by finefin

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Aug 29 2010 7:37PM
its sooooo gay
Nov 25 2009 8:32AM
this game is AWESOME
Oct 24 2009 12:23AM
when your in the puzzle go in the middle then the right then the middle botom then the top middle
Jul 26 2009 3:24PM
i love this game and i have the best score ever. but i couldnt submit it. i had an army of 13,000 and the maximum that u can get. 200 farms, 200 marketplaces, 100 mines, and 200 smithies. my high score was 2,985,673.
i love this game.
Jul 18 2009 8:36PM
Jul 12 2009 7:05PM
Jun 17 2009 2:20PM
kinda confusing...
Jun 16 2009 10:40PM
dumb game
Jun 3 2009 11:53PM
when you do the puzzle go in the middle then the right side then the middle bottom then the middle top!
Jun 3 2009 6:07PM
i love this game
Jan 21 2009 6:04PM
love this game till i die which wont be soon.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 19 2009 9:51PM
Jan 18 2009 8:39PM
the game is weird and easy and i completed all 50 rounds
Dec 25 2008 3:36PM
i dont even get this game
Oct 27 2008 12:48PM
Oct 1 2008 9:56PM
this game is dumb
Jul 4 2008 8:43PM
this game makes no sense no matter what you do you cant live you make farms you get more food for guys lower taxs its ok then try makeing army bam! you lose
May 28 2008 6:44PM
how do u make money
May 4 2008 1:14PM
It gets boring once in a while...
Jan 24 2008 11:09PM
it boring to me cause i cant get it right just yet
Sep 9 2007 1:09PM
i have been playing dotville for a few days now...i have no problem making lots of money...lots of money...and acquisitions of properties...a large army...lots of food...but i cannot increase my status higher than do i increase my
Aug 21 2007 4:10PM
i like this game