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Oct 11 2013 8:41AM
did any one call first comment. Well if not first comment. also this game is fun until level 5
Jan 11 2013 9:35PM
I suck at this. Lol.
Dec 25 2012 3:59PM
ooohhhhhhhhh 8:16. like a boss
Dec 27 2011 1:27AM
Love this game!!
Jul 29 2011 10:28PM
just got 6:17 beat that
May 1 2011 7:40PM
super fun game :D
Apr 28 2011 3:30PM
7:11 beat that =D
Mar 19 2011 3:38PM
Mar 3 2011 3:54PM
08:06 anybody done better than that?
Jan 16 2011 5:43PM
But dose get very boring!
Jan 16 2011 5:43PM
This game is so much fun!!
Dec 23 2010 5:04PM
is it just me or does this game get kinda boring after a while?
Dec 14 2010 8:47PM
well ive beat it like 1,000 times literally :)
Oct 31 2010 5:52AM
total time exactly 10:00 cool huh?
add me please or send me a bored.
Oct 30 2010 9:45PM
beated it with only the bike
Aug 19 2010 5:00AM
i can't take it
Aug 3 2010 3:12PM
Made It In 7:13
Aug 2 2010 10:08PM
Best Bike Game Ever!!!! :D
Jul 18 2010 5:25PM
just use the atv most of da time
May 16 2010 6:38PM
atv on level 3
Apr 10 2010 7:08PM
Apr 10 2010 7:08PM
I LOVE this gaaame. :)
My best score is 10:11.
This is the most adicting game eveeer!
Apr 7 2010 6:49PM
i think thiz iz a great game(:
Mar 19 2010 9:45AM
Yall are wrong wen yall comment on runescape its the best online game ever!!!My name on there is freefly44 add me!
Mar 4 2010 4:40PM
motorcycle ftw
oh and try to keep one wheel on the ground with the motorcycle
Feb 7 2010 3:37PM
i used the motorcycle for every level and in less than 6 minutes
Feb 6 2010 11:51AM
Bull@#$^ I can go through the levels just using the dirtbikes.
Jan 15 2010 6:09AM
hi everyone i really like this game i and i will share some of my tips to you..

*use the Quad (atv) it has more balance and control
the dirtbike is fast but very bouncey make you unstable and fall

*keep the green atv bike until you beat round 12 and get the new atv bike (it is very good :D )

you can beat it easy this way trust me i have !!! XD

if you liked this help become my friend or if your to shy become a fan , also ill be happy to chat with anyone as well!!
Jan 9 2010 6:33PM
games tougth
Dec 21 2009 5:36PM
i beat it
Dec 14 2009 10:23PM
i love this game!!! =)
add me
message me
etc. =)
Dec 12 2009 5:13PM
beated the hole game add meh!
Dec 6 2009 3:58PM
i beat this game it kindasucks
Dec 3 2009 8:06PM
wish they made 2nd game better still 9.5/10
Nov 23 2009 3:30PM
I can't get past level 3! It's hard and fun.
Nov 4 2009 1:16AM
lol my lowest score is 3:36 fun game tho
Oct 31 2009 4:52PM
I rock yall are losers! FREAK-O-THONGS! I hate everybody on here this is my website! MINE MINE MINE!
Oct 30 2009 7:11PM
got to level 6 and then got bored of it so I gave up!!
Oct 11 2009 5:59PM
i beat this game it was fun
Oct 10 2009 10:25PM
I Just had like the best burp ever!!!
Sep 22 2009 5:25PM
Sep 19 2009 5:28PM
Aug 24 2009 2:11PM
really boring
Aug 22 2009 10:25AM
love it
Aug 21 2009 2:33PM
ehhh.. not so great
Aug 4 2009 7:15PM
To Easy i finished in 10:16sec
Aug 3 2009 10:18AM
too easy. and a little gay
Aug 1 2009 4:12PM
Jul 27 2009 1:25PM
hey come and play with me!
Jul 26 2009 10:34PM
Jul 24 2009 12:27AM
So boring.
Jul 16 2009 4:44PM
its bad
Jul 15 2009 4:59AM
Thats not a ATV that a lwan mower
Jul 7 2009 9:37PM
dis game gay you crash if you dont press forward or back
Jul 6 2009 12:15AM
Jul 6 2009 12:08AM
good thing the mute button is there.. the music is horrible. the game is okay. 3/5
Jun 28 2009 8:19PM
dis game is fun..... mii time was 5:30
Jun 18 2009 6:52PM
i really really really really really love this game
Jun 7 2009 1:06PM
lol i beat the game under 5 minutes so easy
Jun 2 2009 7:07PM
can anybody (except me) beat the game in under 6 minutes???
May 19 2009 8:59PM
i beat the whole game
May 15 2009 5:34PM
i got 6:34
May 6 2009 6:38PM
i love the game from the woods to the farm to the houses to the streets its awesome finished it in 16:34 5/5
Apr 27 2009 3:23PM
fun fun fun awsome 5/5
Apr 17 2009 3:11PM
AWESOME!!!!! add me anyone!
Apr 11 2009 3:17PM
AWESOME!!!!!!!its cool :]
Apr 3 2009 7:49AM
stop f***** sayin kool!!!!
Apr 3 2009 1:49AM
Mar 25 2009 4:27PM
thisis gay
Mar 21 2009 6:07PM
first level in 12 second =D
Mar 12 2009 2:10PM
f ukin jesus buddy stop sayin kool u b*tch muther f*cker
Mar 10 2009 4:26PM
This game is hard but fun!
Feb 24 2009 5:28PM
fun game 4/5
Feb 18 2009 3:59PM
i luv this gameits so addictive. Igive this game a 5
Feb 17 2009 8:46PM
to much kool
Feb 15 2009 1:37PM
its the best eva
Feb 13 2009 5:40AM
I win all the time
Feb 2 2009 2:42PM
second time i beat it =)
Jan 24 2009 3:28PM

