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Mar 28 2018 8:23AM
Apr 8 2017 1:11PM
Sep 25 2014 11:49AM
LOL I DID A FUNNY THING HERE I LOLED SO HARD XD plz favorite this game it's epic :)
Nov 29 2013 8:26AM
this game is epic
Nov 11 2013 4:26AM
cpu is really easy on hard mode
Nov 9 2013 4:00AM
I hate CPU mode.Still trying to beat it
Aug 2 2013 9:38AM
CPU Mode is HARD >:( I never beat one before.. UGH
Jun 21 2013 7:13AM
this game sucks d*cks
Jun 2 2013 3:31PM
this game sucks balls you make everyone give out cheats so they can win morons!
Apr 4 2013 5:41PM
i<3 this game
Feb 9 2013 12:38AM
games really fun to play
Dec 28 2012 5:28PM
This game is boring you always win
Dec 8 2012 6:11PM
Sep 3 2012 10:03AM
I love this game!!!!!!!!!
Aug 3 2012 4:04PM
fun game!!! im hooked
Jul 12 2012 4:37PM
I pLaY tHiS gAmE tOo MuCh
Jul 5 2012 9:48AM
seriously a cant belive how easy this is
Jun 21 2012 5:35PM
but cool
Jun 21 2012 5:17PM
too easy
Jun 18 2012 5:53PM
cooool and awsome italy vs brazil i was italy an italy won
Jun 16 2012 10:48PM
sorry i didn't mean to say that this game sucks now it is actully not that bad
Jun 13 2012 4:48PM
May 5 2012 11:30AM
It works better if you shoot toward your own goal! You have more power! That's unfair.
Apr 8 2012 6:25PM
here's the black button .
Mar 14 2012 5:04PM
Ehh... haha i was the beatles playing against the rolling stones here are the cheats for the beatles (thEbeAtleS) and here is the code for the rolling stones (thERStoNes) Enjoy !! you can get the rest of the cheats at this website :)
Mar 6 2012 10:03PM
this game is awesome
Feb 29 2012 6:43PM
love it
Feb 26 2012 8:39PM
the holocaust is a lie
Jan 22 2012 9:03AM
it is a vary good game to play p.s i am not 35
Jan 7 2012 9:03PM
this game is so retarded. they put this on mostfungames it is not even fun so why is it on mostfungames
Dec 17 2011 1:12PM
Dec 2 2011 9:46PM
Nov 26 2011 1:08AM
OK Game! It's fun, but only for a little while. It's completely fun for little kids. I wouldn't add this to 'Favorites'
-Game Critic
Nov 20 2011 12:46AM
this game gets boring after a while but otherwise its fun
Nov 16 2011 10:12PM
i played the computer and lost 7 to 4
Nov 14 2011 9:36PM
where do u live
Nov 14 2011 8:53AM
how do u change your username
Nov 14 2011 8:51AM
Nov 10 2011 10:43PM
how do you play
Nov 10 2011 8:30PM
the cpus are so supid
Nov 1 2011 10:53AM
i really like this game because it is really cool:)
Oct 28 2011 5:23PM
Its easy and cheesy
Oct 23 2011 12:05AM
This game is the most Epic fail in my life like how many epic fails can you see in all your ages of life lol. Adam Wardle your so messed up that i have to call you an African Booty Scratcher im sorry but suprise!!! 0/5 :D
Sep 26 2011 7:10PM
this game is more F*cked up than Charlie Sheen:):)

0/5 EPIC........FAIL
Sep 5 2011 12:03PM
This game is confusing :(
Aug 24 2011 3:46AM
this games sucks balls
Aug 8 2011 10:52AM
i hate slash like this game <(^-^)> 3/5
Jul 18 2011 3:02PM
Jul 12 2011 2:51PM
=) <3
Jul 12 2011 2:50PM
Jul 7 2011 4:10PM
Why the hell do people say they like this game? Is it just me, or is the computer faster than you? If you want to play a good soccer game, go play FIFA
Jul 7 2011 4:05PM
This game is so ****ing dumb
Jun 6 2011 5:05PM
Jun 6 2011 2:45PM
this game will never get boring its so fun
Jun 5 2011 3:54PM
it is awesome
May 31 2011 11:16AM
its so easy
May 1 2011 3:53PM
this game is fuking fustrating but its good
Apr 29 2011 9:38AM
This game sucks bad!!!!
Apr 12 2011 4:14PM
very ggod game
Apr 3 2011 7:40PM
FOR CHEATS TYPE IN "thERStoNes" then go to player menu on top of the team picture and pick your character
Apr 3 2011 6:20PM
i think this game is good i mean it could get gay but it is pimp
Mar 21 2011 7:17PM
evreybody read this k

