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May 5 2011 12:04PM
its ite
Jul 20 2010 3:05PM
best game ever!!!
Sep 4 2009 9:35PM
never mind i figuerd it out (the smily face prob) and this game is bad
Sep 3 2009 4:52PM
i guess the games ok i wouldnt play it again though and also how do ppl make little smilly things i dont know how =(
Feb 15 2009 5:04PM
KOOL, but kind of annoying when you hit the walls..
Nov 3 2008 11:07PM
2nd comment on that last one
Nov 3 2008 11:06PM
one word rubbish
Jun 24 2008 2:59PM
!!!!!OH YEAH 1ST COMMENT!!!!! Awsome game it totaly blows my mind!I love the jets!