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Jul 11 2012 2:46PM
want a faster ant !!!!!!!
Jul 24 2011 11:25PM
Jun 15 2011 6:48PM
not very good........
Jan 8 2011 2:56PM
whats the point of it it sucks
Aug 21 2010 8:06PM
this game freaking sucks 0/5
Mar 23 2010 6:24PM
very fun...add meh ....send meh somthin...check out meh profile....
Feb 26 2010 4:03PM
it's weird but fun
Feb 3 2010 2:11PM
this game is so so wierd!
Nov 30 2009 10:09AM
this game had no meaning whats so ever
Nov 28 2009 9:27PM
i made it kind of fun and weird with the discussion room lol
Oct 16 2009 8:19PM
thisb ggame sucks so krickin much u aholes who made this game up u sucjk
Oct 15 2009 2:02AM
iT'S PREtty fun
Oct 11 2009 8:55PM
not bad... i got the pencil... but boring
Aug 13 2009 11:24AM
it was ok
Aug 12 2009 4:55PM
for the first time i died twice today i NEVER died! :(
Jul 27 2009 7:16PM
lol endless descussion room. dat wuz full once
Jul 27 2009 6:46PM
5/5 i think it was very good
Jul 24 2009 2:21PM
this game sucks
Mar 28 2009 12:21AM
Mar 3 2009 11:37PM
dumb dumb dee dumb
Feb 12 2009 11:18PM
this game is pointless but awesome
Feb 9 2009 7:26PM
this game sucks
Jan 28 2009 9:50PM
Jan 28 2009 9:50PM
i die twice until i finally won mi big bro said i am 2 in 2 dis game im jus racin ants! lol
Jan 11 2009 9:23PM
erg... for the first time today i died twice!!! ivew never even died b4!
Jan 2 2009 10:50PM
im santa your a ho ho homo
Jan 2 2009 10:48PM
this game is kinda stupid
Dec 31 2008 4:23PM
loser 1234 I cannot write that whole thing 4 times in 15 min gosh
Nov 12 2008 9:46PM
@ first I didn't get it, but now yeah it's cool.
Nov 7 2008 1:41AM
I think I won...I couldn't even see my ant and it started up the credits...
Oct 14 2008 4:40PM
i dont get how to play
Sep 30 2008 1:03PM
this game is gay
Aug 11 2008 6:55AM
this game is the weirdest 3 minites of my life!!!! and its awesome, but i dunno hw to get the buggers out of that little room !!! but i finished it in the end lol
Aug 1 2008 12:08AM
i dont get it
Jul 30 2008 11:54AM
and fun
Jul 30 2008 11:54AM
its cool.....
Jul 17 2008 8:58PM
this game is dumb but it was fun.lets just call it fumb
Jul 12 2008 10:44AM
this game is so dumb
Jun 29 2008 7:53PM
but my stupid ant isnt very fast.
Jun 29 2008 7:52PM
its a fun game.
Jun 16 2008 4:17PM
its sucks
Jun 13 2008 4:05PM
its to slow and not so fun so i say it sucks i agree with lilmom09
Jun 12 2008 4:56PM
it was pretty cool but a bit boring
Jun 11 2008 11:42PM
it sucks
May 23 2008 4:08PM
f it
May 21 2008 2:17PM
i did it on first try
May 12 2008 8:29PM
what the h ell do i do
May 7 2008 5:42PM
how do you play it
Apr 22 2008 3:58PM
i dont get it wat r the controls?? its retarded!!
Apr 12 2008 2:09AM
I guess its ok
but crappy controls
Mar 2 2008 10:30AM
I friken Love this game but it is Friken BORING
Jan 28 2008 7:13PM
i thought it was pretty good but it was kind of boring
Jan 6 2008 6:06PM
i hate it it is boring
Jan 3 2008 7:27PM
you should like it but it is your choise la ma se tha g chabrtha
Dec 23 2007 4:22PM
this game isnt the best but its okay