i emailed the mostfungames head services and asked if they could put a faacbook game they said ya if my profile has 6135551 views on my profile cause if you count thre letters in alphabet it will be facebook
Mar 18 2011 10:55PM
i can beat alllll yall in soccer! even in real life soccer
Mar 18 2011 8:04PM
Mar 6 2011 11:13AM
this gay sucks if the ball is on ur side then theres really no way to block it
Feb 15 2011 4:54PM
cool XD u get to play as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones XD
Feb 13 2011 4:19PM
i know the dumb german guy is........HITLER!!!!
Feb 7 2011 7:41PM
this is gayyyyyy
Feb 2 2011 5:33PM
i know its so gay
Jan 29 2011 12:26PM
Yeah.. He does look like Hitler.
Jan 26 2011 8:01PM
the dum german player looks like hitler
Jan 2 2011 1:51AM
Jan 2 2011 1:50AM
lol CheatMaster66 how do you cheat on this game because i want to kno how to cheat AND NOT MY LITTLE COUSIN SO REPLY AND I WONT READ NIT OUT LOUD
Jan 1 2011 2:32PM
pretty good.... though it gets boring when you play it alot , the only player i use is the fast guy in france. :I (o o)
p v p
Dec 27 2010 10:11PM
So Good
Dec 22 2010 1:31AM
This game is kinda good
Dec 18 2010 1:53PM
Dec 11 2010 9:18PM
THIS GAME IS AWESUM!!!! I added it 2 my favorites!
Nov 24 2010 5:58PM
Nov 20 2010 2:28PM
hi world
Nov 17 2010 12:53PM
Nov 16 2010 7:40PM
Nov 13 2010 8:48PM
this is a sick game
Nov 6 2010 2:15AM
classic game 4/5
Oct 27 2010 4:33PM
my friend showed me this game and when i started playing i couldnt stop THIS GAME IS AWESOME I LOVE IT btw i love the rolling stones team richards is my favorite player
Oct 22 2010 9:36AM
Oct 16 2010 5:31PM
omg i love soccer
Oct 9 2010 7:39PM
This game is so uberlyu stupid i mean i LOVE that i get to win but i mean my "oppenet" just sits there and luks stupid. i need some action. come on beeyotch
Oct 5 2010 8:37PM
Oct 5 2010 8:36PM
this is my favirot game
Sep 25 2010 3:38AM
it gets boring after a while of playing it my favourite cheats are flying and the team cheats
Sep 23 2010 8:33PM
cheats do work they r awesome you can get awesome teams like the beatles and the rolling stones =)
Sep 18 2010 4:35AM
I don't like it.
Sep 12 2010 9:27AM
i hate this dum ass game damn its ****ed u
Aug 31 2010 3:04PM
not bad game
Aug 23 2010 6:12PM
i love it
Aug 18 2010 12:31AM
very great
Aug 18 2010 12:29AM
I am so glad to have time to do this but im bout sick of this ****!

but its funn to do it keeps u iciipided
Aug 11 2010 4:43PM
this game rooks¡¡¡¡¡¡
Aug 8 2010 5:24PM
boring !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 31 2010 5:07PM
i dont really like it that much i thought it would much better
Jul 26 2010 11:44AM
dont do computer its easy if u do key bard u win atomaticly
Jul 2 2010 12:33PM
this game is bad :D
Jun 27 2010 8:19PM
Its a good game i like it but no USA
Jun 25 2010 7:33PM
whoever dosent like this game is gay
Jun 25 2010 7:32PM
i ried 2 put the cheatz in but tha dont work
Jun 25 2010 5:04PM
i just noticed that america is not in it
Jun 9 2010 2:07AM
1 on 1 soccer jaceb
Jun 8 2010 5:16PM
i know u can do it
just ask me one questin thats all u get
idc how sick or nasty or totaly wrong it is
send it to me in my inbox
May 31 2010 3:28PM
i keep scoring on my self!
May 26 2010 8:40PM
Great Game!!
May 23 2010 8:18AM
May 21 2010 12:13PM
May 17 2010 3:00PM
its not fun at all i mean the thought of 1 on 1 BORING.
May 11 2010 4:20PM
this game iz gay
May 2 2010 7:18PM
this game is fun
Apr 11 2010 2:56PM
my brother is playing this game
Apr 11 2010 2:54PM
this game rocks
Mar 3 2010 6:49PM
Feb 27 2010 5:08AM
i beat my freind at this game and now he is saying it rubish hoe sad
Feb 25 2010 3:16PM
IDK How tu play dhis!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 22 2010 11:49AM
i dont know why this game is so good
Feb 17 2010 7:33PM
i know the cheats for this game all of them.this game is easy.i played two player with my two at a time.
Feb 8 2010 11:47PM
i love this game i beat all the teams with holland
Feb 8 2010 7:58AM

