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Jan 9 2019 1:53AM
I made his neck long
Aug 18 2012 1:32PM
Apr 12 2012 5:25PM
laughing my ass off
Apr 12 2012 5:25PM
****ed up
Apr 12 2012 5:25PM
i made him have tits and i turned his thumbs into 2 cocks
Dec 18 2011 1:38PM
he looks like he could excersize some time after i am done with him
Oct 30 2011 6:20PM
I warped it to where he had a huge afro, i streached out his cheaks, made him fat, and warped his thumbs
Jun 15 2011 6:51PM
hahahaha i made his head below his shoulders
Feb 9 2011 9:04PM
I made him have a small head lol
Jan 2 2011 5:43PM
Dec 28 2010 10:19PM
first comment nobody called it
Dec 28 2010 3:32PM
he looks better as bruno
Dec 23 2010 3:23PM
LOL SEXYCAR4LIFE me to, and i saw the movie
Nov 4 2010 9:50PM
i made him look like Katt Williams OMG
Sep 8 2010 8:32PM
all the othe warp games r better. dont waist ur time!
Sep 8 2010 8:32PM
this sukes!
Sep 8 2010 8:32PM
Jul 11 2010 2:52PM
i made him so he looked like he was checkin a hot chick out!
Jun 19 2010 6:20PM
how come the warp your own picture dosnt work
Jun 3 2010 8:38AM
i saw the first 2 minutes of this movie and it ws SO pathetic,they dont have words 4 it.
Apr 17 2010 12:00AM
lolipops lol
Feb 23 2010 9:50AM
i made him with 4 hands
Feb 21 2010 12:17AM
I am Borat!
Feb 15 2010 8:55AM
THis game wasnt very fun, but the Borat movies are hilarious! :)
Jan 25 2010 8:55PM
i made him look like hannah montanna vagina^^
Nov 2 2009 11:09PM
i made him have an extra mouth
Oct 29 2009 5:06PM
i made him look like elvis lol
Oct 25 2009 5:26PM
i made him have a worm thumbon the other thumb he has three
Sep 20 2009 4:28PM
that wasn't very fun/funny
Sep 17 2009 10:23PM
i made him ave a bullet hole in his stomach
Sep 4 2009 10:53AM
I made him have devil horns
Aug 29 2009 3:58PM
I made him look like photo soup.IM SO BORED.:(
Aug 29 2009 1:41PM
i made him have 16 heads
Aug 10 2009 10:06PM
i made his thubs look like a ****
Aug 8 2009 6:29AM
I made him Obese :p
Jul 29 2009 2:31PM
lol i gave him boobies
Jul 7 2009 10:28PM
this is a lame game
Jul 7 2009 1:27PM
1 of the funnest games i,v ever played
Jul 1 2009 2:08PM
LOL I made him have an alean head
Jun 24 2009 3:46PM
lol, funny
Jun 17 2009 10:00AM
games pretty cool
Jun 16 2009 12:07PM
this gome is so cooland funny to lol !!!!!
Jun 14 2009 7:11PM
I made him have 3 heads!!!!!
May 13 2009 8:54PM
i made him look fat
Apr 23 2009 5:08PM
I made him look like a ****in giraff
Apr 14 2009 12:14PM
Apr 6 2009 6:44PM
Mar 23 2009 7:22PM
30th comment
i made his mustashe his a
Mar 15 2009 2:02PM
i made him look like he had a baby lol this is rated 5/5 :D
Jan 29 2009 1:33AM
haha i made his face curve so much... lol im so boreed... add me if u want please
Jan 25 2009 12:08PM
Is that Adam Sandler?
Jan 25 2009 12:09AM
i made him look
really ugly
wait.......he is ugly lol
Yeah but this game is kool
100/100% lol
Jan 19 2009 5:59PM
Jan 8 2009 8:25PM
i warped his thumbs to make him look like he got sum kinmda DESEASE
Jan 1 2009 6:16PM
Wow werd but fun.
Dec 15 2008 12:38PM
its is ice to eet u lol
Nov 6 2008 6:18PM
dats very niiice!!! lol!!
Nov 3 2008 8:36AM
i like borat....the movie is funny
Oct 11 2008 2:49PM
i thought that was aws ome
Oct 1 2008 6:15PM
i wish i could do that to my LA/science teacher!!!
Sep 4 2008 7:30PM
i wish that i could do that to my L.A teacher!!!
Aug 15 2008 11:19PM
Aug 15 2008 11:57AM
funny game but boring but borat is well cool!
Jul 30 2008 2:27PM
i love it
Jul 25 2008 1:05PM
Jul 25 2008 12:37AM
go borat
Jun 16 2008 2:17PM
its fun but its not that fun but borat is cool
Jun 12 2008 8:53AM
it kinda a good game and a lot of bad game...all ya doing to like wrigging ur mouse.
Jun 9 2008 12:31PM
this game is ****ing noobish
Jun 9 2008 12:31PM
he sux
Jun 9 2008 12:31PM
rofl borat!!!
Mar 19 2008 4:05PM
oh i was crying with laughter at the movie espeacily when he says
" I could not concentrate on what this old man was saying" when he was at a feminist group
Feb 17 2008 10:15PM
lol i wish i could do tht 2 ms becker (social studies) old hag
Dec 2 2007 6:08PM
u have to see the movie
Oct 30 2007 6:18PM
Jul 17 2007 2:25PM