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Aug 7 2011 10:48PM
Ayee add me
Apr 12 2010 9:24PM
Awesome game to play.
Aug 29 2009 12:34PM
dis game go hard
Aug 27 2009 1:41PM
best game yet
Jul 20 2009 11:04AM
the grannys gun is ace
Jun 14 2009 3:09PM
the game was cool
Jun 1 2009 10:16PM
kool game
May 25 2009 7:52PM
This game didn't work for me but it's still on my favorites list.
May 20 2009 4:54PM
i like this game i can't stop playin it.
(happy that nobody got excited over having the first comment because it is really stupid)
Mar 31 2009 3:10PM
wow the girl was shaking like she was going to die
Mar 30 2009 3:45PM
this is the best game in the world
Jan 19 2009 12:20AM
bush is better in the games.XD
Dec 31 2008 7:12PM
pretty coo
Dec 31 2008 4:25PM
diz games is fun and easy
Dec 23 2008 10:16AM
ill add u tjmac145
and this game is beast
Dec 18 2008 9:40PM
this game rocks and if anybody wants 2 add me my name is tjmac145
Nov 4 2008 4:47PM
its to easy i beat it on my 1st trie
Oct 13 2008 1:24PM
Aug 3 2008 11:29AM
its an awesome shoot em up game, too bad its bush
Jul 21 2008 1:16PM
..... cool?
Jul 18 2008 12:36PM
bush sucks the game is fun but not when bush is shooting hes a little girl in real life he keeps giving billions an billions to the war when we really dont even need to be in the war he could be giving that money to people that really need makes me soo mad!
Jul 5 2008 3:02AM
rule britania britania rules the waves i completed it suck on that
Jun 15 2008 9:54PM
it sucks add me
Mar 20 2008 2:36PM
I ts easy
Feb 7 2008 7:41PM
its dum
Sep 29 2007 9:16AM
**** u hobos
Aug 16 2007 12:22AM
thats stuiped game bull
Jul 27 2007 4:33PM
i have no clue
Jul 17 2007 4:56PM
How do you kill the last terroist?