every day i see my black neighbor walk up and down the street crying,because her husband was killed by a white man

if you hate racist people repost this 5 times you will have a miracle in the 3 days trust me thanks
Feb 7 2010 6:08PM
I won computer socks
Feb 7 2010 3:04PM
best game ever ibeat all the teams
Jan 31 2010 9:44PM
Jan 27 2010 7:44PM
easy i had 33 to his sorry but he had zip 0
Jan 27 2010 2:02PM
this is very easy !!!!! 5/5
Jan 25 2010 7:44AM
Jan 22 2010 10:10AM
englang 33-5 brazil
Jan 17 2010 1:13AM
i went to my favorites and i saw how many times i played this game : 714 times.
Jan 12 2010 10:42PM
man this game was ok but man real soccer is for ****ing gay b****es
Jan 11 2010 8:01PM
ez its funney they hit it with there nose
Jan 8 2010 7:10PM
Jan 8 2010 7:09PM
sh!t @$$ buttcheaks mother f****r
Jan 2 2010 1:10PM
it was good
Dec 21 2009 8:25PM
this game rock!!! ADD PLZ
Dec 20 2009 9:04PM
Dec 19 2009 11:33AM
awesome game. ADD ME
Dec 17 2009 5:20PM
awsome game!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 15 2009 5:04PM
awesome people add me im lonly -
Dec 13 2009 7:30PM
their heads distrube me
Dec 4 2009 7:01PM
BEST GAME EVER 1000000/10
Dec 4 2009 6:48AM
i like football and i support chelsea and england
Dec 3 2009 2:14PM
good game hard but fun ;)
Dec 1 2009 8:42PM
201 comment
Nov 29 2009 10:12PM
200th comment
Nov 28 2009 1:34PM
199th comment
Nov 28 2009 2:14AM
its alrite
Nov 25 2009 1:40PM
I think its a great and cool game! :-)
Nov 22 2009 12:54AM
29-3 england against brazil
Nov 20 2009 8:52AM
WTF man i cant even score!
Nov 15 2009 7:44PM
ali101 thats some funny S***
Nov 13 2009 10:55PM
really fun game
Nov 4 2009 6:35PM
dis game is easy XD
Oct 31 2009 9:42PM
man i wonder gow the hold up themselves. how can those little legs carry those big heads. but the game is cool
Oct 24 2009 4:32PM
its flippin hard you have to have real skill
Oct 17 2009 2:38PM
i dont like the fat heads but the games is awesome!
Oct 12 2009 3:19PM
im new add me and this games is kinda lame
Oct 9 2009 6:59PM
this game fuking rocks
Oct 8 2009 2:22PM
thats so fun game
Oct 4 2009 11:11AM
this game fuking rocks
Oct 3 2009 4:57PM
dis game is the bomb lol XD
Oct 3 2009 4:31PM
I love this game!!! its easy thats why! LOL!
Oct 2 2009 1:55PM
Sep 26 2009 3:32PM
nice game
Sep 25 2009 11:26PM
this is a ****ed up game the ****ing retards
Sep 22 2009 10:58AM
i won all games pluse urall gay ****ing retards
Sep 13 2009 4:59PM
in 5 i won 15-3 go brasil
Sep 12 2009 9:49PM
yo poke master type in the cheat then press enter
Sep 5 2009 1:05PM
Didnt like it
Sep 1 2009 10:38PM
how do u work the cheats
Aug 27 2009 11:23AM
this game is so cool
Aug 24 2009 9:27PM
whatever pretty cool
i guess
Aug 23 2009 11:41AM
my fav cheat
Aug 17 2009 7:29PM
wats up
Aug 17 2009 7:29PM
Aug 13 2009 9:46AM