Jan 15 2009 12:15AM
it was so easy i beat
Dec 24 2008 10:34AM
It's so easy that I beat it twice daily and 4 or 5 times I even beat it under 6 minutes. Even though it's really easy it's also fun. If it wasn't fun I wouldn't beat it twice daily!
Dec 23 2008 11:52AM
fun but easy
Dec 14 2008 10:09AM
to easy
Nov 28 2008 12:32PM
Nov 28 2008 11:23AM
i finished the whole game in 2
Nov 23 2008 10:49PM
how many levels are there?
Nov 13 2008 11:32AM
i beat all of the levels
Nov 8 2008 1:16PM
fun and kinda hard, cool game though
Oct 18 2008 2:15PM
fun easy and dirt bike is best
Oct 12 2008 10:02PM
not bad
Oct 8 2008 6:05PM
fun but easy
Oct 5 2008 10:23AM
my real name is jodie and im looking for my first friend. hazta be a girl, teanager, and dont swear thanx
Aug 31 2008 5:23PM
i got every vehicle
Jul 26 2008 11:09PM
Fun Game!!!
Jul 18 2008 3:08PM
Took me long, but i beat it in 24:19
Jul 15 2008 7:28PM
i won by going as fast as i could and going back at some times and if u press s atthe start u win with lik 10,000.000 points.
Jul 12 2008 4:17PM
ths was the most addicting game i ever played but after i beat it i didnt really play it any more
Jul 5 2008 12:30AM
this ****ing game is kool!!!!!!!!
Jun 23 2008 8:02PM
f***en gay
Jun 16 2008 9:16PM
i play runescape too!
Jun 10 2008 9:18PM
Jun 8 2008 10:33AM
i beat the game
Jun 8 2008 12:31AM
its fun the hardest lvl is lvl 5 i beat it but its fun p.s. runescape rocks!
Jun 5 2008 12:45AM
Jun 1 2008 9:03PM
Cutiepie1,i do to
Jun 1 2008 9:02PM
I beat it 17 times, it rocks
Jun 1 2008 4:05PM
iits ok
May 28 2008 3:43PM
i mean this game sucks d*** & ass
May 28 2008 3:42PM
this suck **** & ass
May 23 2008 10:36PM
this rocks
May 19 2008 3:39AM
You've performed all the tasks!
Level time: 0:39
Total time: 14:50
Score: 2988

High Score: 33#
May 11 2008 9:34PM
May 11 2008 2:14PM
runescape stinks
May 9 2008 9:47PM
this game is lame fuvking hell!!
Mar 8 2008 6:17PM
i play runescape!!!!!
Feb 27 2008 7:14PM
i wondeded it
Feb 16 2008 11:56AM
this game is sooooo easy i just beat it in like 5 min lol
Feb 16 2008 11:45AM
i beat lvl 5 it so easy rofl lvl 10 is hard tho if u ppl ever get there lol
Feb 3 2008 6:40PM
i love it i am on only level 5
Jan 20 2008 1:32AM
Jan 11 2008 11:55PM
Dec 22 2007 11:51AM
and level 5 is just so bad. this game sucks. don't waste your time with it
Dec 22 2007 11:43AM
physics are horrible which basically makes the game horrible. im riding on flat ground and all of a sudden the guy does a random frontflip. i give it a 2
Dec 5 2007 7:46PM
o love this game its like the only game i play its not immposible but its not easy and u never no when ur goin 2 die
Nov 26 2007 7:08PM
i can't figure out level 5!! gglz
Nov 22 2007 9:13PM
1. kool game
2. on level 5 i found a glitch with the ATV and the tractor and it looked like humping, lol
Nov 22 2007 7:01PM
wow this game is really fun!!!!!!!! i wish you could do that in real life(like ride up a tractor on a dirt bike) how fun would that be!!!!!
Nov 22 2007 2:10PM
i like this game i actually get past level 1!!! gglz
Nov 21 2007 10:09PM
i used to think thisd game sucked and blowed but now i think it roolz
p.s. runescape sucks
Nov 4 2007 8:06PM
i wish the cow that we ride on will get smushed and die!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 23 2007 4:43PM
wtf i already beat this game!
Sep 22 2007 8:56PM
i got 2 level 15
Sep 12 2007 6:29PM
best game on this site, it's on my top
Sep 10 2007 9:36PM
i mean game
Sep 10 2007 9:36PM
tight gane
Sep 8 2007 11:42PM
RUNESCAPE IS FOR FAGS, and this game is tight
Sep 8 2007 5:38PM
who plays runescape?
Aug 24 2007 8:59AM
Aug 9 2007 8:52AM
Aug 8 2007 3:57PM
Aug 5 2007 9:15AM
i like on that 1 level when you drive on the cow lol
Aug 2 2007 8:13PM
its so adicting
Jun 19 2007 2:43AM
its soooooooooo cool. i would go on it every day if i could!!!
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