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Dec 30 2010 12:18AM
what a dumb game
Dec 30 2010 12:16AM
it stinks
Dec 31 2009 2:19PM
its kinda fun
Oct 30 2009 12:24PM
wow that a wast of time i want my 10 min back to lol :p
May 15 2009 11:01PM
i want 10 minutes of my life back this is bull me bite me i love u santa =).
Jan 1 2009 4:53PM
this is boring
Dec 31 2008 9:53PM
bull s***
Dec 26 2008 12:30PM
thats alot of moving for little people lol omg
Dec 23 2008 6:56PM
Dec 3 2008 3:58PM
this game maks no sens at al a
Nov 4 2008 2:50PM
too boring it needs more fun and h@ppyness
Nov 1 2008 6:48PM
Jun 8 2008 6:51PM
this game is so boring
Feb 29 2008 10:30PM
it ok. all u do is hire all but one elf, swap thm an rst em. tke care of ventilation too.ezpz
Feb 3 2008 2:10PM
I don't even get this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that your only suppose to hire elves!!!!!
Jan 21 2008 10:45PM
its ok
Dec 27 2007 6:35PM
This game is crazy
Dec 26 2007 10:02AM
This game is hrobble!