The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS

The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes
Wall - floSATball
Fly - flyiSgmoDE
Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl
Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl
Beach ball - beSaChbAll
Low gravity - loWgraSiTy
Be the same player - AllSowsAme
Aug 4 2009 11:34AM
Nice game, bravo, job well done!
Jul 27 2009 4:02PM
this game is awsome!
Jul 24 2009 12:23AM
its fun wit da cheats
Jul 19 2009 1:53PM
stupid game
Jul 18 2009 11:06AM
i won't evehn bother
Jul 18 2009 11:06AM
Jul 16 2009 11:24PM
haha FUN;D
Jul 16 2009 5:47AM
i won 20-0
Jul 4 2009 12:41PM
no korea:(
Jul 1 2009 10:32PM
i win 8-0
Jul 1 2009 6:32PM
games allrite
Jun 30 2009 7:04PM

The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS
The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes
Wall - floSATball
Fly - flyiSgmoDE
Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl
Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl
Beach ball - beSaChbAll
Low gravity - loWgraSiTy
Be the same player - AllSowsAme
Jun 30 2009 1:10PM
no usa :O 0/5 :(
Jun 30 2009 1:09PM
what about usa?
Jun 26 2009 3:07PM
i could never win
Jun 26 2009 3:04PM
i am winning
Jun 22 2009 6:32PM
im awesome!WON 10-1!BRASIL rocks
Jun 22 2009 5:23PM
Jun 21 2009 10:56AM
i love this game
Jun 16 2009 12:13AM
almost favorited
Jun 11 2009 3:23PM
Here you go.. some Cheat Codes:

The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS
The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes
Wall - floSATball
Fly - flyiSgmoDE
Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl
Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl
Beach ball - beSaChbAll
Low gravity - loWgraSiTy
Be the same player - AllSowsAme
Jun 11 2009 3:23PM
Yaay! OMG Me Brazil: 23
Com - Germany: 1

This game ROCK!
May 31 2009 8:31PM
easy as pie
May 29 2009 7:28PM
Cheat Codes:
The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS
The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes
Wall - floSATball
Fly - flyiSgmoDE
Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl
Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl
Beach ball - beSaChbAll
Low gravity - loWgraSiTy
Be the same player - AllSowsAme
May 29 2009 8:24AM
heighest win 20 - 0 vs computer
May 28 2009 7:09PM
May 28 2009 7:09PM
I WIN 13-3
May 27 2009 8:11PM
i love this game
May 27 2009 4:32PM
this game is awsome
May 26 2009 5:13PM
I love soccer.
May 24 2009 7:37PM
i love this game!! i always beat my brother:D hehe... sike
i love soccer!!:) ♥
May 23 2009 9:10PM
nice game infact io play socer thnx for making this game
May 8 2009 10:00PM
this game is kool caus ei love soccer
Apr 28 2009 6:31PM
me and my friends play 2 playeron it
Apr 25 2009 6:10AM
(me) 7 :4 (computer)

i love this game
Apr 21 2009 10:42AM
boring FAKe
Apr 6 2009 10:40AM
Totally awesome dude!
Apr 3 2009 8:10AM
OMG IM CRAP AT THIS! where it has the vs computer box i didnt tick it and there was no one playing as the other guy BUT i still got beaten 4-3.lolz
Mar 30 2009 2:36PM
Mar 29 2009 10:00AM
: ) : ) : ) : ) haha
Mar 29 2009 9:01AM
How do u change ur picture i dont want a penguin :( :( :(
Mar 28 2009 8:10PM
email me and ill tell u ALL cheats!
Mar 28 2009 11:08AM
i aint a loser and i know ur trying to be cool but ur not cuz what u wrote doesnt make sense!

( totocute13 wrote: so all you people who this games, is a loser bye)
Mar 25 2009 10:49PM
This game is so bad it made my mom cry
Mar 15 2009 11:08PM
Crzy, there IS a computer you check the box before playing and you can set the difficulty in options hope that helps
Mar 15 2009 5:58PM
this game is 2/5. its should have a computer built in it so it can be more fun
what is the point of this game?to annoy people?!
Mar 15 2009 9:57AM
this game sucks.and is a all you people who this games,is a looser.bye
Feb 27 2009 6:23AM
yeah i love soccer but this is stupid lmfao!!

plz add me :)
Feb 26 2009 2:07PM
dis game is kinda stupid
Feb 24 2009 7:28PM
Jay1320851 how does this relate to the game 1 on 1 soccer? y is every one sayin the same thing?ok. Idk y i care. comment wat u want to.

