
i love this game
Dec 30 2007 10:40AM
i love this game kinda easy and kinda hard but it is still fun though
Nov 20 2007 6:11PM
i hate this game 2 hard
Oct 13 2007 11:54PM
its so hard man
Aug 17 2007 4:40PM
this game is hard
Aug 13 2007 5:02PM
i love this game so don't hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!