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Aug 19 2010 4:09PM
Sorry guys but I really think this game could be better.
Nov 22 2009 11:42PM
my faveret cheat is iamthemaster try it out and see y
Oct 18 2009 12:35AM
i love this gme not:(
Oct 18 2009 12:35AM
i hte this games countrls but u got to admit its preety funny to hit somene
:) :)
Aug 15 2009 6:38PM
if u wanna chalenge the master (me)get the hell over u son of a b**** or b****
Aug 15 2009 6:37PM
whassup go on it is so cool (if ur a boy)
Jun 20 2009 4:15AM
yo this game is tight!!!!
May 29 2009 10:58AM
W00T!! great game 4/5---7th comment
Jan 2 2009 10:02AM
Very challenging, but it tottally rocks!!!
Aug 30 2008 10:30PM
this game is awsome!!!i luv all 3
Aug 8 2008 10:14AM
Dude I love this game I even played the 3rd and 1st one
Jul 2 2008 4:44PM
Apr 19 2008 1:20PM
Aug 17 2007 10:01AM
o ur bloody for my shots,so bloody for my shots so bloody yeah...
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