Feb 20 2009 8:08AM
21-0 against france no cheating! i was the beatles
Feb 16 2009 9:46AM
i like it a lot
Feb 7 2009 8:51PM
This game is **** crap I hate its boring and ****ing bad!!! who ever created it is a ****!!!!
Feb 3 2009 3:51PM
hi i think even on hardest difficulty this game is the best and easiest game on
Jan 30 2009 3:19PM
Jan 28 2009 7:52PM
iv nevr played but it sounds relly hard
Jan 27 2009 12:05PM
Even on Easy its impossible
Jan 26 2009 8:53PM
i luv to play soccer who ever invented this game you roc
Jan 25 2009 2:34PM
never eat cake while drinking it makes me barf
Jan 22 2009 2:53PM
who here lks sponge bob sqare pants?
Jan 22 2009 2:51PM
plz plz plz
Jan 22 2009 2:51PM
someone i need a friend

be my friend now!!
Jan 22 2009 2:47PM
is ok , not the best game ive seen,
Jan 20 2009 7:56AM
fun 4/5
Jan 18 2009 4:55PM
tatata this damn game is not that good to be a 5/5
Jan 17 2009 3:23PM
i will give this game 5/5
Jan 4 2009 8:50PM
Jan 2 2009 10:04AM
Dec 31 2008 12:08PM
this is ****in ass **** i tell ya!! add me!
Dec 29 2008 4:22PM
i no this is the bomb
Dec 28 2008 9:28PM
love iit adam wardle
Dec 24 2008 6:44PM
cool game man! like games having easy normal and hard
Dec 24 2008 2:44PM
dis game iz pretty cool but it iz so hard wen they kick it over u hard!! my character iz not dat fast!! duz anyone know wat da cheats are??

oh and by the way i am the 100th comment!! ha ha!! dis gam iz kool
Dec 23 2008 11:43AM
Dec 22 2008 4:46PM
Dis game is o.k.
Dec 16 2008 8:16PM
teNniSbaLl makes the ball like
Dec 4 2008 5:12PM
Nov 29 2008 9:46AM
awsome game who thinks dis gam
Nov 18 2008 7:34PM
little bit
Nov 12 2008 5:04PM
LOVE IT!!!!!!
Nov 1 2008 5:35PM
cool i like this game
Oct 16 2008 1:59PM
this is thwe gayest game ever
Oct 14 2008 8:12AM
tis game dumb as ****..
u can only get 1 goal...
but its cool...
Oct 6 2008 6:58PM
i would give it a 3/5 bc its sorta boring
Sep 23 2008 2:42PM
3/5 rating
Sep 18 2008 10:23PM
This Game Is Okay, But W/E, 3/5, Ya Anywayz,IT OKAY!
Sep 2 2008 4:21AM
you know what i like
Aug 29 2008 9:50PM
this game can be good but i hate it when ronaldhinio keeps beating my butt
Aug 29 2008 5:55PM
Aug 24 2008 4:40PM
i like it:)
Aug 17 2008 12:56PM
Aug 13 2008 11:08PM
ita alright
Aug 13 2008 11:06PM
i hate this game
Aug 2 2008 12:53PM
Jul 23 2008 8:42PM
This game eats diareah and poop. It sucks.
Jul 20 2008 1:15PM
ok ass game
Jul 19 2008 9:40AM
Jul 19 2008 9:40AM
beSaChbAll LoWgraSiTy AllSowsAme
Jul 19 2008 9:39AM
flyiSgmoDE bOwliSbaLl teNniSbaLl
Jul 19 2008 9:38AM
This is all the cheats thEbeAtleS floSATball
Jul 15 2008 7:59PM
Jul 15 2008 2:40PM
the game is fun
Jul 13 2008 11:00AM
omg i could beat that guy who said he was a champ at this 100000000 to 0!!
Jul 12 2008 6:56PM
princess1320 does NOT know the spirit of these games she is so shallow
Jul 12 2008 6:54PM
I like this because i won Australia against Brazil 14 to 9
Jul 11 2008 8:32PM
Jul 9 2008 7:16PM
dis game sucks ballz
Jul 6 2008 5:13PM
it rocks hard out cuzz u can beeee ronaldo
Jul 6 2008 4:51PM
here are the cheatsThe Beatles team - thEbeAtleS
The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes
Wall - floSATball
Fly - flyiSgmoDE
Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl
Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl
Beach ball - beSaChbAll
Low gravity - loWgraSiTy
Be the same player - AllSowsAm
Jul 3 2008 1:45PM
this game is ****ed up
Jul 1 2008 7:01PM
this is soo fun and its how you can play 2 players not like some other games
Jun 30 2008 3:00PM
ok ill tell some cheats but i wont tell you the code for them beach ball,bowling ball,tennis ball,2 new teams "made up teams",flying cheat,
Jun 30 2008 9:41AM
Tell me a cheat or i will kill you with karate
Jun 27 2008 7:39PM
cool soccer is awesome...p.s i just ownd my little bro 26 2 0!!!Lol hes such a noob playing online video games.
Jun 27 2008 12:15PM
i like playing soccer but y is it online now?
Jun 24 2008 3:02PM
to cool 26 wat are some cheats???
Jun 18 2008 3:07PM
i know all the cheats
Jun 18 2008 12:57PM
this is easy
Jun 16 2008 10:24PM
Jun 16 2008 1:07AM
this game is easy and fun.
Jun 8 2008 4:45PM
fun but hard
May 31 2008 2:23PM
May 29 2008 5:16PM
this game raps
May 28 2008 10:45AM
This game rocks man. Best game ever dude
May 26 2008 5:07PM
this game rocks
May 24 2008 7:25AM
put rooney in there
May 23 2008 10:28PM
this game suks
May 20 2008 1:59PM
hot game
May 19 2008 12:00AM
iz prettyy tight
May 16 2008 6:31PM
this game isnt that bad
May 8 2008 5:14PM
i like it but i dont like it
May 3 2008 4:19AM
its cool
May 1 2008 10:17PM
i know a cheat
Apr 30 2008 7:09PM
this game iz fun then it getz borin
Apr 27 2008 10:52AM
This game is fun just like real soccer!
Feb 22 2008 2:01PM
This Game Sucks Hairy Donkey NUTS
Feb 20 2008 12:42PM
this game is a little cool
Feb 19 2008 3:00PM
thanks for telling me your opinions,ADD ME.
Feb 17 2008 3:56AM
this game is soo easy
Feb 8 2008 7:06PM
yep true
Feb 4 2008 11:01PM
this game is fun but then it get borring
Jan 30 2008 10:30PM
i just choose any game and try them out.
Jan 9 2008 4:03PM
this games suks just like soccer its to eacy and boring
Jan 6 2008 2:21PM
its fun
Dec 21 2007 11:20AM
sPeSedmodE o jogo fica rapido
bOwliSbaLl joga com bola de boliche
floSATball gravidade zero na bola
thEbeAtleS joga cum time du beatles
flyiSgmoDE seu carinha pode voa
Dec 17 2007 5:13PM
this is the best only with ywo people
Dec 16 2007 3:10PM
this **** is so easy and fun
Dec 15 2007 9:34PM
its awesome becuz its soccer besides that its okai
Dec 14 2007 4:46PM
this game is some times boring but sometimes its mad cool but otherwise it ****ing sucks
Dec 9 2007 3:33PM
wtf are the cheats?
and this is rigged its like impossible to lose if you get the black guy that plays 4 france
his speed = ALOT
Dec 9 2007 1:56AM
i have cheat were u could use a tennis ball its fuk u losers
Dec 8 2007 12:53PM
all ya b****es are not tha champ i am
Dec 3 2007 3:56PM
Its Fun but to easy
Nov 23 2007 1:01PM
this game sucks
Oct 7 2007 12:53AM
aww i win all the times who needs ya!
Oct 6 2007 10:57AM
this game is borin but fun
Sep 22 2007 5:18PM
**** u all this game is the best exsept the people who like it loolll
Sep 18 2007 8:34AM
this game is so broning
Sep 14 2007 7:38PM
this is a really fun game
Sep 11 2007 11:57AM
wats the cheats
Sep 2 2007 9:52AM
Aug 3 2007 6:26PM
Jul 27 2007 1:24AM
i champ
Jul 26 2007 2:47AM
this game rocks
Jul 20 2007 9:33AM
Jul 17 2007 11:22AM
this game is usually fun when u have 2 people playing other wise i just get bored
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